Age is just a number, and no one really knows what to do with a new age, not even those who have been there before knew what to do at that age. 14 is an exciting age, it is the age where puberty strikes and a once little kid starts to wonder what to do with their teenage years and changes.

Happy 14th birthday with balloons

Most 14 year olds are moody and almost hate everything and everyone around them, so instead of telling them what to do, send them a birthday message that encourages them to really put themselves out there and not to be afraid to be weird. Here are some birthday messages you can send to a new 14 year old, not to tell them, but to encourage them.

Happy 14th Birthday Wishes

Happy 14th birthday

Funny 14th Birthday Wishes

Goodbye to childhood You are now a teenager

Short 14th Birthday Wishes

Cute 14th Birthday Messages

For a Friend

For Son

Happy 14th birthday to the best son

For Daughter

Happy 14th birthday to the cutest daughter

Best 14th Birthday Messages


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