Boys can be so unconcerned with their birthdays. They are more concerned with football and all those many things and forget the littlest things that mean the world to you.

Happy birthday to you lovely boy

That is why it is important to remind them how important their birthdays are. Birthday messages may help you in a very big way. Here are some examples of what you can say to them.

Happy Birthday Messages for Boys

  • Happy birthday boy. You know what will happen today? Today, we will celebrate your birthday. Trust us; we will do some of the best work you have ever seen.
  • Today is the birthday of a young boy who is loved by his family and friends. Trust me when I say that you are incredibly special to them.
  • Happy birthday to a boy who has a heart of gold! Enjoy your special day!
  • You are the most amazing boy I have ever met; I hope you enjoy your birthday. Make it big, make it last, that is my only wish.
  • You are a very special person who will grow into a strong young man. I know you will have a great day.
  • It is my duty to remind you that on this day a special handsome boy was born and that he is all mine. You are important to me.
  • Today is your birthday, boy! You will have a great time with action figure and fun play fighting. Enjoy your day little one.

Happy birthday sweet boy with hearts and cake

  • Days like these come but only once a year, it is the day you were born and I feel so happy to be among those blessed enough to share the day with you, I love you dear.
  • Happy birthday to a young boy who would be likely to become Superman.
  • You are the sweetest most thoughtful boy I have ever had the pleasure of being related to. I love you bro, you are the bomb. Have a beautiful day, you deserve it.
  • You may be a little boy now but trust me when I say you will grow tall and strong when you get older. Just don’t forget how to smile now.
  • I know this day may not mean a lot to you. But to me, it is the happiest time I have been gifted to experience, I love you so much and I hope you do enjoy yourself.
  • Happy birthday to a boy who has a ton of love and respect for their fellow beings. Do not forget what today is for.
  • Thank you for coming into my life baby boy, I am the luckiest parent in the world. I can see the man you are turning into and I am sure the world will definitely need you.
  • Today is going to be a great birthday for a boy! You know that you will have an incredible birthday because of the awesome family behind you.
  • Thank you for being my friend and my confident, I can always come to you with anything and that means a lot to me. I hope you get to enjoy this day for I will surely be here, I love you boy!

happy birthday to a young boy who would like to become superman

  • Happy birthday to a young boy. I know that right now all you know is play. But there will be a time when that doesn’t get a chance. Enjoy it now!
  • You are the man of my dreams, the one I love to sleep beside every night. Today is your birthday and I am happy to be part of it. I am sure it will be a blast.
  • You have some really cool action figures and you will have some more action figures to add to the mix after today. You are super-duper incredible.
  • Baby boy, you are the best thing that has ever happened to mama. I see your little face, your smile and it warms my heart to see how much you love me. Have a wonderful day, I love you.
  • You are an incredible young man who has plenty of potential and a ton of promise. Do not forget to make yourself happy at the end of the day.
  • Days pass, years maybe but the time we spent together can never pass from my mind. I love you darling, you are the strongest man I know of and I am proud to be by your side.
  • Happy birthday dear, today, we celebrate the life we have shared together so far. I love you so much.

to a boy who has a heart of gold. enjoy your special day

  • You are strong, brave and sweet, you are what a man should be. I always feel safe with you by my side. I love you so much.
  • I don’t know what I would do without you in my life, you complete me, make me a new being each and every time I am with you, I hope you get to enjoy this day.
  • You are my best friend, I just want to remind you today are the day you were born, happy birthday dear. I love you.
  • Happy birthday young man. You are growing up to be an amazing individual. Your bravery will no, no bounds. Trust me when I say that. Now enjoy this birthday like no tomorrow.
  • You are turning a new age. To me you are the same man I fell in love with and the same man who stood by me through the dark times.
  • I hope you enjoy this day, for it is special it is the only day you get to turn a new age, may you grow to be better. I love you.
  • It’s a special day for a special boy, you are awesome and I know you will have as much fun as you want.
  • You know that there are many people who would love to celebrate like the way we are going to celebrate your birthday today. I wish you have an incredible year.
  • Magnetic, Awesome and neat, you are a real man and I love you for who you are. Have a great day.
  • I thank God for bring you into my life, every day with you has been a blessing. Enjoy this day and everything that comes with it. Have a wonderful day.
  • Happy birthday young lad! Today is a day to have awesome cake, play time and laughs. Do not ever forget it.
  • I hope you have fun today, dance the night away, spin some girls around and have the best birthday of your life, you only turn a new age once a year.
  • To a boy with one of the wildest imaginations I have ever seen. Never lose that imagination as it is priceless.

