Best 200 Good Morning Messages

Many people wish to see the break of day, but it is not up to them only God decides who qualifies to live for another day, so it is kind of a big deal to wake up better than you slept. So after saying your early morning prayers, it will be very kind of you to check up on family and loved ones to ascertain that all is well with them also. Choose and send from our list of Good Morning Messages if you are finding it hard to piece the right words together or you want a carefully written text that matches your mindset.

Good Morning Wishes and Messages

  • It is always lovely to see the break of another day because it comes with a new opportunity to amend the wrongs of yesterday.
  • Hope you had a peaceful night rest and woke up as hale and hearty as an alpha lion. Enjoy the day in the best way possible.


  • Go to bed tonight knowing that you ticked every item on your schedule list so that you won’t spend another day solving today’s problems.
  • May God see you through the day and grant you the power to overcome the challenges of the day. Have a lovely day ahead of you.

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Romantic Good Morning Messages

  • I woke up very happy therefore I expect that you woke up on the right side of the bed. It is a testament that the day will be great for us.
  • Good morning dear, get up quickly to prepare for the day because I had a dream that something amazing will happen to you.


  • The sky is almost bright, and I can feel the soothing early morning breeze on my skin, get out of bed to share the wonderful feeling.
  • A million years is like a day in the presence of the Almighty God; I wonder what date today will be on his calendar.

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Funny good morning message

  • I don’t want to interrupt your romance with the pillow, but it’s time to wake up! Good morning dear.
  • In the morning, noon and evening, I do not eat because I think of you. And at night, I do not sleep because I become too hungry… Good morning honey!
  • If I wreck some huge havoc at work today, I’ll blame it all on my desperate desire to see your face again and soon. Good morning, my life.
  • I’ve missed your breakfast so much that I desire to sack my boss, but on a second thought, I see numerous bills shaking their annoying heads. Good morning, my sunshine.

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Short good morning message

  • How wonderful to start the day thinking about the man in my life. Good morning my love!
  • You are the king of my heart. Long live the king! I love you now and forever.


  • I love you so much, that I could no longer be asleep, so I decided to get up earlier in order to be able to say good morning my love.
  • I currently live in two worlds, that of your love and that of your happiness. Enjoy your time my life.

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Cute Good Morning Messages

  • You are the light that illuminates my dark world; the music in my quiet heart; the first thought in my day. Good Morning my love.
  • I had a very Good wonderful dream about you last night. And then I woke up and realized that I can live that dream every day with you. Have a good time! darling!
  • All the stars in the galaxy can never eclipse my love for you. A life of sunrises could never be compared to the light you bring to my life. Good morning honey!
  • I have no problem getting up in the morning, because I know that the sooner the day starts, the sooner I can be with you. Good Morning! I love you.

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Good Morning Messages for Friends

  • You are the champion of your day to use it as you like notwithstanding, use it profitably because the good and bad decisions will count. Good Morning my friend.
  • Always say a thank you prayer to God for granting you the opportunity to witness another day on the land of the living.


  • I thought of you as I woke up today, so I decided to check on you like always. I hope your day is positive as mine. Good Morning friend.
  • Every day is unique in its way. I pray that today will be one of the best you ever witnessed; it will be too impossible to believe.

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Good Morning Messages for Boyfriend

  • Waking up next to you in my mind is the sweetest way to start my day. It’s the right motivation to make the next few hours worth it and my smile become brighter. Good morning honey.
  • You are the most wonderful boyfriend in the world and I still don’t understand how I was lucky enough to find you. Good morning dear.
  • Being your girlfriend makes every morning a great morning. Good morning my love. Have an amazing day today. I can’t wait to see you.
  • Our love makes me feel good about life. There is nothing better than having you by my side, my love. Have a nice day.

good morning messages for friends

Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend

  • I have just woken up and already my thoughts are turned to you. Big kisses and have a nice day dear.
  • The heart I carry belongs only to you and I will try to prove it at every opportunity. Good morning my love!
  • Just thinking about you makes my morning brighter. Good Morning honey! Have a nice day.
  • I just wanted to say good morning, my love, because if I don’t do it, a void forms inside me that doesn’t stop chasing me. I love you madly.

