Thank you messages are sent to show appreciation for something good someone has done for you during a time that is special to you, for this instance, for remembering you during your birthday. During your birthday I am sure a lot of people sent you messages and sweet wishes, why not thank these people for showing you that you are on their mind during each and every moment of your life.

Thank you for the birthday wishes

A note of thanks really shows how much you appreciate what they got you and the beautiful wishes that those that love you sent to you. Gratitude is a gesture that can be best expressed using words. Words are the best way of showing emotion in each and every way. Here are some messages of gratitude you can send to them, to show that you received the wishes and that you loved the thought they put into them.

Thank You Notes for Birthday Wishes

Whatever you have done for me on my birthday, my heart and soul can feel it. Thank you for being so nice to me.

thank you so much for being a part of my special day. your birthday wishes mean a lot to me.

Your message to me on my birthday is the one I have to read several times because it looked so beautiful and it gladdens my heart so much. Thanks a lot.

I want to say thanks. your lovely words and beautiful message made my day beautiful


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