I think the best things in life come free to us, like the opportunity to meet your grandfather and realize how amazing he is. To spend time with a man who has lived beyond his years and to have a grandfather willing to share his wisdom and good advice with you.

Happy Birthday Grandpa. Wishing you all the love.

Such things in life should never be taken for granted and each time you get the opportunity to celebrate such a man in your life, do it with pride for some people weren’t as blessed or lucky. A grandfather and a grandson should share something special, a bond that only they can speak of. Below are some birthday messages you can send to your grandfather as a grandson to make his day just a little bit more special.

Birthday Messages for Grandfather from Grandson

  • I hope someday I’ll grow to be as wise and as amazing as you grandpa, have a great and memorable birthday. I love you!
  • You are an inspiration to me and I am glad to be here as you blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Wishing you a long and happy life grandfather!
  • You emulate the man I want to be someday grandpa, you are amazing and I wish you the best as you celebrate more years to your life!
  • I hope our grand bond will grow stronger as you grow older grandpa. I am lucky to be the grandson of such an awesome man.
  • You may be old grandpa but you definitely are young at heart. May each day give you more reasons to smile, thank you for making me a happy grandson.
  • You make me want to be a better man grandfather, your advice and kind words definitely help. I wish you a long life, for I still need you in my life.

You make me want to be a better man grandfather, your advice and kind words definitely help. I wish you a long life, for I still need you in my life.

  • You are a true definition of a man, you are kind, gentle and loving and I hope someday I’ll grow up to be just like you. Enjoy your birthday grandfather!
  • I feel blessed to be here with you grandpa, I may just be a boy but I know who a man is through the lessons you’ve given me. Have a blast on your birthday!
  • May you live longer than Methuselah grandpa, you are a great man and the reason I am the man I am today. Heartiest birthday!
  • You are the greatest man alive grandpa and I hope someday I can carry on your legacy. Thank you for being there for me, have a great birthday!
  • You represent all that is right and pure in my life grandpa; I hope you’ll grow old enough to see your great grand-kids. Have a blessed birthday!

Happy birthday

  • You have raised me to be a good, courageous and brave man grandpa, thank you for that. Have a great and memorable birthday today, I love you!
  • You correct me when I am wrong and show me the right way to behave as a man should. You are a legend grandfather, enjoy your birthday.
  • You are like a second father to me grandpa, you have been there for me all my life and I am the man I am thanks to you. Have a great birthday.
  • You created in me a man that will forever make you proud grandpa, thank you for being my greatest mentor. Enjoy your birthday and all the good it brings!
  • Have a birthday worth remembering, one that will always put a smile on your old cheeks grandpa. Thank you for being the one I’d love to emulate.

Happy birthday grandpa

  • Seeing the way you live your life is definitely something I admire, you are an amazing man grandpa and I hope I can be as great too. Happy Birthday!
  • Age can make one tired, but your effect is still mainly felt, through Dad you have taught me how we should be concerned with the legacy we leave behind. Happy Birthday, granddad.
  • Life is short and graceful. You have enjoyed life to its fullest. All my dreams are to be like you especially at old age. Happy Birthday, Grand Dad, enjoy your day.
  • You fought so hard to keep Dad strong and wise. I feel that wisdom today. Thanks for your proper upbringing granddad. You deserve the best gifts. I love you. Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Grand Dad. Thanks for training Daddy in the way he is. You grace have affected my generation and I hope to pass this on even to generations to come. Have a wonderful celebration.

Happy Birthday Grandfather from Grandson

  • Your life is a miracle and a blessing. Your age is a grace that many could not attain, even though they wished for it. I love you. Enjoy a very beautiful birthday. Your grandson.
  • You are the epitome of delight. Just as love never grow old, so shall your blessings and grace remain with you as in the times of your youth. Happy Birthday, Granddad.
  • Your grace is a blessing to us all. I love you Grand Dad and Happy birthday. I pray that the good Lord lift you up and keep you strong. Enjoy your day.
  • Birthdays are special especially for special people like you. Your blood runs in my veins, and this has been a blessing. I love you grandpa and have a great feast.
  • Happy Birthday, grandpa. You are a blessing to me and will continue be a blessing. Your smiles shall never cease. Amen. Enjoy your day Big Daddy.
  • Your candles shall not burn out so easily. You will never be caught in the middle of a disaster. Just as you have blessed me with life grandpa, so shall life be a blessing to you. Happy Birthday.
  • Happiness multiplied shall be yours from now until the end of life. You shall never know sorrow or sadness. Happy Birthday, grandfather. You shall excel greatly.
  • The great wish for a day, greater wish for a year and wonderful blessings for a lifetime to come. Your life will be filled with these and many more. Amen. Have a beautiful Birthday, Grandpa.
  • Your life may be closer to eternity than mine, but you have shown me how to live life in the most blissful manner. I appreciate all your bedtimes’ stories. Happy birthday Grandfather.
  • Birthdays are special; if I should light a candle for you, then the numbers would be so much it can’t contain your cake. More love to your life grandpa. Happy Birthday.
  • Seasons come and go, but your love and blessings always remain. You have been an eternal blessing to me. Thanks for all the lessons. I love you. Happy Birthday, grandfather.
  • Happy Birthday to the best man in the world. Your legacy will stay forever ingrained in my heart. I love you so much. Enjoy your day Grandpa and do some exercise.
  • You are an inspiration to me. I love you so much more than you can ever imagine. Your roaring laughter resonates daily in my mind’s. Happy Birthday.
  • This day means so much to you. Hence you should have the best gift in the world-Love. I love you grandfather and wish you the best on this glorious day in your life. Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, grandfather, this day marks another greatness in your life. You would continue to soar in joy, peace, and happiness. God bless your new age with super health and grace.
  • I will always remain your strong supporter because I know how lovely you are and I will not hold back from telling everyone during your birthday party.
  • Judging by the number of candles on your cake, it is easy to predict how the few numbers of years you have left. The world is already overpopulated.


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