Everybody is not fortunate enough to be alongside their friends, family or companion to wish them a happy birthday. In this case we should send them a text message to wish them a happy birthday. If you live far from the person who has a birthday, you will not be able to move and spend the day at their side.

Funny Happy birthday

But you can send a message to wish them a happy birthday which can be “Funny Birthday Wishes”. Messages are good because they greatly help make the moment more cheerful than it already is.

Birthday Wishes that Will Surely Make Them Smile

Happy Birthday. Every year count your gifts instead of counting your candles.

no need to hide. it is another year

Your dreams are your own. Never let them give up. Keep sleeping. Enjoy your sleep

God gave you many gifts, your breathing every second, that’s a gift, so don't bother us asking for more gifts.

Do not worry. Old age is like childhood without hair and no teeth.

It is hotter than usual here. Is it because of all the candles on your birthday cake


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