It is always sad to lose a loved one. Nevertheless, we can keep their touch burning in our lives by recognizing occasions that mattered to them like their birthdays.

Happy birthday in heaven

It seems extravagant to observe a full blast party, but a message on their social media page or to a close relative is not a bad idea. Check our specially composed birthday messages to choose the one that depicts your gratitude for knowing them in a lifetime and you excitement for their postmortem birthday.

Birthday Wishes in Heaven

I cannot forget you for a minute because you are the fuel that keeps my heart beating. It is evident on your birthday because I can feel a mother’s love in my veins.

For father in Heaven

happy birthday in heaven

For Mother in Heaven

happy birthday to a friend who passed away

For Grandfather in Heaven

I would love to know how they celebrate birthdays in heaven, but I guess I would not know until I come over. Just have a wonderful time,

For Grandmother in Heaven

I still see you in my dreams and wake up smiling because you always look happy in heaven, your birthday remembrance is a formality, you are ever in our heart.

For a Loved One in Heaven

For Best Friends in Heaven

For Someone in Heaven


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