Happy birthday wife. If you are a husband who has enjoyed the company of beautiful women, then you know what it’s like to have the woman of your dreams. You are her rock, her tree, while she is a tempest of wild emotions. Having a woman in your life as your wife, as like having a second in command of a ship.

Happy birthday to the woman who gave meaning to my life. my wife.

It is an amazing feeling to have a partner that you love and desire. If your wife is celebrating her birthday, give her a romantic birthday wish to capture the love both of you share.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

To my wife. happy birthday my heart.

Happy birthday my lovely wife.

Charming Birthday Wishes for Wife

For the wife who strives everyday to keep us always together and fill our hearts with love, joy and happiness

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

My wife, my love: you saw what I could be and not what I am. You make me a better man, I love you so much honey

Short Birthday Wishes for Wife

Happy Birthday

Cute Birthday Wishes for Wife

happy birthday with cake


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