100+ Good Morning Messages for Friends

Each morning is a gift from above so we should appreciate it, bask in its morning rays and not be grumpy about it. Morning isn’t a lot of people’s greatest time of the day, Well, I bet if you received a little morning message everything would be a little better for you, why not send your friend a good morning message to wake them up and energize them for the day ahead. We know most people don’t really know what to say to their friends in the morning so we wrote here some beautiful messages you can send in the morning.

Good Morning my Friend

Here are some messages one can send in the morning to show you are glad for the day and that you hope your friend has an amazing day too. Choose one of these good morning messages and share with that friend just to put a smile on their face.

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Good Morning Messages to a Friend

  • Good Morning, my friend. I hope your morning is as amazing as you dear.
  • Get up!! Today I decided to be your annoying alarm; I hope you slept well. Have a great day ahead.
  • Good morning dear friend, hope you had a wonderful night.
  • Good Morning, my friend! I hope today is full of unique and happy opportunities for you.
  • Hello, sun! Hello, light! Hello to you, my friend! I wish you a wonderful day!
  • There is nothing I love more than seeing my friend’s smile in the morning; I hope you had an awesome night. Have a lovely morning!
  • Good morning, bestie. I appreciate you and I hope you have a bright morning and a memorable day.
  • Get up lazy bones, I cannot guarantee a friend free day.
  • A whole day is ahead of you. I wish you a deep smile, uncaused happiness and thousands of beautiful wishes!

A good day doesn't begin with coffee; it starts by saying good morning to you!

  • It’s another day we’ve been given to sit, relax and enjoy everything it brings. Good morning friend!
  • I know I don’t do this a lot, but I decided to wish you a happy morning full of interesting times. Good morning my friend.
  • Life is the song of sparrows; it’s a beautiful garden to behold! Life is the meaning you create every morning! Good morning, my dear friend!
  • Good morning my friend! I wish you happiness, peaceful mind and memorable day!
  • Have a great and amazing morning my dear friend, I hope you enjoy each second of the day as it comes.
  • With friends like you, I have something to look forward to in the morning, wishing you a delightful and fun filled morning my friend, thinking of you.
  • Today, as soon as you open your eyes to life again, I wish God blesses you with a calm heart and the power to make peace with life. Good morning
  • Welcome to today! Let’s go for a powerful start full of hope, positive vibes and beautiful experiences. Good morning, buddy.
  • Today is a new day, and I get to share it with a friend as true as you. I hope this day will be as unforgettable to you as it will be to me. Good and happy morning my friend!
  • You are so lucky I don’t live with you, but so unlucky I leave near you, I am the one knocking at your door, get up!! Let’s enjoy this morning.
  • From the first rays of the morning sun to the last light of night stars, remember that every day is a special day! Have a great morning!

Good Morning, my friend. I hope your morning is as amazing as you.

  • Yellow is the sun, green is the grass, and the earth is blue. I wish you a morning as colorful as life. Good morning to you!
  • With friends like you, who needs an enemy? You are my best and my worst friend and I love you to the moon and back. Have a great morning.
  • Morning breath woke the earth, the sun painted the sky, and the birds are singing. Now it’s your turn to wake up. Have a beautiful day.
  • I bet this morning is better than the last, forget the past and let’s move on to amazing and unforgettable times. Enjoy your day my dear friend.
  • May you be more blessed this morning dear friend, thank you for being the alarm clock I definitely hate but surely prefer. See you in a bit.

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Good Morning Wishes for Best Friend

  • Life is a book, and each page is a new day! I want to start every page by saying good morning to my best friend! Have a lovely morning!
  • Good morning, bestie. Sun is up and has opened her arm to hug you!
  • A good day doesn’t begin with coffee; it starts by saying good morning to you!
  • A wonderful morning and a rare friend with a heart of gold! What else can I ask for? Good day, my lovely friend.
  • The sun rises every morning to ensure we are still best friends! Good morning my bestie!
  • Everyone wakes up to enjoy breakfast, but I wake up to hang out with my best friend! Have a nice day.
  • Every morning is another chance life grants me to be your best friend! Good morning!

Good morning, bestie. Sun is up and has opened her arm to hug you!

  • While sipping my morning coffee, I think of you and the fun I have every moment I’m with you! Good morning, dear.
  • I open my eyes with endless joy every morning because I begin my days by sending good morning to my best friend!
  • It’s morning, and the sun, with golden fingers, taps on your window to remind you that, as the best friend of mine, you have the responsibility to enjoy your day!

