Happy 50th Birthday Wishes

Wishes for a new 50 year old can be the best way to welcome them into this new chapter of their life. Birthdays are special times when you have everyone who means the world to you and being there as such a special person means a lot. Think of the person and what you would like to hear on your birthday and trust me.

Happy 50th birthday

He or she wants to hear the same thing when they turn older; here are birthday wishes you can send to a new 50 year old to wish them the happiest of time as they turn a new age with a pure heart.

Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds

  • You are the most beautiful person I have ever met and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here on your 50th birthday, enjoy each moment my dear.
  • You are under arrest for being too sexy as you hijack the hearts of all the young ladies. Happy 50th Birthday.
  • Roses are red and violets are blue, no one is better than you. I wish all the best and happy 50th Birthday to you.
  • You are still awesome at the age of 50, I just say wow.
  • Happy 50th Birthday my dear, you are a great person and having you here more is the best gift I can ever have.
  • The privilege of clocking this age seems to be yours, but indeed it is ours, we are so glad to have you. Happy 50th Birthday.

Happy 50th Birthday to you

  • Youthfulness is one thing no one wants to leave because the glory of any man is in their youth. But you somehow find a way to do that, it’s lovely.
  • This is a special wish to a special person on this special day, may you have the best of everything as you turn 50.
  • It’s your 50th birthday and might I say you look younger than ever, Happy Birthday my dear.
  • It’s your 50th birthday and I couldn’t be more happier sharing this day with you, you are a diva and deserve the best that life has to offer.

Short 50th Birthday Messages

  • Have fun on your 50th birthday party, enjoy life, live, laugh and fall in love all over again. Hearty birthday!
  • Happy 50th birthday my chocolaty uncle, besides sweets, you are my most preferred choice.
  • The less you respond to the negative thoughts, the more peace you find in your life. Happy 50th birthday.
  • Your calmness is the biggest shady tree for me to get the shelter. May your 50th birthday shine like the golden color.

Happy birthday 50 Years with stars

  • You are a gem and this birthday I will treat you as one, happy birthday, you are a great addition to my life, I love you.
  • This is the period to enjoy every bit of time to rest, let work rest and have good time my friend.
  • You are an idealistic person who loves to help surroundings to be well-off. Wishing you the many golden years of life ahead.

Sweet 50th Birthday Wishes 

  • Your influence on the family is unparalleled, your influence on the people you mentored is always echoed aloud, you are simply unparalleled in excellence.
  • A graceful imagination is a key to powerful creativity. Wishing your special day, blessed with beautiful sunshine, happiness, smiles, and peace. Happy 50th birthday.
  • When I am with you, I feel my mind reaches the comfort zone. Have a fabulous 50th birthday with loads of happiness and love.
  • Your resilience at this age is admirable, even though they feel like giving you sequential break at work, you won’t agree with that, because you love it.

Roses are red. violets are blue, no one is better than you. I wish all the best.

  • On your mark, get ready and go! You are fifty dad. It’s unbelievable, now let’s go to a hundred, it’s achieve able. Happy 50th birthday dad, love you.
  • Time is everything truly, but I always wonder how you develop to this kind of admirable person. I hope I can develop into something close to this. Happy 50th birthday.

For a Friend

  • You are the man you wanted to become when you were a little boy and now I hope you feel even greater for everything you’ve achieved in life. Have an awesome 50th birthday my friend.
  • I wish you good things, great times and unforgettable moments as you share your 50th birthday with the one you love. Have the happiest time ever, enjoy each and every second.
  • Days like this make me glad that I got to know a special person such as yourself, have a fun time on your 50th birthday; I hope you enjoy your lovely day.

You are under arrest for being too sexy as you hijack the hearts of all the young ladies. Happy 50th birthday, the gorgeous man.

  • Your glory is not beef able but simply meant to be admired by everyone, because you are simply an emblem and paradigm of super excellence. Happy 50th birthday friend.
  • Your determination, goal-orientation, and passion answered your two self-provoking questions. What you want and why you want it and your success is the prime answer. Wishing you the lifetime happiness. Happy 50th birthday.

For Father

  • Despite having too much pain in your life, you never did complaints to your God and just say thanks to him in any condition. Your calmness is your gratefulness. Happy 50th birthday dad.
  • The best wishes for a good father on his special day will be to have a long life, good health, good life and lovely night with wife. Hehehehe.
  • Your knowledge, mentoring and experience are the biggest asset of my life. I have learnt a lot from your life. Happy 50th birthday. May your day be filled with love and grace.
  • Everyone needs a guardian, they can have it, everyone needs a mentor and a tutor, but not everyone will have it. I’m honored to have you as father. Happy 50th birthday.
  • Happy 50th birthday dad, we have always obeyed your instruction and wishes, but today we want you to pay obeisance to us. Let’s go party dad!

