Top 100 Good Morning Love Messages

Every morning you wake up and feel the day is dull, you may have had a bad dream but sending a good morning message to the love of your life can make your day positive. Try it out, think of the most special person in your life and just send them a little love morning message, that will surely change their day and not only will it improve their day but it will also improve yours.

Good Morning my love

Love messages to the person you love shows that you dreamt of them or maybe they are the first people you thought of when you got out of bed in the morning and it may become a little tradition always putting a smile on their faces. Here are some messages you can send to your loved one in the morning to ensure they stick with a smile on their faces.

Good Morning Messages for Lovers

  • Good morning my love, I hope you slept well, you are the first person I thought of as I was waking up. I love you so much, have a great day baby.
  • Good morning my beautiful lady. A new day with new beginnings and hopes.
  • Do not make your day difficult and every moment to be punished, just smile over your mishaps and start your day with the new beginning. Good morning my love!
  • Wake up beautiful, open those big beautiful eyes I love and have the greatest morning ever. I hope you have the most amazing morning in history.
  • Every new morning is the blessing from God. Enjoy every day to its fullest. Good morning my sweetheart
  • I love those eyes, I could just watch you sleep the whole morning; enjoy the rays on your face and the beautiful sound you make as you wake up. Good morning beautiful.

Every new morning is the blessing from God. Enjoy every day to its fullest. Good morning my sweetheart

  • Good morning my sweet baby! Let’s start your day with this relaxing morning bed tea.
  • You just made this morning worth it; I love the freckles on your face, the way the morning sun makes your eyes pop out. I love to kiss you in the morning and hear you whisper the words to me.
  • My every morning message is the sign that my own morning starts with you and how much I think of you. Good morning my love!
  • Good morning to the person whom I love most in my life. I wish your morning as beautiful as your smile.
  • See the beauty of the world, you will really enjoy the blooming buds, flowers, the chirping of birds, a sun rising and an obvious blue sky. Good morning dear!
  • I could freeze time in the morning, just to watch you sleep and turn, the smell of you in the morning sets my heart into frenzy. Good morning baby, I love you.
  • Loving you is my weakness and saying you good morning is my addiction. Good morning honey!
  • I can imagine you getting deeper into the covers as the sun rises higher up the sky; I hope you have as beautiful a morning as you are. I love you sweetie.
  • My life is complete with your affection and I feel secure and protected in your arms. A very happy good morning my love.
  • Good morning baby, the luminosity you brought in my life is much admirable than the brightness of thousands of sun.
  • A warm hug to my beautiful lady. Good morning and enjoy your day ahead!
  • It’s a beautiful morning and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you good morning, you are as sweet as the morning dew, enjoy your day baby.

Wake up beautiful, open those big beautiful eyes

  • Amazing how mornings change with those closest to you, I hope you enjoy your morning, enjoy the beautiful things it has to offer.
  • Good morning my honey. Have a stunning day ahead!
  • My day ends with you and morning starts with you and you are my all pilgrimages – my life and death are revolving around your axis. Good morning darling!
  • Pretty, good morning, you look flawless, I hope you get to enjoy this morning as the beautiful rays caress your cheeks. Be happy baby, I love you.
  • Amazing mornings deserve amazing people to share them with, I wish to wake up next to you now and forever, have an awesome morning dearest.
  • A beautiful bouquet of white lilies for this beautiful lady who is still sleeping. Good morning my love, a new morning is waiting for you!

