15th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

The excitements of turning 15 are always bigger and better than the ones of turning 14. A 15 year old is a young adult who is going through their teenage years and think they know what they want even if it’s not appropriate for them. Talking to a teenager can be tough, but sending them a birthday message can go a long way in making the day unforgettable for them. Send them a message that they will forever look at and read with a smile at the love shown to them by those closest to them. Here are some birthday messages you can send to your 15 year old wishing them a happy time as they celebrate a new age.

Birthday Messages for 15 Year Olds

  • I have a great surprise for you today because you have always been a polite girl, here is your birthday present, your car keys are on the table. Happy 15th Birthday lovely daughter.
  • I always had worries when you were young and you always fall sick, in fact, it made me lose lots of sleep, but here you are today, strong, hale and hearty. Happy 15th Birthday son.
  • The best thing a son can give to his parents is love, but you gave me love, peace of mind and pride. I just can’t ask for anything better. Happy 15th Birthday son. Stay Blessed.
  • Today is your special day, but I have a really simple gift to give and I hope you’ll love it with every bit of your heart; the gift is inside your room. Happy 15th Birthday.
  • When rain wants to fall, it drops from a cloud, may the unprecedented blessings of the lord drop on you every day of your life. Happy 15th Birthday. Enjoy it a lot.
  • Because of you there is joy everywhere. May the joy that envelope this day, envelope the rest of your life on earth. Happy 15th Birthday daughter. Keep growing in wisdom and favor.


  • Our relationship was never an important one, because we fancied every other thing more, but when you clocked ten, your growth changed everything, and now we’re in love. Happy 15th Birthday son.
  • Your future is bright and beautiful; I hope nothing will stop you from being what you ought to be. Happy 15th Birthday daughter. Enjoy your special day.
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  • I’m sending to this wonderful young lady who I know as my very best friend right from the tender age. Thank you for all these amazing years of knowing you. Happy 15th Birthday beastie.
  • Being friends with you has changed my academic stance; you are a positive influence on every aspect of my life. Happy 15th Birthday a friend to keep forever. Enjoy it a lot.
  • Every Birthday is to be celebrated specially, and because you are a special lad, you deserve a special gift. Happy 15th Birthday great kid. Keep growing and keep enjoying your growth.


  • I hope this will be a fun loaded and joy packed birthday, because you deserve to have them all. Happy 15th Birthday. Enjoy your special day with lots of happiness.
  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl that I know to be mine, always having joy for the challenge that arise with every day, you are a different girl. Happy 15th Birthday daughter.
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  • It is really awesome to behold the beautiful mature woman this 15-year-old girl has turned into. It is a splendid joy to see you grow to become a woman. Happy 15th Birthday. Stay blessed.
  • Your arrival changed the entire world I live in; it’s just a total different world. Looking at a grown lady and knowing she came from your loins. Happy Birthday daddy’s little princess.
  • Happy 15th Birthday to a girl who keeps growing rapidly and whose transition never ceases to amaze. May you never stop growing into a really beautiful woman. Enjoy your youthfulness.
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  • The secret to consistent happiness is having more of happiness and the secret to a stable growth is having great surrounding. You have all you need girl. Happy 15th Birthday.
  • Growing in beauty as a 15th year old lady is astounding, while growing in wisdom and understanding is tremendous. Never give preference to one than the other daughter. Happy 15th Birthday. Have fun.
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  • I really hope today will give you an extra of every bit of thing that makes you feel so happy. Happy 15th Birthday sweet daughter, you remind me of my self at your age. Enjoy.
  • You are still too young to have a date. Just try to focus on your studies first and then plan for it. Wish a life laden with joy and happiness. Happy 15th Birthday, sweetheart.


  • Do not depend everything on luck as hardworking can change your luck. Adorn more dreams than memories. Wish you a wonderful happy 15th birthday. May life makes you happy all time.
  • You are an obedient, loving, caring, and intelligent boy. I am so glad that you have no reckless behavior as the teenagers have. May your life filled with happiness and joy. Happy 15th Birthday.
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  • Hope your 15th birthday become magical for you as what you want from life now and onwards, you will get easily without making any efforts. Have a wonderful day. Happy 15th Birthday.
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  • You are the precious boy than any diamond and playing with you all time feels me that I am younger than you. Wish you a better future and happy life. Happy 15th Birthday.
  • The secrets of life hold in the mischief and fun so never change your style. You are simply the best. Happy 15th Birthday, sweetheart.


