Happy 29th Birthday Wishes and Messages

A new age for that special friend, for that special person, that brother or sister, wife, husband or cousin should be celebrated in the best way ever. Birthday messages are a great way to wish that special someone a happy time as they celebrate their new age. 29 is a special age, the age right before the noticeable 30.

Happy 29th birthday to you

Sending an unforgettable message to that special someone is one of the best ways of making sure that someone never forgets that you were part of their 29th birthday. Send one of these beautiful messages to that special someone to show them your love and care for them.

Happy 29th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 29th Birthday, sweetie. Age is just a number you don’t look a day older than 25.
  • Happy 29th Birthday my dear, it’s a beautiful day to celebrate you.
  • It’s your 29th birthday; I can’t start to describe how happy I feel to be part of the day. Thank you for being a reason that I smile.
  • Happy 29th Birthday. I wish you a long life full of fun and a lot of great memories.
  • Happy 29th Birthday love, you are growing older, wiser and heartier and I love it. May you be more than you are, I love you so much!
  • You always have the best birthday I bet 29 won’t be exceptional, live long, love hard and most of all enjoy each day as it comes!
  • I feel happy that I am part of your 29th birthday, I hope you make the last year of being in your 20’s unforgettable, I love you!
  • May your 29th birthday be more jovial than the last, take the day off and have fun as you celebrate this new awesome age!
  • All the words in the cards can never describe how happy you make me feel. Have a hearty 29th birthday dear, may you live long!

Happy 29th Birthday. I wish you a long life full of fun and a lot of great memories.

  • You are my longtime friend; you’ve made everything heartier, happier and more fun. I am glad to be sharing in your 29th birthday, I hope you have fun this time!
  • Just as grass grows on the field, my love for you grows forever and I hope it will never stop. Happy 29 Birthday to the best partner.
  • Happy 29th Birthday dear son. May your new age be a blessing to you and everyone around you.
  • They said you’re 29 today, please are you really 29 or 92 because you look like an old man already. Hehehe. May you reach that age by God’s grace.
  • 29 suits you well, it makes you blush more, laugh more and definitely live more. I am glad to be part of your 29th birthday dearest!
  • 29 candles shining bright! Here’s to a year that’s as awesome as you are. Happy 29th Birthday!
  • May 29 be the age you discover new things about yourself, may you have fun and mostly, may you achieve all your dreams and ambitions.
  • Happy 29th Birthday nephew. I wish you a prosperous life journey.
  • Whenever you look to the front or to the back in search of strength, I want you to know that your family is here for you with boundless store of strength. Happy 29th Birthday son.
  • May your 29th birthday be filled with lots of good times and memories. You deserve the best and I hope you get it as you celebrate another year of life!
  • Wishing you a fantastic 29th birthday filled with joy, adventures, and all the things that make your heart dance. Have a blast!
  • I can never fully repay you for all the good things you have done to me, but I can definitely wish you a splendid and spectacular 29th birthday, have fun.
  • Happy 29th Birthday to you dear brother, may your days be enriched with riches of Solomon and full of glories that you’ve never seen before.

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Beautiful happy 29th birthday card

  • Happy 29th Birthday my sister, you have been there for me through good and bad and I hope I can return the favor. Know you can always count on me anytime.
  • May your 29th birthday be filled with happy surprises: may you fall in love, have fun and make new memories, remember, you turn 29 once in a lifetime!
  • Happy Birthday to the incredible soul celebrating 29 years. May this day be filled with love and all the joy your heart can hold.
  • May today be the greatest day in your life, may you have fun and feel the good things 29 has to offer, I love you daughter, you make me proud.
  • You always have a smile on your face even when times get really tough, I admire that and I wish I could be more like you. Enjoy your birthday!
  • The older you get the wiser you become, I can definitely see something great and wonderful in you and I know 29 will unlock doors unknown. Have a great birthday love!
  • Already 29, time really does fly fast, I hope I never miss a moment of your awesomeness; you are loved, appreciated and important in our lives!
  • Happy Birthday darling. You have done a lot of good in the 29 years you’ve lived, I hope you live longer we have not had enough of you.
  • Happy 29th Birthday brother, my prayer for you is that you’ll find the key to success and may no one have the ability to change the lock. Have plenty fun.
  • Happy Birthday. It’s your day to shine, wishing you a year filled with blessings, growth, and endless reasons to smile. Make it unforgettable!
  • Don’t ever forget that this is your life and even though you’re still young, it can end at any time. Do get serious at everything you do. And success is near. Happy 29th birthday to you!
  • Happy 29th birthday my love, you are a great addition in my life, I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. Have a great birthday now and always.

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Happy 29th Birthday. Age is just a number you don’t look a day older than 25.

  • Happy 29th Birthday. Have fun my dear you are an awesome friend and an important addition to my life!
  • Happy 29th Birthday niece. May this birthday fill you with so much love, joy and cheer, may you never luck and may you always have. Have a hearty birthday!
  • Wishing the happiest 29th birthday to someone who makes the world brighter! Enjoy every moment!
  • I am glad to see you growing older than yesterday, have a hearty birthday dear, may your 29th birthday be filled with all the happiness and love in the world.
  • Happy 29th Birthday! You’re entering this year with wisdom and grace. Here’s to a journey filled with endless opportunities, cherished moments, and all the happiness in the world.
  • Life doesn’t end when you don’t have it all figured out at 29, it just often get better. Don’t ever give up on trying your best, that’s your most important hope. Happy birthday, 29-year-old!
  • I watched you as you have grown up, now you are a 29-year old that I am proud to be associated with. May you live long my dear, I love you!
  • Sending you the happiest wishes on your 29th birthday! May this year be a canvas of wonderful experiences, beautiful moments, and dreams fulfilled.
  • For any elderly person who feels it is easy to be a 29-year-old man, they should try jumping up and down. Hehehe. It’s not actually easy. Enjoy your youthfulness boy.
  • Happy 29th! Another year, another chance to conquer the world. Enjoy every second of it!
  • I may not have known you for very long, but as much as I can tell, you are a worthwhile friend and a great person, have a fantastic birthday!
  • Happy 29th Birthday! It’s your time to shine brighter than ever. Here’s to embracing new adventures, reaching new heights, and making every moment count.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2024