Top 100+ Birthday Wishes for Someone Special Far Away

Just because you aren’t near the special person celebrating their birthday, that doesn’t give you the right to forget about them. When you are far away and you can’t make it to their birthday party, a message can put a smile on their face for you. Birthday messages to those closest to you, but physically not near you can help turn their birthdays into unforgettable moments.

Happy Birthday. Sending you lots of Love.

So no matter who they are to you, birthday wishes & messages from all those closest to them means the world to them. Here are some long distance birthday messages you can send to that special someone on their special day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Far Away

  • Happy Birthday! I may not be here to celebrate with you, but I’m sending all my love from afar.
  • No matter we are far but you have a special place in my heart. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • I can’t believe I am not close enough to give you a huge kiss and wish you a happy birthday. Accept my distant wishes with a sincere heart. I love you sweetheart, you are on my mind.
  • Close your eyes, open your inner mind, and let your imagination be real, I am there with you in my heart, just connect with me. Happy Birthday.
  • To the beautiful far away princess, Happy Birthday darling, you make my life complete, we couldn’t be together now, but I hope you receive my warm wishes.
  • It’s hard to be away because I miss special people like you. I love you dear and I wish you a wonderful birthday.

Wherever you live, near or far, here or there. I always wish you all the very best in your life.

  • Today is a really big day in the history of the beautiful people because we celebrate the most beautiful of them, unfortunately I won’t be there, but I hope you will have a beautiful day.
  • Wherever you live, near or far, here or there. I always wish you all the best in your life. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • Even though the distance between us grows high, the love between us never stopped growing too. May you have a joyful life as you celebrate this golden age.
  • I may not be physically there but whenever you need me I will always be here for you. Receive my far away birthday wishes, for they are just for you.
  • I wish I can be with you now, but distance is an enemy. I really hope you will have a splendid celebration.
  • I would have teleported to your current location to celebrate your birthday with you, but since it is impossible, I count on you to make the best use of the day. Happy Birthday.
  • Lots of wishes and love are coming on your way to make your day special. A warm hug and sweet kiss from the distances. Have a wonderful day, sweetheart.
  • All my care, all my love, and all my wishes are for the person who is sitting miles away. I wish I were there or you were here to celebrate your birthday without fear.
  • Your heart is pure and your intentions clean, I can’t believe I won’t be at your birthday party, but I hope we can throw one when I get back. Until then I love you.
  • You have been settled in your life and since you are very far away to me, but for me, you are very close and live in my thoughts, whether you keep me in your mind or not. Stay blessed.
  • Happy Birthday to you. Wish to see you delightful on your birthday that’s all I want.
  • I know how seriously you take your birthdays, I am just sorry I couldn’t be there. I will make it up to you though love, I miss you.
  • I do hope you will have an amazing time celebrating your special day without me by your side; remember to call me anytime you want. Have a sweet day good sister.

It's hard to be away because I miss special people like you. I wish you a very happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life, even though I am away from you, I want to wish you all the very best that life can offer. Happy Birthday brother.
  • I can’t believe I miss the chance to see my little girl turn a new age, I miss you so much darling, and I wish I could be there, whether 8,80 or whatever age you’re turning, you will always be my little girl.
  • All of my thoughts are with you and I really do hope I could have the opportunity to be there with you on your happy day. Even though I’m not there, have a splendid birthday.
  • I really can’t contain the feeling of staying so far away from you for too long, but the end result will favor us both. Happy Birthday my love, enjoy every bit of it.
  • May only good things happen to you dear, I may be far but my thoughts are with you as you celebrate another year of life today.
  • I don’t know, Should I scare or not whether you miss me or forget me due to long distances. But I have a strong trust in my love, it cannot be easily ignored. Happy Birthday to you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Far Away

  • I hate that I am too far from you; it is not because I am happy for your new age but for the free food and fun so do not get too excited.
  • Blow your birthday cake while I laugh from afar because a time will come when you will need the fire service to help you.
  • I might be far away but I know your age and wish that you stayed alive until you are too old to visit a restroom without help.

