I remember my friend’s first heartbreak, he was so bitter with the girl that he almost changed schools. I had to take him out of beating her up or doing something nasty to her. Heartbreaks can be very painful but all I can say is; being there, seeing people heartbroken a couple of times, it all gets better.

Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-girlfriend

My friend eventually got over his ex and they even became good friends. But if asked if he wanted her back, he would quickly deny it although I am glad they buried the beef. Send one of these Valentine’s Day messages to your ex, maybe it will make things better for the two of you.

Happy Valentine’s Day for Ex-Girlfriend

  • Valentines this year will be better with us being just friends ex-girlfriend, you definitely taught me lessons I’ll never forget. Have fun!
  • I’ll always be bitter but I believe I’ll get better, have a fantastic valentine ex-girlfriend, you are still the only one that changed my soul. I hope love finds you.
  • I know we hurt each other pretty bad, but I’ll make the first step and say I am sorry and I hope you’ll enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend, you deserve better.
  • I never thought this would happen but it did, have a great and fantastic valentine my ex-girlfriend, may the past be erased for memories of tomorrow.
  • You will always be the one that got away, not because I didn’t try to make you stay, but because it seemed like you always had somewhere better to go. I hope you finally reached your destination my ex-girlfriend. Happy valentines!

Happy Valentines Ex-Girlfriend

  • Nobody can hurt me without my permission but I guess I gave you too much of me ex-girlfriend. No more from you, have a great valentine.
  • They say forgive and forget but they forget how hard it is to actually forget, I have forgiven you ex-girlfriend, but I need some time to forget, in the meantime enjoy valentines.
  • They say time is supposed to heal you and I am glad it has healed you. Have a happy valentine ex-girlfriend, I am sorry I hurt you and I am glad you moved on.
  • I know it didn’t work out between us; not because we didn’t try but because destiny had other plans for us, I am glad we are still friend’s ex-girlfriend, enjoy your valentine.
  • Although memories of us haunt me, I know it was my fault because I let you go. I hope you found a love that treats you right, have a fantastic valentine’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Each day it hurts a little less, maybe because I grow a little more. Happy valentines my ex-girlfriend, I know you’ve probably moved on by now.
  • I loved you because you were a woman who made the best out of me, I still love you and hold you in high regards, enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend.
  • I decided to destroy every bad memory of you and remain with the good ones ex-girlfriend, so you can live on in me through this valentine. Enjoy yours.
  • I’ll miss you, but I’ll be happier without you ex-girlfriend, and I am sure you will be too. Enjoy your valentine, and your life for that matter.
  • You’ll always be the one that taught me to love, that taught me how hurt feels like and the one that taught me that good things wait. Enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend.
  • This will definitely be a valentine I’ll never forget, but it will also be one where I won’t get to try so hard. Happy valentine my ex-girlfriend, you are loved.
  • You may have hurt me but don’t be too happy, I know this valentine will yield a lot of good fruits for both you and me ex-girlfriend, enjoy your valentine to the maximum.
  • Knowing you was a blessing, dating you was a mistake; I am glad we are friend’s; enjoy your valentine with a heart warm and full of love.
  • It’s another valentine dear ex-girlfriend, and unlike the last I spend it with someone new. I hope you found love to, happy valentines.
  • I could say I still love you but I don’t, I could say I like you but I am trying, just have a great valentine my ex-girlfriend, I will definitely not miss you.
  • This is all too new to me ex-girlfriend, I was getting used to your loving smile and happy tone, but I guess this was meant to happen. Have a great valentine.
  • I hope your heart has learnt to forgive ex-girlfriend, and that your soul has moved on to better days, I wish you a happy valentine, one free from me.
  • I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t nice, but I loved you dearly and that is why I let you go. Have a great valentine ex-girlfriend; I hope the tears are free from your eyes.
  • This may bring back a lot of memories, wanted and unwanted, but I had to wish you a good valentine, one where love fills the air. Enjoy ex-girlfriend.
  • I forgave the past but I still can’t forget it, enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend.

l still love. Happy Valentines Ex-Girlfriend.

  • Could say you changed me ex-girlfriend, but then I might have always been this person, I am glad you are happy with your new man, I hope he buys you valentine gifts, enjoy.
  • Before I know who I really was I needed to pass a test, you were my test ex-girlfriend, you brought out my best and worst and now I am happy enough to wish you a happy valentine.
  • Roses are red, but not all exes are blue, I hope you enjoy your valentine for the day won’t be gloom without you. Happy valentines my ex-girlfriend!
  • You are the best person this world has ever known, and I am glad you turned from my ex-girlfriend to a friend I can happily wish a happy valentine’s day.
  • Happy Valentine to the only woman who’s ever managed to steal my heart and run away with it, I hope you have a nice time as you celebrate this day.
  • Calling you my ex-girlfriend right now is so funny when we had so much planned for our future together. Enjoy your valentines, may it bring you love.
  • I learnt a lot from you, I know I might have called you some mean names when you left ex-girlfriend, but I was bitter and hurt. I hope you accept my valentine’s wishes today.
  • I can see you moved on ex-girlfriend, I want to see you happy this valentine with whomever, I hope you are past all the hurt and pain; again, I am so sorry.
  • I want you to be happy, to enjoy your valentine and to experience new things this valentine, always wishing you the best in everything even after everything ex-girlfriend.
  • I have known you for a long while now and I am still hurt by the fact that we aren’t together anymore, but I am okay with it. Enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend.
  • I tried so hard to be the one you wanted, to be the one you couldn’t be without but I guess I was just a passing glance. Enjoy your valentine ex-girlfriend; I hope you hit your stop.
  • I still had some of my best days with you, but then there the day you left me heartbroken and gloom, I hope you don’t experience that, happy valentines.
  • I am still learning to let go of all the anger and disappointment I feel towards you, but I can’t be mad all the time, enjoy your valentine’s ex-girlfriend. You are who you are.
  • If I get through today, I will get through tomorrow and I will forget yesterday, happy valentine’s ex-girlfriend, may love find a way to you.
  • Enjoy this valentine ex-girlfriend, I don’t hate you, I just admire that you had the courage I didn’t. Have fun dearest, I hope we can remain friends.
  • I really never knew love could hurt this bad, I missed you so many times that I forgot what this was all about. Wishing you a hearty valentines irregardless my ex-girlfriend.
  • Sometimes I wish we could go back to what we once were, but I guess things happen for a reason and this had its own reason. Have yourself an amazing valentine girl, you are missed.
  • May flowers and chocolates be beautiful for you today; I hope you have an amazing valentine and that you’ll finally forgive me for not being there for you. Happy Valentine!
  • Have an amazing valentine ex-girlfriend if I could turn back the hand of time and would assure you that you had my heart and I would treat you like the queen I know you are.
  • You hurt me so much, but I loved you and stuck around through most of it, I am glad we went our separate ways because I really hope you get what you deserve this valentine.
  • Valentines will never be the same without you by my side, I hope that wherever you are and with whoever you’re with, that you’ll enjoy valentines and all the good it will bring your way.
  • I could forgive you easily but I could never forget what you did, I don’t want to rehash those moments but I really pray you get what you deserve this valentine. Have a merry time.
  • Have an awesome valentine dear ex-girlfriend, you are an amazing woman and I hope we can still remain friends. Enjoy today and may you receive only the best from love.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. Only God knows best why he allowed the breakup, notwithstanding you remain one of the best females that I ever met.
  • There are many things that I regret in life, and our breakup is up on the list. Despite the disappointment, life continues, so my love for you on Valentine.


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