Happy birthday uncle. Uncles are important in our lives. They are the ones who spoil us when we are kids, listen when no one else cares and love us even though they aren’t our dads. It is important to remind them how much they mean to you, what perfect event rather than their birthdays? It is always sweet to send them a little message to appreciate them.

Happy birthday uncle

Show them how much this day not only means to them but to you also. So writing a little message may not be awesome as getting them a great gift for their birthday. But it surely puts the point across. So try it.

Happy Birthday Messages for Uncle

  • The flowers, buds, winds and stars are saying, you are sweetest more than us. Happy Birthday dearest uncle.
  • You are like a second dad to me uncle I love you so much. I wish you the best life has to offer as you grow older, may you grow wiser and happier.
  • The happiest days are here again, we will celebrate your birthday party in the season of rain. Happy Birthday my dearest uncle.
  • My growth and development without you wouldn’t have been completed. Happy birthday uncle.
  • Happy birthday uncle, may you have fun on this day. You are awesomely amazing. Happy birthday love, you deserve the best of everything.
  • You mean the world to me. You complete me with all the good words you spread, I am proud to be your niece, have a grand birthday uncle.
  • Loving you is my weakness, missing you is my hobby, playing with you is my style and caring for you is my nature. Happy Birthday my king uncle.

Happy birthday to you best uncle

  • Though we don’t have any biological relation with you but you are more than any real relation. You are my sweet uncle happy birthday.
  • You are my greatest source of advice and encouragement. Happy birthday uncle, I wish you good health.
  • You taught me that having smile all over your face every time will make life delightful, even when there is problem. That has always worked for me, happy birthday uncle, you are the best.
  • You are a blessing to us all, may you enjoy the day and everything that it has to offer. Happy birthday dear uncle!
  • You have protected me, loved me and cared for me. I can never repay you for all the joy you have brought into my life. I hope you enjoy today. Happy birthday!
  • Your fiction stories and interesting chit chat made us laugh for the hours. We do enjoy your company.
  • You are the comedy king in our family. You are simply the god sense of humor. Happy Birthday my ever sweetest uncle.

You are sweet like chocolate and caring like parents. Happy Birthday uncle.

  • You are the kind of a guardian every young growing man will pray to have. I appreciate having you around me always, happy birthday uncle.
  • The way you see and approach life is so different from the way others see it. I want to be like you uncle. Happy birthday to you.
  • Wake up uncle, it’s your birthday! I hope you get to enjoy this day. I wish you nothing but the best in all your endeavors. Be blessed and have fun.
  • It’s a beautiful day to have a celebration. It’s your birthday uncle, so be psyched you deserve the things the day has in store for you.
  • You are sweet like chocolate and caring like parents. Happy Birthday uncle.

Birthday Wishes for Uncle from Nephew

  • You are like my father, a great counselor, a marvelous teacher. It’s an honor for me to say Happy Birthday uncle.
  • Saying my birthday wishes to the most adorable uncle of the world. You always care me like a father, talk with me like a friend and get connected with me like a brother.
  • You taught me tricks on how to get any girl on campus to like me. Hahaha. It still works fine and like magic. Happy birthday uncle.
  • I surely count myself blessed. You have shown me you care for me and all that I will be. I hope you have a blast on your birthday, have it grand.

The flowers, buds, winds and stars are saying, you are sweetest more than us. Happy Birthday to you.

  • Your kind of wisdom and work ethics is desirable than wealth because with your kind of wisdom, wealth is a secondary thing.
  • Uncle, you are the most giving man I know of. You have a big heart that will conquer the hate in the world, have a good one.

