A birthday message for that special friend, brother, sister, wife, cousin or anyone in your life brings joy to them in more ways than one. 26 is the age where a lot of good things happen to a lot of good people, it is the age where success is seen and where one grows feeling lucky and blessed when they have that someone who cares for them.

Happy 26th birthday. i wish you all the best.

Send a birthday wish to that awesome 26 year old and see a smile form on their faces, a smile hard to ever forget from that very day. Here are some birthday messages that you can send to your new 26 year old.

Birthday Messages for 26-Year-Olds

  • Another year with you is more than I would have ever hoped for, happy 26th my darling, you make me smile every time!
  • Be more fearless today than you were yesterday for today you start a new chapter of a new age. Happy 26th dear, may you live long!
  • Happy 26th Birthday my dear, you are the most amazing person I have met so far and the fact that I share this special day with you makes me feel so lucky. Enjoy your plus one!
  • Fear should have no place in the heart of a 26-year-old man, don’t give in to it for a second. Get up and go for what you want. Have a great year birthday.
  • There’s no perfect sunshine without a rain, after all the challenges, I wish your 26th Birthday will bring you to the perfect sunshine of your life.
  • The whole world can see how well you’ve grown in wisdom and in its proper execution. Thanks to God for making you witness your 26th Birthday. Happy Birthday son.
  • 26 years ago, a star was born. 26 years later, the star is you. Happy 26th Birthday to you.

Be more fearless today than you were yesterday for today you start a new chapter of a new age. Happy 26th dear, may you live long!

  • No gift will be enough to appreciate all the things you have done for me. I am so grateful for your love and support all these years. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • A prosperous and joyous life awaits you as you draw close to 30. I pray you make the best out of it. Happy 26th birthday.
  • If age was a blooming flower, you would be blooming your 26th, happy birthday my beautiful soul mate, I am glad fate brought us together!
  • Your kind heart and good grace make you the best giver I have ever known, may you never have a doubtful day. Have a fun 26th!
  • May your 26th birthday make you the happiest person alive, may it bring you 26 times of everything and much more. I love you.
  • It’s the perfect time to go after those things your heart yawn after; don’t settle for nothing less on your age number 26. Best of luck. Happy 26th Birthday.

Your kind heart and good grace make you the best giver I have ever known, Have a beautiful day.

  • Numbers count, but age is not in numbers, it’s in how much you’ve actually grown in your mental strength. No better age than 26 to start something great. Happy Birthday.
  • It’s of a great need to know how to handle the pressure that comes with the age; you must live up to it to enjoy it. Go have the best fun for the 26th birthday.
  • Close your eyes, make a wish and watch it become a reality. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!
  • Life is an adventure, 26 indicates progress. May you experience success in all your endeavors in the coming years. Happy 26th birthday.
  • On this your special day, you deserve nothing but fun, excitement, and love. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day.
  • Happy Birthday my darling 26 year old, not a day passes by that I am not thankful to have you in my life, live, love and be happy. Have a beautiful day.
  • I love you so much sis, you make the days heartier; have a grand 26th birthday dear, you are someone very special to me.
  • 26 already! Time really does fly, I hope I never miss a single moment of your happiness and joy, I love you lots!
  • Be of a great mind in other to see opportunity everywhere, also learn to play and have fun when need be and then your 26th year will be an awesome year.
  • At 26, the kind of life you imagine will never be in the hands of just anyone other than yourself. Keep it intact and work towards it. Happy Birthday.
  • As much as you protect your life, protect your dreams, they’ll actually form your life on the long run, at 26 you must chase your dream harder. Have a blissful day.
  • As you mark 26, may all your dreams come true. May all that you wish for become a reality. Happy 26th Birthday.
  • Cheers to your new age. It’s an opportunity to explore life better. Happy 26th birthday.
  • Look at your past; it brought you to where you are today. Think about your future and work hard to achieve the things that you want. Have a beautiful birthday.

