Best Wedding Wishes for Best Friend

Congratulations my best friend. Wishing you both a Happy married life.

I can’t survive without my best friend; I know I am not the only person who shares such sentiments. They are the extra sibling we get to choose, and they are indeed the people who get to know us best. Being there for your friend during a relationship is important but what’s more important is […]

Wedding Wishes and Messages for Aunt

Happy married life my beautiful aunt. Congratulations.

An aunty can be the extra sister you get to have, the role model you look up to or the woman you wouldn’t imagine life without, whoever your aunty is to you, I bet you wish them the best no matter how mean, happy or amazing they may be. on the day of their weddings, […]

Sweet Wedding Wishes for Niece

Congrats my dear niece on your wedding

Special events are always hosted by special people. A wedding is one of the special events celebrated because it brings two families together. It can also act as a family reunion where you get to see most of the members of your family once in one place. When the niece’s wedding comes up, as an […]

Romantic Wedding Wishes for Newly Married Couple

Congratulations on your wedding. May you two never stop loving each other.

What do people do after the wedding is over? They go for a honeymoon, and then after that? As a married person you know that the honey moon is an exciting time after the whole wedding planning and executing season. But you also know that you never completely leave your family and friends that care; […]

Best Wedding Invitation Messages

you are invited to my wedding celebration. your presence means a lot to me.

On your special occasion, who would you love to see? Wedding invitations are important for they not only make the recipient aware of your event, but make them feel lucky to be part of it. Wedding invitations should be short and brief, but it’s your day and it’s mostly the information you want to convey […]

Top 100 Wedding Wishes for Nephew

Happy married life dear nephew

Wedding are one of the most emotional events known because it isn’t just a day two people who are in love get to tie the knot, it is also a day when a rite of passage is passed, when a young man becomes a family man and a young woman becomes a wife and mother. […]

Early Wedding Wishes and Messages

congratulations. Wishing you a future Full of love and joy.

It is never too early to send your wedding wishes to a couple soon to get married, in fact, it may be a way to warm up those cold feet and ensure they have a beautifully perfect wedding, saying “I do” to the person of their dreams. I think it is encouragable to send a […]

Top 100 Wedding Wishes for Cousin

Congratulations Cousin. Happy married life.

I am sure everyone has cousins they love and adore, the cousin that becomes more of a sibling than your other siblings, the cousin that is part of you and you’d do anything for, so what happens when they get married? Close or not, weddings are events that bring family together and I am sure […]

Beautiful Wedding Wishes for Daughter

Congratulations my sweet daughter.

I hope someday I get to see my daughter grow up and get married, and I am sure that is a wish for any parent. Wedding wishes for your daughter on her wedding day is mandatory, it makes one relax and feel the support from her family especially her parents. As she walks down that […]

Wedding Wishes and Messages for Son

Congratulations my dear son. May you both stay in love forever.

There is nothing that makes one feel more blessed than seeing your child grow into a fine young adult, even better bringing home that person in their life that makes them happy. When your son brings you that daughter you’ve always hoped for him, it brings a feeling of appreciation and a deep sense of […]