I hate that I am too far from you; it is not because I am happy for your new age but for the free food and fun.

  • I was not happy at my location until I remembered you; nothing is funnier than being in a gathering where others are present to celebrate your shorten lifetime.
  • My calendar still remembers you and your birthday. Make me a promise that the candles on your cake will reflect your true age.
  • Distance is not a factor for missing your birthday; you are aging so fast, and I Don’t want my youthful looks make you sad.

Happy Birthday for a Friend far Away

  • Time flies really fast, just like yesterday when we were together, now you are celebrating your golden jubilee. The distance will affect my presence at your party, but I do hope you enjoy it.
  • Right now I am not with you but this time, I can feel I must be with you to make your birthday special, distances do not allow us to do so. Happy Birthday my best friend.
  • Happy Birthday to you my dear friend, you are a special person with a special birthday that lets me thank the Lord for you. Love you always and forever, enjoy your day dear.
  • We may be far apart to each other but whenever I close my eyes I feel you are here in proximity. Many warm wishes for you on your special day.
  • Every day with you is more amazing than the last, but unfortunately, I am far from you on your birthday but bear in mind that you are on my mind. Have the best time dearest friend.
  • Distance cannot be a reason for me not to celebrate your birthday with you. I hope you feel my presence through this little message. Have a great time dear.

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Birthday Wishes for Far Away Love

  • It is really hard to continue staying here without your presence but I am only able to continue because you gave me the inspiration. Happy Birthday my love.
  • True love never cares about distances. It grows on and on no matter where it is positioned. I wish you all the happiness and joy in your life. Have a great birthday.

I may be far but you're not. You are in my heart, soul and mind.

  • Nothing can take your place in my heart, not even this unwanted distance. May you have everything your heart desire on a beautiful day like this. Happy Birthday..
  • The most painful thing when your loved one is not with you on your birthday, I wish distances would soon be reduced and we again celebrate the birthday party.
  • Since you are far away but have one satisfaction that we are under the same sky. Have a delightful life.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  • Happy Birthday boyfriend. I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to your party, the long distance is killing me and I am so sorry I can’t do anything at the moment. I promise to make it up to you.
  • When two people care and really love one another dearly, distance is really not a thing to worry about. Even though we’re far apart I want to wish you a very happy birthday.
  • Long ago I left the country, but you always in my heart because you’re my favorite person. May all your dreams come true and many happy years. Have a beautiful celebration my boyfriend.
  • It has been a long time since the last time I see you, but I think of you every day. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • From a distance you receive my best wishes for your birthday: you have a full day of joy and nice surprises. Have a wonderful day.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  • Happy Birthday my girlfriend, sorry I couldn’t make it for your birthday. I may be far but you’re not. You are in my heart, soul and mind. May you grow wiser, healthier, wealthier and more amazing.
  • Happy Birthday. I am sorry for the long distance. I love you, blow those candles out, you will see me cheering you on.

I think of you every day and I wish you a very happy birthday.

  • I can’t tell you how sorry I am to be missing this day with you, but I can tell you this, you are strong, beautiful and amazing and I love you very much. Enjoy your day, I love you girlfriend.
  • In my heart today, it feels like there is a void in there which is caused by the distance. I hope to be there with you today, but my absence won’t mean a boring birthday.
  • The only wish I have for you today is to have a joyful celebration. Even though I’m not there to congratulate, may all of your hidden wishes come to pass.

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Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • We are connected with the string of memories and mean a lot to each other, no distance is too far which could make us alienated. Have a wonderful day.
  • Distance is not an obstruction to relationships; it is just a test to measure the strength of a bond. Happy Birthday, I celebrate with you on your birthday from miles away.
  • This distance can’t prevent me from sending all my love to you on this special day. Do have a happy day my dear husband!
  • Despite the fact that we are far away from each other, today, I wish that you enjoy the happiest birthday in the world. Congratulations dear.
  • Dear, may this wish get to you as a warm hug. Know that I am sending good energy and wishing you Have a wonderful day.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • I miss you so much it hurts, Happy Birthday my dear wife, this will have to do for now. As you turn a new age I hope you know that I will always have your back, I support you.
  • Happy Birthday to my cherished wife, I wish I could be there to run things with you but endeavor to have maximum fun.

