Teenagers are very hard to please, and the older they get, the moodier they get and the more their birthdays mean to them apparently. Birthday messages help say the words you can’t say to their face, encouraging them and helping them through the changes they are experiencing.

Best wishes on your birthday

Teenage years are those to be cherished and remembered always, so be a part of their memory they will always read and smile. Here are some messages you can send to a teenager on their birthday not being too strict, but wishing them a joyous and memorable time.

Birthday Messages for Teenagers

Enjoy these years. Your teens only come once and you won’t be young forever

Wishing you a very happy birthday

Short Birthday Wishes for Teenagers

Funny Birthday Wishes for Teenagers

The gift of youth is the unbridled energy that you have that no one can take from you

Happy Birthday Teenage Boy

Happy Birthday Teenage Girl

Into your teens and to conquer your fears Be brave, be bold

13th Birthday wishes 

14th Birthday wishes

15th Birthday wishes 

16th Birthday wishes 

17th Birthday wishes

18th Birthday wishes 

19th Birthday wishes

Best Birthday Wishes for Teenagers


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