Happy 55th Birthday Wishes

Age is not only a blessing, it is also bliss, and sharing your birthday with the ones closest to you means that they are the people you’d like around you for a very long time. As a close person who means the world to a newly turned 55 years old isn’t it your duty to make the day as memorable as you can for them? Sending a birthday message to that turning 55 year old boss, father, friend or anyone close to you would say a lot about your character; give them an extra reason to live by sending one of these special messages to that 55 year old and see that never fading smile on their face. Luckily you can chose from one of these:

Beautiful Birthday Messages for 55 Year Olds

  • Celebrating today’s 55th birthday is a big success. You just celebrated your golden jubilee five years ago and it’s still fresh in our mind. You’re a real living legend. Happy 55th birthday dear sir.
  • It’s not always about the age; it’s about the person behind the age. There are many today who clocked fifty-five but they have no impact. You’re impactful and you’re touching lives. Happy Birthday sir.
  • May this 55th birthday be the birthday you finally see how much respect and love you have gained over the year’s happy birthday boss.
  • Many more years to you dear 55 year old, I hope this birthday is forever curved in the back of your head for it surely will be spectacular.
  • I keep wondering if you’re turning 55 or 25. You’re still young, sharp, vibrant and able. This simply shows how active you are and how well you’ve used your youthful days. Happy 55th birthday ma’am.
  • Who else will I love to be? Definitely this special person who clocks 55. You’re my model and mentor. You’re an inspiration to me. You’re a great mouth piece in your generation. Happy Birthdays.


  • Another year and now 55, it is a golden year, make the most out of it as you see your seeds bloom and grow, hearty birthday!
  • You are now 55 years, I can’t believe how young you look, you have aged gracefully and that we thank the heavenly stars for keeping you in such a fine state, hearty birthday.
  • Each year with you has been the best and now as you turn 55 my hopes of us growing old together can finally come true. I will always love you, hearty birthday dear.
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  • As you celebrate your 55th birthday, may you grow more in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Because we the upcoming ones needs to tap into those. Happy 55th Birthday sir.
  • May your days be filled with joy. May your life be a blessing to many more youths as it has always been. Happy birthday sire. We love you so strongly.
  • As you embark on another journey of life, there will be many obstacles but you’ll overcome. There will be many hindrances but none will stop you. Celebrating 55 years is a great achievement. Happy Birthday.
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  • “Age is just a number”. You’re one of those who proved that to me. Seeing you at 55 just cited the example. Seeing is believing. Happy 55th birthday. Another journey to greatness.
  • You are my trustable friend. I wish you live a long happy life. Happy 55th Birthday, my lovely friend.
  • You have always been the one I can count on, the one who will always be there for me, as you turn 55 relax, I got you, and have a jovial birthday!
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  • A good soul is adorned with the age. You are a nice man. Happy 55th Birthday.
  • Your childish acts are coming back. Enjoy the lovely season of your life. Happy 55th Birthday.
  • Happy 55th birthday, 55 years shy from reaching 100, I hope you grow older than anyone here and beyond. You are a blessing to us.
  • I can never take you for granted for you have showered me with so much, thank you for all the opportunities, I look up to you. Have a great and memorable 55th birthday.


  • I am going to wish you a happy birthday but not until you tell me the secret behind your activeness even at fifty-five. I keep admiring you; I’ll want people to admire me too.
  • Don’t tell me you’re clocking 55! A normal person wouldn’t believe that anyways. You’ve added to your age. I won’t wish you a 55th birthday wish but a 45th one. Happy Birthday.
  • Celebrating your 55th birthday is my great honor. I wish you live always with us. Happy Birthday to you.
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  • Birds chirping in my ears saying someone is turning 55. Go and celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday, my dearest papa.
  • Sir, you’ve been the best boss ever. The way you share your experience with us gives us more experience too. I’ll never want another boss but you. Happy fifty-fifth birthday sir.
  • May you always be strong, bright, beautiful and intelligent, you are someone worth having around, hearty 55th birthday!


