Happy Birthday Messages for Son

Having a son in one’s life is such a rare opportunity, why? Because only but a few have been fortunate to give birth to such a handsome and adorable creation while others wished to have one but couldn’t. Simple gestures such as simple text to your son on his birthday would be highly appreciated than expensive gifts because material things will fade off with time while a well-crafted text message or letter can linger in one’s heart for a lifetime. His birthday offers you the opportunity of expressing how grateful and enthused you are to have him in your life. There’s no excuse for a parent who forgets or fail to recognize their child’s birthday; there’re numerous messages below, pick one that best describes your thought and feelings towards your son, forward it to him and notice how glad he will be for your sincere and genuine expression of your love towards him.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Not all families are privileged to have sons; we’re grateful to have you amidst us. May you celebrate many more birthdays in good health.
  • We wouldn’t have been happier as parents if we had someone else as our son. You offer us more comfort than we’d expected in a son.
  • Happy Birthday to son, may you live to fulfill all your life goals and desires. Enjoy the day while it lasts.
  • Calling you “son” has been one of our favorite words and giving birth to you has been our most significant achievement. We wish you a Happy Birthday celebration.
  • Our son is a year older today, may the good things of life accompany the day because you deserve all the blessings of this season.
  • We always wanted a son of your type. We were delighted when our dream came to fulfillment on this day. Happy Birthday son.


Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

  • I’m delighted I carried you for nine months even though you kicked seriously hard and hurtful. You’ve grown to be a gentleman I can rely on, have a fun filled birthday.
  • I laugh at my friends who often say they’re comfortable without a son because they don’t have one; your birthday reminds me of the beautiful moments in the labor room.
  • Whenever your father is away, I miss him less because you have adopted a lot of his fatherly traits and I’m convinced that you’re growing up to be a good husband. Happy Birthday to you my handsome son.
  • I’m a fulfilled mother because I was able to give birth to a wonderful gentleman on this day many years ago. Always remember you’re the joy of your mother.
  • Men are outstanding and magnificent in every family structure. I’m a happy mother because I have you and your father as my protectors. Happy birthday to you my little man.
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Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

  • Having a son will always be a source of joy to a father; having you makes me delighted because you share some of my features. May you celebrate many more years ahead.
  • Happy Birthday son. You’re growing into a well-cultured citizen of this country. You’ve already shown us how mannered you are and I’m proud to be your father.
  • You’re a special blessing to me; I never knew fatherhood could be this interesting. You’re a son worth celebrating on his birthday.
  • Have a fulfilling and glorious birthday celebration; I’m delighted as a father for your happiness because you’ve been an upright son.
  • I said a prayer this morning to thank God for adding another year to my wonderful son. You have been the source of my joy. I’m gratified to be your father.

Happy birthday wishes for son from mom

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Whenever we get into arguments, I always laugh because I remember years ago when you were just a toddler who had no opinion. Happy birthday son
  • One cannot prejudge some things in life; no one would have expected you to look so handsome and masculine. Your birthday brought back old memories. You make your mum and I a happy parent.
  • You’re permitted to celebrate your birthday anyhow you deem fit, just don’t forget that such privileges don’t extend until tomorrow. We love you our wonderful son.
  • Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was the apple of his parent’s eyes, he added another year today, and his parents are beaming with joy.
  • Treasures are not easily identified; however, we knew you were special the moment you kept us from sleeping with your cries. We chose your birthday to tell you this, my beautiful treasure.
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Short Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Happy Birthday to one of the greatest sons alive, you’ve made us proud parents.
  • Celebrate your birthday knowing you’ve been a marvelous son to us. We love you with all our hearts.
  • You’ve enjoyed excellent progress since we gave birth to you. May you live many more years to maximize your potential.
  • We’re proud to be your parent; you’re so perfect for a son. Your birthday delights us.
  • I brag about you with my friends; there’s no man that won’t be happy to be your dad.
  • You’re one of our greatest gifts; your addition has favored our family a lot. We feel so delighted it’s your birthday.
  • May the years ahead of you be brighter than those of the past, no parent wouldn’t be glad to have you as their son.

heartfelt birthday wishes for son

Birthday Wishes for Younger Son

  • Being our younger son qualifies you for all the love and affection you can get from us. We love you so much, and we’re happy for your new age.
  • We were lucky to achieve the feat of having two sons; you being the younger should make you happy because you’re the baby of the house and be full with extreme excitement because it’s your birthday.
  • Just like your elder brother you’ve justified the importance of having a male child. We feel lucky to have you in our lives. Have a fascinating birthday.
  • We love the fact that we have two intelligent sons, just as your elder brother behaves couth we expect non-less from you. May your birthday be the beginning of a massive breakthrough in your life.
  • Your character and attributes are distinct from that of your brother, you’ve diversified our scope as a family, and how will your birthday not bring us so much joy?


Birthday Wishes for Older Son

  • You’ve been a good reference and example to your younger brother; we’re happy for the elderly traits and qualities you have portrayed. Happy Birthday to a leader in the making.
  • You can always count on us, and we’re ever ready to support you in anything you venture into, you’ve grown a year older today. Have a very happy birthday son.
  • Our eldest son has added a candle to his birthday cake, may you burn many more birthday candles in life. We’re extremely happy for you. Happy Birthday.
  • We plan on celebrating your birthday in a grand style because you’ve been an efficient son and loving elder brother to your brother and sisters.
  • Words cannot adequately express the emotions, delight, and accomplishment that we feel on your birthday; we’ve raised a son who’s a genius in the making and an excellent example to his younger brother.
  • There is this feeling that comes with wishing a very good person in one’s life and I can sense that feeling today. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday today my son. Stay blessed all through the year.
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Greatest Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Congratulations son, on the completion of another beautiful year. Keep up the pace, and the sky will only be the beginning of your success story.
  • I said a lot of prayers for you because it is your birthday, interestingly; I got quick feedback that you, my son, will make me proud someday.
  • Do not try to dodge the attention and care thrown at you later today; it is part of a parent’s duty to shower a good son like you with praise on a birthday.
  • Am I the only one feeling abnormally happy, it all started when I remembered it is my son’s birthday, so explain to me if you also feel the same way.
  • It is a great privilege by God Almighty to make me witness my son’s birthday in good health and sanity. Let’s look forward to enjoying the rest of the day.
  • All I could see in life is that it’s a normal life, not until you came around, then I was able to see something completely different, you’re a sunshine to this world. Thanks for shining my path. Happy Birthday to you.


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