Beautiful Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes

It is always sad to lose a loved one. Nevertheless, we can keep their touch burning in our lives by recognizing occasions that mattered to them like their birthdays. It seems extravagant to observe a full blast party, but a message on their social media page or to a close relative is not a bad idea. Check our specially composed birthday messages to choose the one that depicts your gratitude for knowing them in a lifetime and you excitement for their postmortem birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Heaven

  • You are a year older today and despite you are in a better place, we over here gathered to pay you the respect that you deserve on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the angel that had to return to a lovely home, do not worry; we all will meet in no time. Have fun wherever you found yourself.


  • While some people might be crying on your birthday, I choose to smile and reminisce on all the beautiful moments we spent together.
  • I plan to do something special for the needy on your birthday because that was your routine when you were alive. I miss your caring and beautiful nature.
  • You are irreplaceable to the world of men; my heart skipped beats when you left me to myself; nevertheless, you are in the best place to be on your birthday.

happy birthday in heaven mom and dad

Birthday Wishes for father in Heaven

  • Nothing is funny to me without you, dad. I look forward to when we unite as a family. It is your birthday, so I have to pour out my mind to feel better.
  • Dear daddy, I love you more now that you are gone. If only I knew that I would feel this way on your birthday, I would have done everything humanly possible to keep you.


  • I hope you are having the best birthday celebration in heaven, dad. The earth is already agog and ready to rejoice with you in our little way.
  • Remember to ask the angels at the heaven’s kitchen to bake an enormous cake for my dads’ birthday party so you can send down crumbs in a form of blessing on us.
  • Despite years of your demise and post mortem birthdays, it still feels like yesterday that I parted ways with the greatest dad that ever lived.

happy birthday in heaven brother

Birthday Wishes for Mother in Heaven

  • I look sharp on the outside but sometimes crack open when I am alone. I miss the beautiful birthdays you had and the way you handled yourself as a responsible mother.
  • I cannot forget you for a minute because you are the fuel that keeps my heart beating. It is evident on your birthday because I can feel a mother’s love in my veins.
  • Congratulations dear mother, on adding another year to your age despite the little setback of location. What matters the most is that you are happy.
  • You thought me to give thanks to God in all situations, so I stopped bothering about why God took you away so soon and focused on how to mark your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, mummy, I wish I could see how heaven looks and hear the preparation on the ground for your birthday because everything has to be perfect.
  • You were the best mom on earth before you left for heaven; I know you will also be the best over there. Happy Birthday

happy birthday to a friend who passed away

Birthday Wishes for Grandfather in Heaven

  • I still see you in my dreams and wake up smiling because you always look happy in heaven, your birthday remembrance is a formality, you are ever in our heart.
  • The news of my lovely grandpa’s death was one of the saddest stories I ever received; nevertheless, the news of your birthday celebrations is most excellent although you are in heaven.


  • If only you could see my mind straight down from heaven, you will discover that the void that your demise caused cannot be filled by anyone else. Happy Birthday, grandpa.
  • The way people talk of heaven is; it must be the right place for my dear grandpa to celebrate his birthday, I would not be there to see.
  • It is another birthday of yours, but you will celebrate without me this time around, I miss our grandfather and grandchild moments. Have enough fun for two.

happy birthday in heaven sister

Birthday Wishes for Grandmother in Heaven

  • You did your bit as a responsible grandma before departing to your final resting place (heaven) where there is no sorrow and death. Happy Birthday.
  • You did not leave this world unaccomplished because you gave birth to my parent, and I am an offspring. Your birthday feels totally like mine since we share the same blood.
  • Sweet grandma, It is challenging coming to terms with your death, but as of today, I will neglect my sorrows and celebrate your birthday like there is no tomorrow.
  • I would love to know how they celebrate birthdays in heaven, but I guess I would not know until I come over. Just have a wonderful time, grandma.
  • Happiness took over depression because of it’s the first step towards making your birthday remembrance a good one. Dead grandmas also deserve love.

wishing a dead person happy birthday

Birthday Messages for a Loved One in Heaven

  • I am on earth and you are in heaven don’t mean a thing on your birthday because you are the same lovely person and I have to say that I still love you.
  • Congratulations to a lovely birthday angel that departed to serve a higher purpose in heaven, nothing can make me forget you in this life and after.


  • Today is bright and beautiful. I guess you people up in heaven are already celebrating your birthday; we on earth also recognize your great importance.
  • The end of a man should be higher than the beginning because there isn’t a second chance. You might, but we still hold on to your birthdays.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friends in Heaven

  • It is easy to bail out on me from this crazy world, but at least you cannot stop me from acknowledging your birthday. I miss you like crazy.
  • I would have been with you for your birthday in heaven, but there is no need to rush, nobody will escape the gruesome fate of death in due time. Happy Birthday to you, friend.
  • My birthday gift to you will be verbatim because we are far apart and in different worlds. I hope they also celebrate birthdays up in heaven my best friend.
  • Death is just a means to another better life and experience, so it does not stop me from having the fun we shared on your birthdays. Happy Birthday friend.

Birthday Wishes for Someone in Heaven

  • Words cannot quantify the happiness that I feel on your birthday, I cry whenever I remember that you are gone but your birthday beings so much joy.
  • I hope you can look down from heaven and see our plans for your birthday, don’t worry, the food and drinks are in good hands. Happy Birthday Sister.
  • Everybody’s clock stops ticking whenever God wants, so I did not curse when I heard the news of your demise, just like birthdays, there are also goodbyes.
  • Some people will cry their eyes off on your birthday because your lovely memory keeps flooding in, but I am different, those memories make me durable without you. Happy Birthday brother.


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