The best way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is with a friend, how special that makes everything!! Friends will always be with you to the very end, real friends are loyal and loyal friends are hard to find. If you have that special friend whom you know always got your back, then send them a little love message on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day dear friend

Valentine’s Day is not only for romantic love, it is for love generally; telling a friend you love them is the reason for the season. So relax and pick out one of these messages to send to your friend to remind them of how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for Friends

  • I will never be able to forget all the time we spent together and all that we shared together. May our lives get better as time goes by. Happy Valentine’s Day friends.
  • My greatest wish for the greatest friend in the history of friendship is to enjoy life and fall in love and feel really loved back. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy. Enjoy it.
  • You have been my friend for as long as I can remember and I can proudly say I am blessed to be loved by you, have a hearty valentine, I love you!
  • If I could get the kind of support and encouragement I get from you, from my parents, I would be the best student in my school. Thanks so much for everything. Happy Valentine’s Day friend.
  • Friends are life. You are my best buddy, my best partner, and my crime partner too. I love you so much. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I can truly and honestly say you have been a great friend and I love you so much, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Have a great valentine, I love you!

Happy valentines day special friend

  • My passion goes for two things in my whole life, living life to the fullest and maintaining our friendship. I really hope to enjoy more of you. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy.
  • I’ve never had a friend whom I care for so much to the point of doing anything to make him happy. I am glad to be your friend. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend.
  • How long have we been besties? It feels like forever and I am not ashamed to spend eternity with you, I love you sweetie, have a fabulous valentine!
  • You are the one who seen the truth and pain in my eyes even when I was fooling everyone else. You made my life special. You are my best friend. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • May this valentine fuel our love for each other, you are my best friend and I never want to lose you. I am lucky to have a friend like you!

the friendship remains forever

  • It’s a great privilege to be known as one of your really good friends. I hope we’ll last a lifetime. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. Enjoy this beautiful moment with loved ones.
  • Thanks for standing by me when I am unbearable, it means a world to me and I hope to pay you back somehow. Happy Valentine’s Day my good friend. Stay blessed.
  • May this valentine remind you of our bond, for forever and for the promises we made and are still keeping. I love you my friend, you are just too awesome!
  • The connection I have with you supersedes that of a friend. We’ve been through thick and thin and we are still good. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. Enjoy it.
  • I am lucky to have a friend like you, you bring out the best in me and now allow me to say I love you and hope everything goes well for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!!
  • There is one blatant truth about friendship; we all know who the true ones are. It’s a delight for me to be your true friend. Happy Valentine’s message. Enjoy yourself.
  • You are more of a sister to me and I respect and love you. Have a jolly valentine, may the day make you happy, hysterical and memorable. I will always be here for you!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet friend. I love you more than anyone. You are my best buddy.
  • Friends are more than friends in actual sense, they are family. I am glad to call you a family. May you be blessed by God. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentines my true love, you are my true love, my only love and my best friend. I love you like a sister and I never want to lose what we have!

Happy Valentine day my best friend

  • They say it takes time to build friendship, but it takes no time to connect with you because you have a golden heart. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy. Love you.
  • Expression of an in-depth love is what brings about valentine. Today I want to express a forever love to all of my friends. Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it.
  • Received the bouquet of flowers from the person you love most on a special day have put on some great feelings. Have wonderful Valentine’s Day, my dear friend.
  • Our laughs, our jokes, our smiles, our conversations, tears, memories, good and bad experiences, plans and our friendships. They are all included in my blood and soul and I can’t forget that. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.
  • Remember the first time we met? That was the moment I finally knew I have found my bestie and we will forever grow old together, have a hearty valentine my love!
  • I really wonder if you were supposed to be a spiritual doctor, because you help me overcome pain every time I undergo one. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. I love you dearly.
  • It is the day of love, and I couldn’t think of no other person to celebrate this day with, other than a friend like you. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. I am in awe of you.
  • It’s too painful to lose a true friendship than a romantic relationship. Our love and friendship are beautiful and I wish it remains forever. Wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my true friend and you followed me when I was in the darkness. Your true friendship illuminates the lights in my life. Have a wonderful day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I can’t begin to describe how lucky I feel, you have been there for me and I hope you get the best out of Valentine’s Day. I love you!

I love you

  • People look for love everywhere but I can assure them if they find a friend first in whoever it is they found it with, love will follow. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. Stay blessed.
  • Calling you a friend is an understatement, because to me you are more than a family. I appreciate your love for me. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. Remain blessed.
  • True friendship needs true friends, beyond words, beyond distances, beyond time and no doubt you are my bestie. May you have a wonderful day. With loads of Love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The day when you are not with me, I feel so sad. I don’t know why I like you so much. You are true reason of my happiness. Thanks for being with me, my buddy. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I am not afraid to shout it because I mean it, you are my best friend and I love you so much. Have a hearty Valentine’s Day my dear; you are all I need to have an unforgettable day!
  • The connection I have for you brings about pleasures and memories to treasure. May we never lose that connection. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friend. I cherish you.
  • Each time we have to talk is something magically, because of the harmony we have down to the soul. I really wish to enjoy more of this. Happy Valentine’s Day friend.
  • I just want to wish you a wonderful valentine’s day. You made my life.
  • All my beautiful dreams come true whenever I spend time with you. May you get the best of everything. I wish you a very happy valentine’s day.
  • Hope this beautiful day of sharing love filled with sweet memories and everlasting happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet friend.
  • We all want to be there where there is love; nothing else matters in the real sense because love supersedes all things. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. Have lots of fun.

