Best 100+ Good Night Messages and Wishes

Do you desire to put a smile on someone’s face before they close their eyes and fall asleep or you want a very special person to have sweet dreams because he/she has read your beautiful good night text message?

Good night, sweet dreams.

Then you’ve come to the right destination, as we’ve got a great collection of good night messages which can fit perfectly for lovers, married couples, a person from your family or just good friends. Some of these include.

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Good Night Messages

  • Good Night my life, see you in a while in our dreams.
  • I can’t wait until morning so I can be in your arms again. Sweet dreams my love!
  • Good Night my love. I will ask the radiant moon and its star friends to watch over your rest to give you only wonderful golden dreams!
  • Do not fear the darkness; I will be here taking care of you. Lovely sleep dear.
  • If you lie in bed tonight and have your eyes closed, an angel will kiss you on my behalf. Sweet Dreams. I’ll text you again.
  • I would love to be a bird to fly to your bed and whisper sweetly in your ear: Good night honey!
  • We may not have a mansion or luxury car, but we are incredibly lucky because we have the most valuable thing in life: our love! Good night dear.
  • Just thinking about how much I love and miss you keeps me from falling asleep every night. Good night my love!
  • A flood of love, a cloud of roses, a pillow of sweetness, a sheet of sweet dreams, and a restful sleep… May all these treasures accompany you always. Happy dreams.
  • No matter how far you are, you never fail to flood my deepest thoughts. Lovely sleep dear.

Good Night. Wishing you a peaceful night.

  • You are the only reason for my smiles, my triumphs, my joy and my desire to live. Good night my prince.
  • You are my luck; you are my star, so I love you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you the most beautiful dreams. Loving kiss my angel
  • I am in my bed; you are in your bed. One of the two is in the wrong place. Sweet Dreams dear.
  • I don’t want to bother you lately, maybe you’ll be happy to hear from me! I just want to dare one more thing: to wish you a Lovely Sleep.
  • Sleeping without wishing you a peaceful night is a dormancy violation in my opinion! Good Night.
  • Good night and dream of gold, however your dreams cannot be sweeter than mine, because I dream only of you.
  • I wish you to spend the sweetest and most peaceful night ever, and now that I have known you, I too can have my magnificent “golden dream”! Good night my sweet darling.
  • I wish you a great night and wish that an angel watches over you! I also hope he is efficient, because you are important to me!
  • The stars are counted by millions, like the kisses that I would give to you soon. Goodnight dear!
  • I hope this message serves as a good night whisper. The distance is killing me; I wish you were here honey!

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Romantic Good Night Messages

  • Good Night My Love. I love you to such an extent that I would dream of you every night until the end of my life.
  • Although we are in different places, the moon is witness to how much I care. Sweet dreams my love.
  • I wish you a sweet night and, if you feel embraced and kissed, it will be me who holds you tightly and who fills you with kisses! Good night my life!
  • This is my sweet serenade of good night my love, now close your beautiful eyes and make sweet dreams!
  • I wish you to fall asleep in the soft cotton of the night and wake up in the sweetness of honey in the morning. Good night dear
  • Stop, wait, and don’t fall asleep. I want to wish you a good night and sweet dreams.
  • Sometimes I wake up at night, take a look at you for a moment and feel so good to see you sleeping calmly and having beautiful dreams.

Good Night My Love.

  • There is nothing like going back to my castle and finding my beautiful queen waiting for me. I love you so much, sweet dreams.
  • My most beautiful dream is always and only you, because it would be impossible to find a better protagonist than you, my love! Good Night!
  • Good Night. I could not sleep without telling you how much I love you and how essential you are in my existence. I will always love you.
  • You won’t be alone tonight. Place your head on the pillow; I’ve filled it with a thousand kisses. Good Night sweetheart.
  • The worries are for the day! Forget them all because the nights are made for dreams! Have a good night my love!

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Good Night Messages for Friend

  • Good night, dear friend. wherever you are, may your night be blessed. Deliver your dreams into the hands of God and let him accomplish them all!
  • Dear friend, I wish you a blessed night of peace and tranquility. May your soul be in harmony and may serenity prevail in your heart!
  • Good night friend. In my prayers, I ask God to keep you and inspire you to rest, balance and peace.

Good night dear friend. May your night be blessed.

  • Before we fall asleep, I want you to know that you deserve to be happy, for the wonderful person you are. Lovely Sleep, dear friend!
  • Dear friend, I write to you to make your night a good one. May your dreams be peaceful as well!
  • May this good night message be the best caress that invites you to rest and help you have the sweetest dreams my best friend.
  • Here’s a friend who loves you terribly, and is as well happy that you exist. May my good thoughts give you beautiful dreams always. Lovely Sleep.