Good Morning my Love

  • Listen what these intoxicated morning fresh air and the happy sunrise say a lovely morning to my love.
  • It’s a beautiful morning and I am blessed to be sharing it with you, I love seeing that pretty smile of yours whenever we are awake, have a beautiful morning my love.
  • Every ending of the night gives the beginning of beautiful day. Good morning baby!
  • I must be the luckiest person in the world, waking up to such an amazing human being is surely a gift I can never take for granted. I hope you enjoy your morning darling, I love you so much.
  • Let’s forget all your grieves and troubles with the sunset and a new sunrise is waiting for your new life. Good morning, love!
  • Change the world by your beautiful smile not the smile by the world. Good morning my sweet love.
  • May your everyday filled with unlimited joy, pleasure, success, and happiness. Good morning my dear!
  • Good morning sweetie, you look well rested, I love you always in the morning noon and night and I will never tire of telling you that.
  • My precious has just awoken, I can now smile, I hope you rested peacefully angel, enjoy this day.
  • My morning brightens with you and my every evening is amazing just because of you because you are my love and the queen of my heart. Good morning sweetheart.
  • Good morning sweetheart, my each morning is brighter by your beautiful smile. I love you!
  • You always live in my thoughts, sob in my tears and snooze in my sleeping. Good morning my soul. I love you a lot.
  • I now know what makes my mornings precious, it is you, always been you always will be you. I hope you enjoy this morning my beauty.
  • I love the way you open your eyes in the morning, it makes me want to eat you up. I love you so much and hope you have a bright day baby.
  • What a deep relation we share, have no meaning but overall amazing. I wish a lovely morning to my love.
  • Sometimes we feel there is no peace and happiness left in our lives and all the dreams are fade away. Just forget all sorrows and moans and start your day with this lovely morning.
  • Just think my love how much I love you; your single falling tear puts a rag on my heart. Good morning baby, just smile with this beautiful sunshine.
  • Good morning honey, the beautiful sun comes out from the clouds and spreading life to everyone. Do not let your time wasted in sleeping!
  • Good morning my dear husband, I promise I will always be with you and never let you go away. You are my life and the beautiful reason for my existence.
  • Good morning baby – every sunrise is the beginning of new hopes, desires and expectations. Let’s make your everyday special!
  • I couldn’t live a day without you. You are my heart beat and the foundation of my motivation. Good morning my love. May you have all your wishes granted today.
  • Good morning to you my love and my life, seeing the sunrise by your side gives me a great hope for a great day like this. Do have a bright and blessed day. Love you.
  • Good morning to you my better half, without you I would truly be incomplete, without you my world will be asleep. Thank God I found you. Have a great and blessed day my love and my life.
  • To a wonderful partner, you hold my world and you rock my world. You are the reason for my breath and the reason for my progress. Good morning my soul mate. Do have a lovely day.
  • Like the tree planted by the river side, may you never be know dryness and May all your heart desire come to pass. Good morning my love, have a lovely and blessed day.
  • To me you are a gift from God that I do not deserve, but you find your way into my life to bring unto me great substance I’ve been missing for long.
  • When the evening comes, I am always delightful because I have a special person to spend it with. I value every little time I spend with you my love.
  • My sleep was sound and was like that of a baby because I slept and woke up with someone I love, may this day bring us endless pleasure. Good morning my love, have a splendid day.
  • The night was so long and shallow without you by my side, but distance is not a barrier to the heavy connection I feel with you every morning. May this day bring you great fortune.
  • The birds know of our love story no wonder they keep singing for us to get up from bed. It’s really good to be alive at this moment; your love is more than life.
  • You clothe yourself with love and your smile is always inviting, no wonder I keep drawing nigh to you. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to sleep and wake up by your side. Good morning my soul mate.
  • To my bosom friend, finding you is one of my life’s greatest achievements and I will cherish you forever. May this day bring you joy unspeakable and good tidings.
  • With you by my side I have no worries because your smile and your warmth make me forget them. It’s good to wake up by your side once again.
  • With you by my side, I was at the dream land throughout the night. And an angel told me that my life desires will be fulfilled. Good morning to you my good fortune bearer. I love you.
  • I feel you so dear to my heart, any minute spent away from you will be like an eternity. I don’t wanna do anything without you.
  • Your curly and beautiful hair makes me wanna stay back and be with you all day, but I have to go to work for us. I love you forever my life.
  • It’s unimaginable to have a day without the sun, so I don’t wanna live a day without you in it. I cherish you so much my love. Good morning.
  • It’s obvious that I don’t feel like doing anything today, I just want you and I to lay down still and cuddle till day break. Life is interesting and wonderful with you.
  • Everything about you is admirable and now I value the opportunity life gave to me to wake up by your side every day, that’s enough motivation for me to have a fulfilled day. Good morning my love.
  • Good morning my love, knowing that you are the first person I set my eyes on this every morning guarantees that I’ll surely have a great day. Good morning my soul mate.
  • Good morning beautiful, the sun is up and so are you, I hope to see your pretty smile the rest of the day, that would surely make my day!
  • Have I told you how special you are to me? Well, you are and that’s the reason why I wear a smile every morning just thinking of your face.
  • I always have the best mornings waking up next to you. Good morning my love, ou are the only one I want to hold close for the rest of my life.
  • Good morning beautiful, I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day, can’t wait to spend some time with you. I love you!