Everyone in every family has some cute member that they may want to pinch the cheeks of. They are often treated as if they were their own son if you see them regularly enough. They are often full of life and a joy to know as you are called either an aunt or uncle. Yes, I am talking about nephews. They can be a ton of different things. They can be fun, annoying, a brat, a prankster; you just don’t have any idea.

Happy birthday nephew

But for the most part, they are young whereas you are older. You are in a privileged position to teach your nephew and be a proper role model. Or, you can be the cool uncle. It’s up to you. No matter what the case, you should give your nephew a birthday wish worth remembering.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Happy birthday nephew with cake and balloon

Happy Birthday to you Nephew

For Nephew from Aunt

You are more than a Nephew to me you are my best friend

For Nephew from Uncle

Happy are those who know you as they know an angel.

Funny Wishes 

Short Messages

Hey nephew. from deep down i want to wish you a great day

Cute Wishes 

For Older Nephew

Birthdays come and go but great people like you stay forever

For Little Nephew

For Baby Nephew

Live to below a thousand and one candles

For Beloved Nephew

For an Adult Nephew

For a Married Nephew

For Twin Nephews

For a Nephew Lives Far Away

Early Messages

Belated Messages

More Birthday Wishes for Nephew


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