Godfathers are the guardians gifted to us by our parents when we are born, they may be the cool parent we tell everything regardless of how bad it may sound. Godfathers are heaven sent, they are reliable, fun to be around and care for us more than we can imagine. During their birthdays it is important to share with them for as they grow older the wiser they get and the happier they are being blessed enough to watch us grow older.

Cute Happy birthday to the best godfather ever

Godfathers deserve the best birthday surprises and a message along with that special gift goes a long way in showing your appreciation to them for being in your lives. Send your godfather one of these messages to make them enjoy their birthday in a way they can’t forget no matter how old they get.

Happy Birthday Messages for Godfather

Not everyone has a godfather and not everyone has a godfather as cool as you! You’re the best!

I know that technically you are my godfather but in all honesty, i feel like my uncle. A cool uncle when we link up, we have a ton of fun.

Happy birthday


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