Good Morning Messages for Husband

  • Many people dream of having a husband as sweet as you. I also dream about that, but I am the luckiest one, because I live my dream every day. Good morning dear
  • Every day presents a new opportunity to be happy and also to do incredible things, so get up and begin the day with energy, my love. Good morning.
  • We are first thing in the morning and I already miss you. I hope you had sweet dreams. Good morning my love!
  • Good morning my husband. The only man who can make all my problems and sorrows disappear with a single kiss. Thank you for bringing such joy to my life.

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Good Morning Messages for Wife

  • You are my most beautiful dream come true. Thank you for coming to my life. Have a wonderful morning love!
  • I just wanted to tell you that you make waking up every morning a wonderful thing. I love you honey. Good Morning!
  • The happiness you bring to my life, there simply aren’t enough words to describe it. Good morning my love!
  • It is our day to shine like today’s morning sunshine, but we have to firstly put in some reasonable amount of work so let’s get started.

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Inspirational Good Morning Messages

  • Going to bed is easy, but waking up is in Gods’ hand. Thank God every morning for the safe transition from an unconscious state back to life.
  • There are so many things to be happy about every morning. Forget your past failures and work towards making the best use of the day.
  • I wished I was there to see your early morning look; my face looks like I overdose on prescription. I hardly look in the mirror.
  • Every day we spend is a day lesser to our time on earth, so every second should matter because time wasted cannot be regained.

good morning messages for him

Good morning messages for him

  • The most treasured asset I’ve got in my life is you, so I will greet you as you deserve daily, with a message of good morning my king.
  • It has only been a few hours since we said goodbye, but the sun rises again, and I am very happy to know that I can love you, and enjoy your company again. Good morning love!
  • Good morning my love! Since you became part of my life, the sun shines brighter, the joy is more real and at all times, I have only good feelings in my heart.
  • Each day that adds up to the time of our relationship, I feel as if it’s just the realization of all my dreams, and the possibility of a new journey with a special flavor. Good morning honey!

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Sweet Good Morning Messages for Her

  • It’s worth fighting to have someone like you by my side daily. Everything makes sense, even when we’re not close to each other, because you’re more and more special to me. Have a nice day honey!
  • Every morning, I wake up and thank God for giving me a wonderful lady. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect gift because you make me happy like no one else could. Good morning love!
  • May every moment you live today feel enlightened by the rays of peace and love, and may all your tasks be blessed by success. Have a beautiful day honey!
  • I have never felt so complete as now and it is your fault, because you are the reason for my existence. Good morning my love!

Long Good Morning Messages

  • Happiness, problems, success, disappointments or difficulties … I don’t know what life reserves for this day, I just know that if I have you in my arms, everything will be fine. Good morning honey!
  • Today a new sunny day has dawned. Thank God, today I will be able to see your smile shine and immerse myself in your gaze once again. You are a priceless gift. Have a nice day my love.
  • You make me feel good at all times, and that is why I will never stop sending you romantic messages, so you can always wake up with that beautiful smile of yours. Good morning love!
  • Want to know a secret? I can’t stop thinking about you, because you are my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow. And above all, you are the reason for my daily excitement about life. Have a good time love!

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Heartfelt Good Morning Messages

  • Rise and shine to a beautiful morning that God created to make you fulfill destiny, so do not sit down and lazy around without doing nothing.
  • The birds woke me up with their lovely tunes; it is a sign that we will sing songs of victory for the rest of the day; therefore, wake up and share in the blessing.
  • I wanted my message to be the first you received this morning because I want to say thank you early this morning for being kind to me.
  • Stop worrying about the provision of the day for God will meet your needs and set the table for you in the presence of your enemies.

Good Morning Messages for Everyone

  • As you step out to begin the activities of the day, there shall be no misfortune that will befall you. Heaven will guide you all through.
  • My thought of you this morning is of good and not evil, so may everything good on myself also flow to you wherever you are.


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