Birthday parties are important for any person. Some people may say they don’t like their birthdays but when they are remembered they feel special. As a grandparent, birthdays are awesome for you, you get to remind your grandchild how much you love and care for them. Grandsons can be a handful at times, but they always take to you.

Happy birthday grandson. you are awesome.

They usually visit and show love and care. It is only fair to return the favor. You can write little birthday wishes to your grandson to show them you remembered, that will surely impress them. Here are some examples of messages you can write to them.

Best Birthday Messages for Grandson

Happy birthday to the best grandson

my dearest grandson. you are more precious than diamond.

Birthday Wishes for Grandson from Grandpa

I will always be here for you, whenever you need me and even when you don’t; I am here for you dear

Birthday Wishes for Grandson from Grandma

Funny Birthday Wishes for Grandson

My life, my world, my grandson, these are all interlinked with each other. Happy Birthday to you, my dearest grandchild.

Short Birthday Wishes for Grandson

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Grandson

You’re an amazing grandson, a bundle of joy and the best friend I could ever have. Wishing that your day will be a blast.

lots of balloon and cute happy birthday

Enjoy today to the maximum because your grandparent gave the order and there isn't another option but to obey as a loyal son of the family.

Many More Wishes for Grandson


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