  • I am lucky for in this lifetime, I know a 55 year old that is worth more than anything I could ever count on, be blessed abundantly as you celebrate your birthday!
  • Wishing you the 55th birthday filled with loads of true desires and prayers which make your rest of the life bright and happy.
  • Achievements isn’t the cars one bought. It isn’t the houses built. It isn’t the money one has. It’s simply the lives one touches. You’re an achiever already at 55. Happy Birthday sire!
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  • I couldn’t wait to see today come. All night I couldn’t sleep. Have I won a lottery? Yes, I have. I won a lottery to be among those who will wish you happy 55th birthday.
  • Each second, minute, hour, you keep glowing. Happy 55th birthday!
  • When I grow older, I hope to be just like you, to be strong and wise like you. Thank you for giving me a chance to get to know you, happy birthday my mentor.
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  • You have put a step towards 55th year but still, you look like a handsome and graceful 30 years man. I wish you a lot of happiness and pleasure in your life. Happy Birthday.
  • I thank the lord for adding another year in your life, not many people have reached the heights you have. May your 55th birthday remind you of all that is good in the world.
  • I have nothing much to say than all of these I have to say now. You’re a legend at 55. You’re a man accomplishing a great mission. Less I forget… Happy Birthday.
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  • May your days be fruitful. May you be replenished day by day. May you have a long life and live long. May your Children call you blessing. Happy 55th birthday ma’am.
  • It’s your birthday, break out those heels and live like there is no tomorrow, 55 is a blessed year and you are a blessed woman, exuberant birthday dear!
  • You are my childhood teacher and still, I remember you because you are the one who took me to the heights of success. Happy 55th Birthday, my dearest teacher.


  • Beauty in all its form, that is what 55 should mean to you, you are bold and beautiful and I hope you have a cheerful 55th birthday!
  • At the tender age of 55, you already gave birth to thousands of children. What do I mean? Well, you’ve nurtured many and today they’re great and awesome. I wish you a happy birthday dad.
  • I still believe this is still a golden jubilee. Sir, keep glowing and moving as of your youthful days. You are still able even at 55. Happy 55th Birthday. You’re a legend.
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  • You know what? What is the most inspiring thing in your personality? As it holds the thousands of beautiful years of your life. May your every year keep bringing the beauties. Happy 55th Birthday.
  • I know you are getting old, how could you remind your own birthday. This is the biggest drawback of old age to lose memory. Happy 55th birthday.
  • For unto us you were born. For unto us you’re a blessing. For unto us you’re a mentor. For unto us, you’re a mother. For unto us, you’re everything. Happy celebration of 55 years.


  • Thank you for making me part of this day, it’s definitely a blessing to be here. May the stars shine extra bright for you as you celebrate your birthday with those you love most.
  • You are astonishing and I know nothing you do on your 55th birthday will be dull, enjoy your birthday and have a dynamic one at that!
  • Congrats on your big day. May you have success, happiness, love, and pleasure ahead in your life. Happy 55th Birthday.
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  • Turning 55th is stepping towards the youth of old age. May this phase of life never annoy you. Wish you a wonderful birthday, dear grandfather.
  • I am celebrating God’s goodness on your 55th birthday. You’ve come a long way but it was through the help of God. I pray God’s goodness will never depart you. Happy Birthday.
  • You’re perfected in wisdom perfection. I’ve seen a perfect man at 55 and that’s you. In fact, I would love to attain the height you’ve reached today. Happy 55th birthday to you my friend.
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  • Happy 55th Birthday. You’re more than your age, not physically but in the genius state of your mind
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful 55 year old I know of, everything about you screams out your praises. I hope you have a million and one reasons to be happy and enjoy the day!
  • The older you get, the closer the time of retirement comes on your way. Don’t worry, you can also enjoy that period as the most ultimate luxury would be in that time. Happy 55th Birthday.
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  • You are growing old plus growing up. Your wisdom and knowledge are on the heights. Thank you for guiding us in every difficulty. Happy 55th Birthday.
  • The 20 years old young and the stupid boy turned into the 55 years old and wise man. A great dramatic change. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • There is no time for your goal setting. You can do still. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May you get the success in your aim all over.


  • We two friends born on the same date and year. It’s so nice to be old with your bestie. Wishing you a fantastic 55th birthday.
  • Old age is the combination of two factors the half of childish acts and the half of old-enrich soul. Don’t worry about the age. Enjoy everything till the last breath. Happy 55th Birthday.
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  • Celebrating your 55th birthday with playing hockey with family, dad, you are the love.
  • Life is all about sharing happiness and sorrows. Whatever you have faced in your last days was so tragic. May God reduce your pain and give you strength to bear your circumstances. Happy 55th Birthday.
  • Old age makes people more honorable and devoted. So please don’t regret about your growing period of life. Enjoy the beauty of the world with your old eyes. Have a wonderful 55th birthday.
  • You shall continue to experience greatness and happiness all through your new year. You are special to me.
  • I could not get any other gift on this your special day except for the one unique way to tell you how much I love you. Happy Birthday.

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