  • May the colors of happiness never fade and you live long and prosper life. Wish you a very happy 15th birthday, may you have many more.
  • You are the wonderful kid as ever I met. Your beautiful thoughts and sharpness are the true blessings. Wish you a very happy life and bright future. Happy 15th Birthday, sweet boy.
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  • You have entered at the seam of childhood and maturity. Just enjoy this last year of childhood as much as you can as these are the most memorable days of life. Wish you a wonderful happy 15th birthday.
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  • Do not act like a dumb kid. You are smart enough to rejoice the birthday. Hope your everyday becomes beautiful and tension free. Wish you the birthday filled with memorable events. Happy 15th Birthday.
  • It is quite obvious, the more birthdays we have, the longer our life span, I hope you will have many more years to celebrate in this lovely world. Happy 15th Birthday boy turning man.
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Cute 15th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • You have just crossed one milestone of life. There are certain other milestones will come on your way. Be firm and steady in your dealings. Wish you the wonderful 15th birthday loaded with love and true happiness.
  • May your dumbness remove and become sharp and intelligent like kids. Wishing you the birthday full of happiness and joy. Happy 15th Birthday.
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  • Great man is the one who has mature thinking and positive mind frame. So develop your mental abilities and be a great man. Wish you a beautiful life. Happy 15th Birthday.
  • May the dreams of your life fulfilled and you get what you ever aspire from life. Have a wonderful 15th birthday, with loads of love and wishes.
  • Your heart is so beautiful like you. You possess the pain and feelings of others. Happy 15th Birthday


  • A beautiful sweetest birthday cake for the girl who is so beautiful. Just blow the candles and make a wish on your birthday. Happy 15th Birthday.
  • You are my princess daughter. Your laughter is the soul of my home. Be happy and keep smiling, my love. Have a wonderful 15th birthday.
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  • Happy 15th birthday my dear, you are growing to be a big beautiful woman and I am happy that I get to share in this day, may all your wishes come true darling!
  • You are the joy of my life and I am happy that I get to share in your 15th birthday, may you be blessed, proud and loved always and forever!
  • You work too hard for a 15 year old, put the books away and enjoy the day, it’s your birthday my nerdy love, happy birthday!


Happy 15th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • May your 15th birthday mark the beginning of new and grand opportunities, may you grow braver, lovelier, and heartier!
  • You are a blessing to me and I love you so much, I value you and promise to make this 15th birthday unforgettable. Have a hearty birthday son!
  • May you be the blessing and I am glad that I am here on your 15th birthday, have fun, live large and always put your best foot forward!
  • May this 15th birthday teach you a thing about loving, appreciation and sharing, look around and see how lucky you are love!


Happy 15th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • As you turn 15, I hope you know you will never be alone; I am here if you need anything, you are all I need and I am happy to share this birthday with you.
  • May all your wishes come true, as you turn 15 remember the world is too big for impossibilities, I love you!
  • I will do everything right by you, for from the moment you came into this world, you became the most important person to me, happy 15th my beautiful daughter!
  • Happy 15th birthday my darling, you are simply amazing and I hope you know how much I love you. Enjoy the day my love!

Happy 15th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Happy 15th birthday bro, I am happy to be here with you, I hope your birthday turns out as perfect as you’d planned it. Have it awesome!
  • You are the most amazing 15 years old I know of and I am so happy to be sharing the day with you. Hearty birthday, don’t forget to have an awesome time my brother!
  • Happy 15th birthday my dear brother, you have gone through a lot in such a young age, but I hope you take heart and find a way to celebrate your 15th birthday gracefully!
  • May your 15th birthday be a blessing to everyone around you, I know how selfless you are and I know seeing other people happy makes you happy but for tonight, try being a little bit selfish please!
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Happy 15th Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Happy 15th birthday dear sister, you are an amazing girl and I hope as you blow out those candles, everything you had planned will come true. I love you so much, have fun dear!
  • Happy 15th Birthday you troublesome teen! I hope you find a reason to smile today, you are special to me and I thank God for you each and every day my sis.
  • You are precious in my eyes, you make me happy and I am always proud of you. I hope you realize how important you are to me, have a great 15th birthday sweetheart!
  • Being with you today makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world, I hope your 15 birthday is the best, I love you and only want to see you smiling!

Happy 15th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

  • Happy 15th birthday you are amazing work of God’s masterpiece, you are amazing in each and every way and I hope you know that, enjoy your birthday my love!
  • For every year past, one should be grateful for the gift of life. So you should be thankful for having lived 15 years today. Happy Birthday my friend.
  • Here’s an excellent reason to happy for your 15th birthday, many were unable to live this long. We pray for numerous years of meaning and accomplishments for you.
  • I hope to have many, many more years by your side; you are a friend worth having. Happy 15th birthday to you, dear! Enjoy every bit of the year ahead of you.

Short 15th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • Birthdays are as sweet as honey, may your life after your 15th birthday yield only good and sweet memories.
  • Since it’s your 15th Birthday today, you’re allowed to have fun for the entire day. Enjoy the rest of the day.
  • Happy 15th birthday, my cutest and adorable girl. I wish you have the best fortune.
  • Today is a fantastic day and your age is a remarkable one, I hope you will always be happy every day of the year. Happy 15th Birthday.
  • All my best wishes and warm greetings to the beautiful girl on this planet earth. Have a perfectly blended 15th birthday.
  • You are the fun loving guy and no one can bore in your company. I wish you a wonderful life and gathering. Happy 15th Birthday.

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