Happy Birthday with balloon

  • Circumstances may have pushed me far from you, but your birthday still means so much to me. Have a great birthday dear, you are on my mind.
  • As you mark this special day, may the most you imagined and wished for become the least you will achieve. Enjoy this blissful day.
  • Being quite distant but overflowing with care, I wish you many more blissful years. Have a beautiful celebration.

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For a Son Who Lives Far Away

  • I wish I am there with you, to give you a very big hug and to shower kisses upon you, the distance won’t let me, still I’m sending you the best of wishes. Have a sweet day son.
  • May today be historic in your life as you celebrate your happy day, may you find peace in every corner of life. Happy Birthday to you son.
  • I am so sorry that I can’t attend your birthday party; you are on my mind and in my thoughts, have the best time as you celebrate another year of life my dear.
  • Blow out those candles for me, I may be far but you are never far from my thoughts. I love you and wish you the very best as you start a new journey of a new age.
  • I may not be near but please accept my heartfelt wishes. Happy Birthday to you son, you are always on my mind.

For a Daughter Who Lives Far Away

  • Wherever you live, near or far, wishing you on your birthday always is on my top priorities. Have a blissful life and secure future.
  • You mean a lot to me and distances cannot even have the power to make our relation fragile. Wish you a blasting birthday daughter.
  • Happy Birthday daughter. You are not alone, and even though we’re far apart, I am there with you. May you have a fun filled celebration.

I am here and you are there. I wish you happy birthday.

  • I know sorry isn’t enough to show you that I really feel terrible for not being part of your birthday, but accept my warm wishes and know they are from my heart. I love you!
  • Even though I won’t be able to come to your birthday because of the barrier of distance, my heart prays for you to find fulfillment in your new age.

Long Distance Birthday Messages

  • You might be miles away, but I remember you like I see you each day of every week. I could not have forgotten your birthday. Hurray to you.
  • Do you know that today’s birthday will be the beginning of the unimaginable expansion in your life, you might be far away, but my prayer will locate you.
  • Since you are far away from my eyes but nearer to my heart beats. Your love thrives in my thoughts and it is impossible to forget you on your special day.
  • This long distance is killing me but it hasn’t won yet, I promise to make it up to you for missing the day. I miss you so much and there is nothing I want more than to be there, happy born day dear.
  • I can’t hide the fact that I miss you every day, I miss every whisper and every sound; I wish you were here with me on your special day.
  • As far as I am from you today, may sorrow and sadness be far away from you. May you live long to fulfill your purpose for existing. Have a lovely day sir.
  • Valuing every moment life gives us to be together is essential, because we can be apart any time. I never imagined I’ll be this far away from you on a day like this. Have an awesome day.
  • Just take a long breath, feel the softness of breeze and listen carefully what the wind is whispering, then you are able to hear the birthday message from your far away friend. Have a gorgeous day, my friend.
  • Congratulations on attaining a new height of success may your new age be your best you have ever lived. I wish we were not so far apart.
  • You do not know how I would be with you to celebrate your birthday in a big way. You’re the best aunt of all. Have a good time.
  • The bond of relationship is not even so weak that can be brittle by distances, the love and wishes of kin on your special day are your strength. Have a good time.
  • Distance means nothing when it comes to our bond. Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing we could be together to celebrate. Happy Birthday.
  • To my dear friend far away, happy birthday! Distance can’t keep us apart on your special day.
  • Wishing you a happy birthday from miles away! Celebrate big, and know that I’m thinking of you.
  • Happy Birthday. Distance can’t stop me from sending you all my love and best wishes.

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