Men are tough people to please simply because they don’t want much but you feel compelled to show them the world. Most men like keeping things to themselves thus it’s hard to know when their birthdays come up.

Happy birthday handsome man

If you are a Nancy drew, and you know when their birthday is, don’t go all out and do things you know they don’t like, relax, be cool. You may do something and not get the reaction you were hoping for, so relax and send them a birthday message. Here are some birthday messages you can send that man who means so much to you.

Birthday Wishes for Men

you make me happy and I am glad that I know you. I love you and wish you all the best in the world.

I wish you can always stay with me longer than you always do, because your presence gives me the total package of all my needs. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you handsome man


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