Happy birthday aunt. Having a family is a blessing on this earth. There are many men, women and children who do not get to have the blessing of a family or a loving family. If you are someone who gets to have a family who cares about you, show some gratitude at the end of the day for it. You might be surprised how happy that makes you. It actually makes you happier to be gracious for the things you have then swallowed in the things you don’t. Trust me on that.

Happy birthday auntie

I used to be someone who did the latter rather than the former. Someone you can show some gratitude is your aunt. You may be surprised but Aunts usually spend a ton of time taking care of their niece and nephews. Show them some love with an awesome birthday wish. We got you covered.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy birthday Aunty

Happy birthday to you super Aunt

Birthday Wishes for Aunt from Nephew

I want you to know that you are one of the few people in my life that I trust fully. Happy birthday aunty. You are amazing.

Birthday Wishes for Aunt from Niece

Funny Birthday Wishes for Aunt

You bring meaning to my life; I have another mother in you. Happy birthday aunty, I love you.

Short Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Lovely Birthday Messages for Aunt

Day pass, years fly away but memories will forever be with me. You have been with me through every terrible and happy time. I love you

Long Birthday Message for Aunts

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Aunts

Cute Birthday Wishes and Message for Aunts


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