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Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

  • Good Night my lovely boyfriend. You are the dream that everyone would like to have.
  • You can tell a baby not to cry, you can tell the birds not to sing, but you can’t tell my heart not to love you. Good Night my king.
  • No matter how exhausting your day has been, it has come to an end, now you just have to rest. Lovely Sleep my love.
  • Observing the infinity of the sky with all those stars that shine bright, I always remember you my prince.

Good Night handsome. You are the dream that everyone would like to have.

  • Sleeping by your side is the best gift that God has given me, so I wish you a Sweet Dreams my prince.
  • Tonight I will look for your face among my dreams, and when I find it, at the first gust of wind I will fly to you just to tell you: goodnight my love!
  • Rest well, my king, but first, let me fill you with kisses and hugs, whispering in your ear, how much I love you!

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Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

  • However far it is, however difficult it becomes, there will always be a beautiful way to tell you. Sweet dreams my love!
  • Saying good night is not simply a way to end the day, but a loving way of saying that I thought of you before going to bed. Sleep well dear!
  • The only time I don’t think about you is when I sleep, because that’s where I dream of you. Good night my baby.
  • Have the most wonderful night and know that I will be by your side when you wake up. Sweet Dreams my lovely girlfriend.

The only time I don’t think about you is when I sleep because that’s where I dream of you.

  • I don’t want to fall asleep because the reality with you is more beautiful than any of my dreams. Goodnight My Angel.
  • For the night to reach its fullness, it needs the moon and the stars; I, to achieve happiness, I only need you. Sweet Dreams my love.
  • Good Night my love! May this night come very soft and fragrant, may the aroma of joy and peace be everywhere around you!

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Good Night Messages for Husband

  • Good Night my love! Before I fall asleep, I want to tell you that you are the most charming husband of all, and I am always proud of you.
  • Sweet Dreams dear. Nothing makes me happier than sleeping by your side every day, and feeling your protective hug!
  • I love everything about you, baby! And that is why I want your night to be full of beautiful dreams to give strength to your day tomorrow. Lovely sleep my king!

Good Night, my love! I want to tell you that you are the most charming husband of all.

  • Nothing lifts my spirits more, after a long day, than curling up beside you, like tonight. Goodnight my love.
  • Goodnight sweet princess of my heart, you will be in my dreams, and I in yours. Wait for me!
  • There is no greater blessing than being able to sleep with you, night after night. I adore you; have a restful sleep, my life.
  • Hey dear! You are that goodnight that I would like to be able to receive forever, until the last beat of my heart. Sweet dreams my beloved angel.

Good Night Messages for Wife

  • I love it when night falls because it is when we have time for both of us. Good Night, queen of my life.
  • I always dreamed of sharing my life with a great woman, without a doubt you have exceeded all my expectations. Sweet dreams my beautiful wife.
  • Sometimes, I wake up at night and when I see you sleep as calm as an angel, I feel happy to have formed a family with you. Lovely Sleep dear.
  • Good night my sweet half. Your love makes me experience wonderful sensations always!
  • I send you an enchanted kiss hoping that the stars of destiny will illuminate the way to reach your beautiful lips. Goodnight my sweet half!

Good night my sweet half.

  • It’s very cold tonight, but I love it because it’s the perfect opportunity for us to sleep cuddles sharing our great love. Have sweet dreams, my beloved wife.
  • You are the light that accompanies me every night towards my sweet and deep sleep, and while I try to fall asleep, I hope I can dream of you.

Good Night Wishes

  • Happy Dreams my little angel, I miss you so much. Fall asleep quickly and dream fine, I will be with you again soon!
  • If my love can contribute to a great night’s sleep, then I send it to you with all my heart. Sweet Dreams.
  • I love falling asleep while hugging you because then, I can have the most wonderful dreams. Happy Dreams Honey.
  • I hope to appear in your dreams tonight, if not please come to mine. If none of this happens, we have to see each other again tomorrow.
  • When you are in your bed, think about what has made you happier and with a smile, stay sound asleep. Lovely Sleep.
  • Thank you my love because every day that passes, you teach me that life has many wonderful things and that we have thousands of reasons to feel happy.
  • Before going to sleep I would like to thank you for everything you do for the family, the desire you put into difficult times strengthens me a lot. I would never change anything about you, I love you. Good night, my darling.
  • Can you see the angels sleeping quietly? But only an angel stays awake, protecting you day and night! Sleep well dear
  • As children, we used to dream of angels, without realizing that what we really craved was a company that filled our hearts. Today I can categorically affirm that you are the physical representation of that angelic being, I love you. Lovely Sleep dear!
  • May this light breeze bring you the melody of my heart to wish you sweet dreams! Goodnight my sweet darling!
  • It’s amazing how, despite sleeping together, I almost always dream of you, imagining what we will achieve from here for a few more years with the effort that we have been putting into our plans. Sweet Dreams dear!


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