Good Morning Messages for Male Friend

  • Good morning, man! A new day is ahead where you can do the things you couldn’t accomplish yesterday.
  • Your bright smile is all the sun needs to start a day. Good morning.
  • A new day has begun only for you, and your responsibility is to smile all day. Good morning.
  • Morning is when you can plan a great day ahead, so wake up and do it right, man!
  • Not every day can be a good day, but there are good things you can find every day! Good morning boy!
  • Good morning. I hope the rays of the morning sun be the guide to your most desired goals.

Your bright smile is all the sun needs to start a day. Good morning.

  • Today is a new day, a new empty page. Compose your story the way you deserve it, man!
  • Take a deep breath every morning and remember that you are a wonderful man and that your day will be full of wonders. Have a nice day.
  • Today, something extraordinary is going to happen because I am going to see the most wonderful man on earth! Good morning!
  • Mornings are inspired by you, your strength and your golden heart. Have a great day, man!

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Good Morning Messages for Female Friend

  • Good morning, my sweet girl. Thank you for making my life beautiful.
  • The sun is a woman brushing her golden hair every morning, and the light is her hair falling on earth to lighten up the day. Have an amazing day, girl.
  • Morning smells like a woman, like you, when in the darkest of moments, show up and brighten my life. Good morning.
  • Good morning cutie pie! Your smile encourages the sun to come up and shine!
  • Seeing you in all your strength, beauty, and dignity motivates me to get up and start a day. Good morning girl!

Good morning. Thank you for making my life beautiful.

  • The sparrows are singing to you: wake up, brave girl, and create your own remarkable story.
  • Wake up, girl, and bless the world with your power and beauty! Wishing you a beautiful morning!
  • A cup of hot coffee, a sweet cookie, and a friend like you are the only reasons needed to wake me up every morning. Good morning, girl.
  • Today, you will shine, and I wholeheartedly believe that you will paint the day your colour! You are an unstoppable girl!
  • Good morning to my strong and beautiful friend. I wish you a day full of success and opportunity.
  • Today is the day! Wake up and show the universe how girls deal with the day!

Good Morning Wishes for a Friend Far Away

  • Do you hear the morning birds? They are saying my good morning to you, carried from far away.
  • Good morning, my friend. Every day, I wake up only to say hello to the same sun that shines on you.
  • Morning is a reminder that no matter how far you are, we can start and finish our days together. Wishing you a sweet morning.
  • A big good morning to you from miles away; so big that it echoes in the skies and makes the birds to fly to you and deliver the message.
  • Though you are far away, there has never been a morning I forgot to say good morning to you! Here is another good morning, buddy!

Do you hear the morning birds? They are saying my good morning to you, carried from far away.

  • Good morning to you from far away! I wish you a happy and wonderful day.
  • The same sun that goes down here, rises and shines on you to say my hello and good morning to you.
  • Friendship doesn’t fade with distance; it only accumulates more love to share! Good morning my distant friend!
  • Good morning, friend, I even count on your absence because when you are far, I know you still befriend me!
  • Good morning to you from the other side of the planet, where the moon is reflecting the light of the same sun than is shining on you!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Friend

  • I know you can’t wake up in the morning and send good morning messages. So, I take this responsibility.
  • The morning sun is calling you! Here is the plan: do not answer and keep sleeping!
  • Good morning! I hope you start the day with your high spirit and not your bad temper!
  • Hey, dude! Good morning! I see you are still alive, and this is a nasty surprise!
  • I woke up and sent you a good morning message. Now I want to go back to sleep, hoping you wake me up with your good morning message!

The morning sun is calling you! Here is the plan: do not answer and keep sleeping!

  • You are a wonderful person in my dreams but a real nightmare! That’s why I want to sleep more! Good morning!
  • I wish you good luck in sleeping till the afternoon! Read this message and go back to sleep!
  • When you wake up and smile, remember that you have a long way till the weekend, so stop smiling! Good morning!
  • Good morning! I wish just the same as other says, you sleep in and waste your time!
  • I miss you so much that I might burst into tears, but when I remember your face, I can’t help laughing! Good morning!
  • Have you ever seen the morning sun? I know you haven’t, so why I woke you up to see it? Good morning!

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