Days pass, years maybe but the time we spent together can never pass from my mind

  • You are the best boy in the world and I hope you have fun today. May everything go your way. Have a beautiful celebration.
  • You are going to have a long life filled with ups and downs. Do not forget you have a family who loves you and wants the best for you. Enjoy it!
  • You will have one of the best birthdays of all time. I know it. Enjoy and Have a magical day.
  • You complete me honey, you are the reason I wake up every morning with a smile and sleep laughing. Have a cute day my sweet little man.
  • Have a lovely day dear, you are the greatest man I know of, may you grow to be wise, awesome and true to those around you.
  • Get up! It’s your day; you get to enjoy all the candy. And the sweetest cake made of love from me.
  • It’s your birthday, the day you usually forget. To me, it’s not just another day; it’s the day I sing and merry make in your honor. Have a blast!
  • Every memory, love and sweetness you have shown to me, I will never forget. Have a lovely day.
  • Hey young man. You will learn much about life, responsibility and love during this long life. Do not forget about the people who matter the most to you and do not forget about yourself.
  • Happy birthday my young friend. You are an incredible individual who has a genuine spark in the world. Enjoy your special day.
  • You mean the world to me, happy birthday son, you are amazing loving and I am glad I am part of your life.
  • Happy celebration to a young man that is a definitely a wild child. You probably like to be the source of trouble and that makes you fun in a way. Enjoy your special day.
  • For all the joy you have brought into my life, I thank you. I hope you surely get to enjoy this day to the fullest.
  • Thank you for being so awesome, you truly complete me. I love you so much it hurts, have a blast.
  • Thank you for being so close to me, so close to my heart. I love you so much darling.
  • Happy birthday to a boy who will grow up to be a strong man. You have a special heart that knows no bounds.
  • It’s your day, so do as you wish. I hope you have fun. Take care of yourself and whenever you need me or not, I will always be here for you.
  • Dear young boy who is one of the most genuine people on this planet. I hope you have one of the best birthdays of all time.
  • Your spirit and bravery surely speaks for everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing you. I love you baby boy, have a blast today.
  • I can’t believe how fast you have grown, from the first time I held you in my arms; I knew you were to be an awesome man. Have fun today.
  • You are wise, you are old and you are getting older grandpa, I love you so much. Happy birthday and May you surely have many more.
  • Happy birthday dear, you are what keeps me going, what makes me the woman today. I want nothing but the best for you.
  • you are all I could ever hope for. As you grow into a man, I hope you do enjoy everything has to offer.
  • I see the boy in you, you calm me down. Thank you for being part of my life. Enjoy this day dear,.
  • Young boy, you make me happy, you make me proud and you make me glad to be part of your life. I hope you enjoy this day, have a blast!
  • Who are the Kings of the world? Boys! Who make the world a better place for girls? Boys! Who will do anything to please a girl? Boys! We must celebrate them.
  • It’s God’s plan for guys to be the family’s head, even if they cannot provide all the family’s needs, women shouldn’t contest with them. They should love them more instead.
  • When there’s little to always quarrel about from ladies, guys will always want to step up their game in love, when we ladies complain less, guys love us the most.
  • Darling, you make me proud to be part of you, you are mine and there is no one who can separate us. We are forever, I am happy to share this day with you.
  • It’s your born day, your day and the day you get all the presents before Christmas. Have a blast!
  • Your perception about life is really great and exceptional even when things aren’t going so fine, you are always positive. You’re the real man in the making. Happy Birthday boy. Enjoy your special day.
  • To the boy that I know who has the best association of people, no wonder you’re always excelling. Enjoy your special day boy and may God guide your path.
  • I hope you’ll do better in good deeds than last year and do worse in bad deeds. Enjoy the good year that is before you, remain blessed forever.


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