May your day be filled with god’s goodness

  • Wow! It’s been almost three decades of being on earth for you living a life of excellence. May the future bring better things to you. Happy Birthday.
  • You make me sing with joy every time I think of you, and right now I think of you most for my wishes to you are abundant. Love you beautiful 26 year-old!
  • You have made me laugh for 25 years and today, you add another year full of laughter. Happy 26th, you are the reason I smile most times.
  • Music does you good; sing for joy for today you dance to your plus one. Happy 26th birthday darling, I hope you have fun!
  • I’m glad you’ve now grown enough to stop getting lessons from me on how to go about everything. But I’ll still be your boss anyway. Heheheh. Happy 26th Birthday friend.
  • May your 26th Birthday bring positive dynamicity into your life. Happy Birthday wife, I have no gift for you because I’m your gift and you already have me. Have a lovely day.
  • Your birthday is the perfect time to wish you favorite memories, dreams, and goals that bring happiness. Happy 26th birthday.
  • You are a superstar; an awesome personality full of great potentials. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!
  • At this age, it doesn’t get easy, if I tell you otherwise I’ll be lying, you must be ready more than ever before, that’s what it takes to be Happy. Happy 26th Birthday.
  • It seems your head keeps getting big as you age, at 26 your head is like that of big show, how will it be when you clock 50. Heheheh. Enjoy your 26th Birthday.
  • Remember these three words at this age, work! Work! And work! Don’t ever do a day without it, work on yourself and you might be greater than you think. Happy 26th Birthday.
  • Words cannot express how joyful I am celebrating another year of your life with you. I wish you good health, long life, and prosperity.
  • You are a person I hold dear in my heart, a friend I respect, and a man I admire. Happy 26th birthday, enjoy life!
  • No one has ever been this awesome. In all my years of knowing you, you have been a special, loving and caring friend. Happy 26th Birthday to you!
  • Happy Birthday. I wish you happiness, not just on this day alone, but all through the rest days of your life. Have a lovely day.
  • May all your dreams come true, may all your hard work reward you and May success never elude you. Happy 26th birthday.
  • You are one of the most brilliant men I’ve met, 26 will definitely suit you well. Have fun as you celebrate another intellectual year lass.
  • You are the bravest person I know of, you never let your size stop you from achieving big things, happy 26th birthday my skinny friend, I hope the cake makes you fat.
  • My general complement for you is that you’ve done excellently well so far and at this age of 26, I believe there’ll be more to do. Enjoy your birthday.
  • Being the company’s CEO at 26 wouldn’t be a bad thing, your works are there and they speak for you. Patience is key, and you’ll be there soon. Enjoy your 26th year
  • Happy Birthday to you. I always think of you in a special way, and I wish you the best things in life today and every day.
  • It’s your special day. I wish you all the best and many more birthdays to come. Happy 26th Birthday.
  • Despite the fact that all the love in your heart shifted to something else, your family won’t ever forget to celebrate you on your birthday. Enjoy your 26th Birthday.
  • Happy 26th birthday to the only one I’ve chosen in this journey of my wonderful life. You’re worth journeying with in every way, I celebrate you.
  • It’s your special day but it’s my gift to have you in my life, Greater things are out there waiting for you. I wish you many more years beyond the present 26.
  • As you celebrate your birthday, may the angels visit you with 26 blessings. Happy 26th birthday.
  • It’s your birthday, count your blessings, not your mistakes, count your success, not your failures. You have a lot to gain from life. Happy 26th birthday.
  • Life is beautiful and so does attaining new heights. As you attain this new age, may you experience overwhelming success. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!
  • Today, you are a year older in experience and knowledge. May you experience joy and love all through the rest days of your life.
  • Reach for the Peak, work hard to achieve your dreams, your life has just taken a phase. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!
  • All eyes are definitely on you today, it’s a new day for us, but a new age for you, happy 26th birthday dear, have a happy time!
  • Your nature makes me want to know you more, so I can be the only one you can really talk to and communicate with. Have a great 26th birthday, may it open closed doors.
  • Even though you’re 26 today, numbers appear to tell all the lies when comparing your achievements to those numbers. It’s simply impossible to compare. Have a lovely celebration great one.
  • I barely know you with a woman, its high time you light up the light of your love; you’re due for that son. Happy 26th Birthday. Enjoy every bit of greatness.
  • I couldn’t imagine life without your beautiful face and that is why I thank God for you each and every day. Have a beautiful birthday, I love you!
  • Happy Birthday here is me wishing you a life full of joy, peace, and prosperity. Have fun!
  • There are many days and many things that you can achieve. This is just the beginning of wonderful things to come. Happy 26th birthday.
  • You are the world’s most awesome person I know at 26. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Time is precious but yet so limited, 26 is an age to take charge of your own life and be responsible for everything that happens in it. Have a fruitful year.
  • I can’t count the times you’ve been there for me, now I make the same promise to you, as you turn 26 have no fear, I’ll be there every step of the way.
  • Have a great and awesome birthday, you are a man worth admiration and I respec you a lot. Enjoy each gift this day brings, hearty birthday!
  • I thank God that I am able to see you turn a new age with that same old hearty smile. I love you so much, have a hearty 26th birthday!
  • God bless you always with wisdom, understanding, and prosperity. You have been a wonderful person to work with. Enjoy this day with a lot of smiles and love. Happy Birthday, 26-year-old!
  • You are still looking like a sixteen-year-old. Wonderful how life is beautiful with you in it. I will always be there when you need me. Happy 26th Birthday. May your dreams come true.
  • Thank you for your love, time and support. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Happy 26th Birthday to you.
  • Thanks for supporting me and for taking your time with me, you are a great person, and I am honored to be celebrating you today. Have an enjoyable birthday!


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