Birthday Wishes for Uncle from Niece

  • Before I was this boring person, no one wants to be around me, but with your help everyone now looks for a way to associate with me, I can’t appreciate you enough.
  • Just enjoy the party of cheerful man, take few sips of wine, just put out of your mind from all the sorrows and enjoy till the end and forget all the ways of home.
  • Such a joy to see you climb through the ladder of success after all you’ve been through, I wish you more achievement as you celebrate today, happy birthday uncle.
  • If I could write about your greatness I would probably need a whole 600 pages. You are awesome uncle, I am lucky to have you in my life. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Your advice will forever stick with me. You are my mentor and I will never take you for granted, have a good birthday uncle.
  • God gifted you extra ordinary sense of humor, an amazing nature, a soften heart and gentleness. Wishing happy Birthday to you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Uncle

  • You are the kind of uncle any person will pray to have because you are always interested in buying things that will make us happy, especially chocolates and sweets. Hahaha. Happy Birthday uncle.
  • The way you live your life makes me see life in an uncommon way, you’ve never let anything weigh you down at any time, even if you consume heavy meal. Hehehe.
  • I really can’t wait till the day you’ll get married, because you’re a really bad cook. Hahaha. Employ a better cook or get married.

You are my greatest source of advice and encouragement. Happy birthday uncle, I wish you good health.

  • A man that has done so much in a so little time like you deserves every enjoyable thing the world can offer. I hope you will get so much more. Happy Birthday uncle. Have fun.
  • My dad will never stop mentioning your name whenever he’s talking to me, you’re the express image of what he wants me to become. Happy Birthday uncle. I hope I’ll be like you someday lol.
  • The impression I have about you since I was a kid has never changed a bit, you’ve never stopped to make people laugh with your funny facial expressions. Have a beautiful Birthday dear uncle.

Short Birthday Wishes for Uncle

  • I have joy within me seeing you celebrate today, may you never grow old uncle. Happy Birthday.
  • You have a good sense of rationality and excellent behavioral attitude. Happy Birthday my great uncle.
  • I cursed the day when we lost our big capital as you are. Happy Birthday Uncle, wherever you are.
  • You are more than what most men aspire to be, you are awesome in everything you do, happy birthday dear, have a grand one.
  • My life changed drastically during my last visit to your place. Happy birthday uncle.
  • Happy Birthday for the most humorous mind person. I wish you have a beautiful day.
  • On this day, I thank grandma for giving birth to you. You are a perfect uncle and I hope you have a perfect birthday.
  • You are amazing, and amazing people deserve good things. May you be rich in love.

Long Birthday Messages for Uncle

  • You are always a carefree man, even if something goes wrong, or if the heart goes astray sometimes, your happy-go-lucky heart beats go on and as noise echoed all over. I learned this way of living from you. Happy Birthday for the happiest man.
  • What an industrious man you are. You are the dream man of every lady; I hope to be like you. Have a beautiful birthday uncle.
  • We never care for you and always underestimate you, but we have realized our injustice. Sorry for all past sufferings. Let’s celebrate the party, it’s your day. Happy Birthday.
  • You showed me how to live a disciplined and principled lifestyle; it is one of the greatest wisdom I picked from you. Happy birthday uncle.
  • You are the man I look up to. The man I want to be when I grow older. I hope you have a grand bash uncle, happy birthday!
  • Favoritism creates jealousy among different people, but for me you are my favorite uncle, I love to enjoy your company and who cares who get jealous. Happy Birthday.

