A step mom is your second mom. An angel sent by your mom, dead or alive to take care of you and your dad. Such people come selflessly into our lives to take care of us and act as the mother’s we have lost permanently/temporarily. When it comes to their birthday it is always nice to send them a little message.

Happy birthday stepmom

A wish, before they have those birthday pancakes we love to make them. Let’s look at some examples of messages we can send them so make them feel special and to say thank you for being there for us. Here they are.

Birthday Messages for Stepmom

You made our home lively and lovely and spread the colors of love in our desolate home.

To me, you are my mother no matter the circumstance. I love you so much and I wish you the best birthday ever.

Dear stepmom. You are the rarest kind of human to live with, because you have the largest kind of heart. Happy birthday.

step mom. always considered to be a wicked, greed or evil but you are opposite from all these features


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