For Mother

  • I can see the old wrinkles come on that beautiful 50 year-old face of yours, just kidding. Age is bliss, and you are growing old blissfully, may you experience the same peace.
  • You deserve the best and this is the age you realize than you get the very best of everything, happy 50th birthday mom, may all your wishes come true.
  • Happy 50th Birthday to you mom, you have been there for me through all this time, my wish is I can return the favor.

I just say wow. you are still awesome at the age of 50. Happy 50th birthday.

  • I can’t believe you are 50 today; my heart is heavy as much as it’s joyful, now I need to start enjoying every moment with you. Happy 50th birthday mom.
  • As you turn 50, I hope you know you’ve done a lot. I look up to you for the morals you bestowed on me. Have a great and successful 50th year dear mother.

Many More 50th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 50th birthday to the man who never got scared from the obstacles aroused in his way though he changed his path to reach the destination but not the decision.
  • Your desire, your dream, and your vision made you the champion among all. May you have thousands of happy moments in your life. Have a stunning and joyous 50th birthday.
  • If there is someone who wants to achieve excellence at the expense of the important things such as health, it is you. But this time you need to go home.

Happy 50th birthday

  • You have crossed your golden jubilee but your energy level is much higher than the younger people and your talent can still produce terrific results. Wish you a wonderful 50th birthday.
  • Look around and realize how lucky you are this birthday, Happy Birthday dear, you are an awesome friend and I am glad to be here with you.
  • Happy 50th birthday love, you are a special person and the world needs more people like you. I am glad to be by your side as you celebrate this day.
  • No fun in your life? Take a risk to make a possibility and go where the crazy winds take you away. Wishing you a wonderful 50th birthday.
  • Because you are the best daddy my love for you makes me want to share my youth with you but it’s not possible Happy 50th birthday I do hope you’ll enjoy it.
  • Life is just too fast that it always seems as if yesterday never existed, today you are 50, tomorrow you will be 70, that’s how it looks to. Happy 50th birthday to you.
  • It’s your 50th birthday, I can’t believe I get to share in this awesome time; you are truly a person I look up to and love with every piece of me. Enjoy the day dear.
  • Goodbye 49 and hello 50, you are turning a new age filled with so much possibility, turn this into a year you will never forget, Happy Birthday.
  • As you light your birthday candles, think of all the things you have and blow them out knowing you are the luckiest person alive. I love you dear.
  • Oh I almost forgot it’s your birthday, I’m sure you can’t even remember that, because your mind is full of thoughts. Take time to relax buddy.
  • When I remember the period of my challenge, when no one could stand by me but you, I feel like crying. You have become my family and I wish you a great 50th birthday.
  • You are included in those women who are vibrant, busy, self-made and goal oriented and your attraction doesn’t need to wait for a man who would validate your existence. Happy 50th birthday, my sweetest aunty.
  • I just love the way of your sidetracking those people who are not on the track. I have learnt a lot from your inspiring personality. Have a wonderful 50th birthday.
  • Happy 50th birthday dear, you are a great person and everyone looks up to you. Cheers to this birthday and many more birthdays to come your way.
  • You will always look perfect in my eyes, whether you are 40, 60 or whatever age you get, wishing you all the best as you celebrate this day.
  • You are one of the greatest people I have ever worked with; you always win me over every time. I felicitate with you on a day like this my great colleague.
  • It is obvious that the time of danger from work has passed you by, because you will take more caution with everything you do. I wish you all the best and a happy 50th birthday.
  • Just keep aside your age and enjoy the every moment of your 50th birthday. Once the day has gone, it will never back again. Happy Birthday to the naughty-nifty man.
  • Happy Birthday new beautiful 50 year old, you are an amazing person and we need you still. May you blow a million more candles. To this age and more to come, cheers.
  • You make the best of your unhealthy circumstances bearing them with self-esteem, patience and grace. Wishing you the golden moments ahead.
  • You are an elegant biscuit, a judicious chocolate fudge cake, and a gleaming pancake. I wish you a sweet Happy Birthday, May your life becomes sweeter as much you are.
  • Today you have made history by reaching this milestone and by becoming an achiever in your profession. Happy 50th birthday, keep being strong as you grow old.
  • Your graceful personality and your stunning wife make me assure that you had a better taste in your past. Love you, sweet uncle. Congratulations on the completion of 50th year of your life.
  • Your birthday is an indisputable chance to show you of your invaluable worth to us as children, this is a golden year that we will enjoy every bit of it with you.