Many More Greetings for your Uncle

  • Your never give up and striving attitude makes you thrive wherever you go, if every young man can have that attitude, then achievements will always be endless.
  • It’s a joy and a beautiful addition to a family when there is an uncle that is ever willing to help in the upbringing of young ones. You are my best uncle. Have a beautiful birthday uncle.
  • Thank you for being the closest person to me. I can confide in you and I always feel better after you advise me. So may you have many more birthdays, I will always need you.
  • Dear uncle, this is your birthday, words alone can’t express how thrilled I am to be a part of it. So have fun and may all the joy of the world fall at your feet.
  • Uncle, you are like an energy drink, the more we drink, the more we feel energy. Happy birthday my energetic, and speed power uncle.
  • I can’t just imagine what my life would be like without you; your words are like a lamp to my feet, always guiding me aright.
  • The moment I decided to make a change for once in my life, I looked at you as the perfect model to follow and it paid off.
  • Thank you for being in my life, for being close to me and for loving me so dearly. I hope you have a blast on this awesome day. Happy born day!
  • Uncle, don’t be so lenient every time, just be bit selfish, do not listen every time to the world, sometimes listen to yourself too. With love Happy Birthday.
  • Your leadership qualities amazes me, how it flows and ooze out of you with ease, you are a born leader and you are born to rule.
  • The rate at which you attain success attracted me to you but your willingness to personally bring me up gives me an unending joy, happy birthday uncle.
  • Uncle, it’s your birthday again. You have surely grown taller, I can see that. I hope you grow in mind, body and soul. Happy birthday!
  • You make my life special as you are my mom’s brother and my sweet uncle. Celebrate the moments of your birth. Happy Birthday.
  • You are the most deserving person in our family; you hold us in our bad times and console us when we lost everything. Thanks a lot for your love, sacrifice, companionship and devotion.
  • I always wonder how a man could balance a life full of responsibility and the need to work with a life full of fun and excitement, but you did that without stress. You are a legend!
  • Happy birthday uncle. You are a very rare man, the kind everyone willing to achieve a lot want to be.
  • Thank you for being close to me, today I thank God that you are in my life uncle. You are a man most men can’t be, have fun.
  • You are sweet, polite and not forgetting handsome. Happy birthday uncle may this day bring you joy, laughter and cheer.
  • You hold my hand when my mom left the world and still you have. Happy Birthday uncle.
  • Before, I live life haphazardly but your tutelage and pep talk has raised my level of responsibility, you are one in a million, happy birthday uncle.
  • What a genius you are; you aren’t good looking and neither are you rich but every lady want to have you hahaha. I am surely coming to learn that trick.
  • I really don’t like your flirt and talkative style, but it is a part of your nature. Anyways happy Birthday and enjoy your day flirting with sweet girls.
  • To attain a good and decent lifestyle, you are the right person to look at and the right pattern to follow is seen in you. Happy birthday uncle.
  • The lilies of the valleys grow without stress, fishes don’t struggle for water in the sea, May you never struggle to attain greater heights in life as you celebrate today.
  • The constant communication I shared with you makes you the best uncle of mine. And I am so grateful for having you. Congratulations on this landmark birthday of yours.
  • I wish you always live with us, you are not bound with the age, living without you is hell. It’s difficult to spend life without you. You are very special for us. Happy Birthday.
  • May you get the best of every good thing. The best clothes the best shoes the best life. I hope you enjoy your birthday uncle.
  • Every uncle always has something not good about them when relating to their cousins, but I’ve figured you out for long and you’re without faults. Happy Birthday Faultless and adorable Uncle. Remain blessed forever.
  • I really appreciate the kind of person I am growing up to be with your endless support. Happy birthday uncle.
  • The joy of having an uncle is in knowing that there are funny and awkward issues to always discuss hehe. Uncle when was your first kiss! Hehehe.
  • Happy Birthday to you favorite uncle, your modesty will certainly attract any kind lady to you and they’ll find you irresistible. May you be blessed as you celebrate this great age.
  • May you find everything you wish while blowing your birthday cake. Uncle, only good things will locate you during and after your birthday.
  • I feel happy for your birthday just like it is mine; the reason is not far away because as my uncle, the same blood runs through our veins.
  • May your worries and troubles disappear with your new age for the heavens said so, and I am just a messenger to deliver the good news to my uncle.
  • I will prioritize your birthday above every other activity on my calendar to show you how important you are to me. Happy Birthday to you uncle.
  • Even if the heavens choose to fall or the world gets invaded by aliens, my lovely uncle’s birthday will still take place because I said so.
  • Do not worry about your birthday logistics; you have me at your disposal for the rest of today and the one after. Love you, uncle.
  • I sent a thousand roses to you in your sleep as the first gift of the day for your birthday. I can send more if you choose to sleep again.
  • I can’t forget a special day like my uncle’s birthday; only a cruel being will lose out on the event of the year.
  • You must have the best twenty-four hours of your lifetime to celebrate your birthday spectacularly. Have a beautiful day.
  • God had a perfect plan when he made you my uncle and gave you a spectacular personality as icing on the cake. Happy Birthday.
  • I do not care about how people feel about me; what I am concerned about is how to make your birthday a memorable day for you, dear uncle.


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