happy valentine day friend

  • You are my partner in crime, my left hand man, my bro and a lot more, I hope you have an unforgettable Valentine’s today; I love you and wish you all the best!
  • Thoughts of affections fill all of our hearts when it’s time for valentine and we try to figure out who we can celebrate with. I hope to celebrate it with you friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Friends are forever, sharing life, laughter, sorrows and events. Let’s celebrate the love of friendship on this beautiful day of love. Have a wonderful life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.
  • The only way I can have fun today is to be with you, because being with you is much more than fun. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy. Enjoy it a lot.
  • You are my laughing therapy. When I am sad you are always there for me and all my tensions flee. Having a true friend like you is the blessing really. Have a great day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Love thrives with day to day talking, caring for each other, support and sharing sorrows and happiness. Our love of friendship is the love of our lives. I miss you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Whenever I see your adorable smile, I fall in love with you. You are my best partner, my best buddy. Have a wonderful evening of love. Celebrate it. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Another valentine with my goofy bunch, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you for being a friend I can count and rely on, wishing you an awesome valentine. I love you.
  • This day is definitely better with you around, you are my forever and I hope you have a fantastic time as you celebrate valentine’s lad!
  • Thank you for being a friend I can count on, you always make my days’ worth while and I cannot imagine spending valentines with anyone else apart from you my dearest.

Our friendship is strong despite the challenges of life happy valentines day

you are not only my friend but my role model too

  • I hope you have an awesomely epic valentine my dear friend, you deserve love and more poured onto you today, I hope our friendship never dies, I love you.
  • Friendship is the wondrous work of God. We must cherish it and uphold its standard. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. Have fun with your loved ones.
  • I may never be the best, but with you, I know I can be myself and you can see through my flaws, I love you, have great Valentine’s Day!
  • I knew I was incomplete and I also knew I needed someone to complement me. Thanks for adding values to me. Happy Valentine’s Day friend.
  • All my days bloom and nights shine just because of you, my dearest best friend. Your friendship and love is everything for me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Have an unforgettable Valentine’s my love, you have the best heart and I wish I could be more like you. Love you to the moon and back my best mate!

happy valentines day with beautiful heart

  • Have a hearty valentine my dear, you have been such a great friend and I know my life would definitely be different without you by my side!
  • You are my best friend and there is no one I would rather spend valentines with. I love you sweetie, may we grow old side by side.
  • This valentines will definitely be the best I’ve ever had with you dear friend. You mean so much to me and sharing the day with you is the perfect meaning to it.
  • Happy valentine’s my friend, near or far, wherever you are, you remain the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you!
  • Love and friendship go side by side but the friendship remains forever and Love ends. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dearest buddy.
  • I always think about you. You are not only my best friend but my role model too. I love you, brother. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You will always and forever be in my heart where you belong dear friend. Happy valentines, always thinking of you!

happy valentines day love love love

  • You are my crazy friends, and in the spirit of valentine we are going to enjoy this valentine with song and dance! We shall make the most out of this day!
  • I love you my dear friend, you make life happy for me, I would love to appreciate you this valentine and make sure we celebrate it like it’s heaven on earth!
  • I fell in love with you because you made each day a day worth celebrating and enjoying I do hope you have a good time as you celebrate valentines my dear lovely friend.
  • They say “a friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you”, thank you for accepting me and for loving me harder each valentine that passes. I love you all so much!
  • I love you and want to share the spirit of valentine with you because you are my squad and my closest friend. Have an epic day and may everything fall in place today!
  • I love you my dear friend, enjoy valentine’s day with your family, relatives and all those people you hold dearest, don’t forget to tell them that you love them so much!
  • Have a fantastic valentine my lovely friend! You deserve nothing but the best, the best of chocolates, roses and everything my dears, I hope you enjoy the day to the fullest!
  • May this valentine be as blessed as I feel when I have you to rely on; you are my shoulder when I get down and the only people who can lift me up. Have a fantastic day!
  • For once in my life, I truly believe, I have found people who completely turn my world around, thank you for being my friend. Have a hearty Valentine’s Day dear!
  • Friendship is like gold. Its value stands the test of time. Relationships are like cell phones. There will always be another, better one. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Like a love story, we’ve had our ups and downs, and twists and turns, but in the end I keep coming right back to you. I hope that we’ll keep writing our love story together, all the way up to our happy ending.
  • To a friend who practically lives in my home, eats my food, and wears my clothes. I can’t complain about you because I do the same things. You’re pretty much my family, and I know that I can count on both of us to eat a pound of Valentine’s Day chocolate together. Happy Valentine’s!
  • Since Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers but for people that share true love; therefore, it is my responsibility to commend you for being a good friend.
  • Our friendship is strong despite the challenges of life, so I foresee us still being close allies forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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