Wedding Wishes and Messages for Son

There is nothing that makes one feel more blessed than seeing your child grow into a fine young adult, even better bringing home that person in their life that makes them happy. When your son brings you that daughter you’ve always hoped for him, it brings a feeling of appreciation and a deep sense of gratitude.

Congratulations my dear son. May you both stay in love forever.Wedding wishes should be in order, and the best way of doing that is by writing down some of the most beautiful unforgettable words for them that they will forever cherish and remember. Send your son one of these wedding wishes and see their confidence build up when they know you love and support their decision.

Wedding Congratulation Messages for Son

  • Oh happy day it really is, I see my son walk down the aisle to his beautiful misses, wishing you happiness, love, joy and grand kids for me. I love you!
  • Today is the day when everyone remembers the food they ate and the fun they had. But it’s for you the day when you’ll remember your love pledge to your wife. Happy married life son.
  • Wedding is all about joyful celebration while marriage comprises of joy and sorrow. Don’t be carried away with the joy and the sorrow. All you need is love. Keep this son. Happy married life.
  • Today marks a great day in your life. It’s a day you either remember and smile or remember and cry. But I’m sure you’ll always smile. Have a great wedding and marriage ahead son.
  • I have been looking forward to this day since the moment you came into this life. I hope this marriage will mean new things for you my son, congratulations!

A man without a good wife is like a seed on barren land. I hope your wife will be the best. Happy married life son.

  • Since the first time you introduced her to me, I knew she was the one from the way you looked at her. Wishing you every inch of happiness in your marriage life my son!
  • Wedding days are joyful days. I’m sure a horse will never fall inside of you today. Son, always remember that marriage is not about you but you and your family. Happy married life.
  • The speakers are about to burst into shout of music. People are about to burst into tears of joy. It’s always normal on wedding days. Happy married life son. Love you today and always.
  • Wedding day is different from married days. Your wedding is to celebrate your marriage. Son, make your wedding fruitful by making the best of your marriage. Happy wedding celebration. Remain blessed.
  • May blessing upon blessing be on you as you tie the knot today, I am proud you made the right choice with the right woman. Congratulations my son!
  • I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that the day is finally here, I hope to forever be your first lady but I know I will soon be replaced. Hearty married life my son!
  • Will you marry me? This is one of the most desperate questions. I will marry you. One of the most critical answers. But that’ll be happening today. Happy married life son. God bless your home.
  • Love is like a mango tree. It has the ripe and unripe fruits. When we wait for the unripe to get ripe, they’ll also be good. Patience is love. Patience is marriage. Enjoy it.
  • A wedding day is a day that remains forever like a birthday. All you need do is to celebrate anniversary each year. So, make your anniversary worth it. Love you son. Glad you’re getting married.
  • The road you are about to venture in is never smooth, but with the right choice, I believe it will be the most unforgettable rough road you’ll pass through. Congrats my son!
  • It’s your wedding and might I say, you look handsome my son, I fully support you in this life and hope that your Mrs. will make you happy always. Congrats on getting hitched!
  • A man without a wife is like a tree without leaves. A man without a good wife is like a seed on barren land. I hope your wife will be the best. Happy married life son.
  • And today, you’ll be saying bye to your mum and I. But that’s not a forever bye. It’s a temporary one which means you’re leaving my house forever to live with your wife forever.
  • Happy married life son. My wish is to see you next year with your bouncing baby boy and girl. I hope that’ll come to be. Have a blissful ceremony and successful marriage.
  • I may not be the best person to give you marriage advice, but I will be the right ear you can come to any time. Congratulations my son, may you make each other happy.
  • Tears fill my eyes for I have never seen a more beautiful ceremony. Wishing you every ounce of happiness in your marriage, I love you my son!
  • Falling in love isn’t much easy. Proposing to the one you love isn’t easy. Saying “I do” to the one you love isn’t easy. But marrying the one you love is the best thing.
  • It’s your wedding day today. I am the happiest mother on earth. I know you’re ripe to have a woman in your life because you’re already properly trained. Happy married life son. Love you.
  • Never allow the third party in your marriage, they will only destroy things. Make sure you settle things amicably. I bid you a successful marriage in wisdom. Happy married life son.
  • We all need somebody to hold, love and make a family with, I am happy you found each other. Congratulations on your wedding my son.
  • Sometimes in life, the woman you love won’t love you. But I’m glad both of you are madly in love with each other. Welcome on board. Youngest couple in town. God bless your new home.
  • The storm is always meant to shake one off balance. But never allow the storm to destroy the foundation of your marriage. Be strong and stay calm. Have a blissful marriage wonderful son. Will miss you.
  • When two souls are joined in pure holy matrimony, there is nothing that can separate them, wishing you the best on your wedding my lovely son!
  • Each day is a blessing with you and now, it will be a blessing for someone else too. Hearty wedding and marriage life my son!
  • It’s always good to marry one’s best friend. Marrying your best friend will make you understand your partner. Son I’m glad to have known about your love life. Happy married life.
  • A wedding day isn’t all about the feasting. It’s not about the celebration. It’s all about the joining together of two lovers who will live together forever.
  • Since the first day I laid my eyes on you, you became the most important thing to me, and now, you get to experience what we have. Congrats on your wedding my son!
  • As you walk down the aisle today, I can proudly say, I raised a man, not a boy. I am proud of you now more than ever. Congrats on your wedding my son!
  • One step at a time and you will finally reach the place you want to be. Wishing you a happy married life my son, take it slow but hope to hear of some grand kids soon!
  • Face your fears and settle your worries. Climb the mountains and calm the storms. In every area, it’s do or die. You must keep living your wife always. With love from your dad. Happy married life.
  • It’s your wedding day? I still couldn’t believe it. I’m glad I was able to raise a son who is responsible. Oh! I’m a successful father. You make me proud in all ways.
  • I will never be too far if you need me my son, she is my daughter as much as you are my son and I love you so much. Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • The possibility of this wedding working out is 100 percent. Everyone at the wedding believes in you to have a remarkable life.
  • Looking at you and your spouse, I think it’s logical to say that you will have beautiful offspring’s. Your wedding made us realize the extent of your beauty.