Best Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

Dads are the best men in any girl’s life; they listen and care about each child especially their little girls, no matter the age, your dad will always be there for you. When their birthdays come around, apart from the usual hug and birthday breakfast why not send them a message showing them that they mean so much to you. There is a special kind of bond between a girl and her dad, let yours be felt by sending them a special birthday message that will definitely make their growing older feel blessed and good. Here are some of the messages you can send to your father as a daughter:

Birthday Messages for Dad from Daughter

  • Happy Birthday dad, you are the most amazing man in the whole wide world. I love you so much. I am lucky to be your daughter!
  • Happy glorious birthday to a father in every way, your kind of love and care would surely elevate any family. We’ll celebrate you sir.
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  • They say even the nicest ones have their limits, but how come my dad doesn’t have limits. It means he’s nicer than the nicest. Enjoy your special day dad. Love you so much.
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  • A perfect man is who you are, a perfect dad is what you’ve been, no lady or girl can be luckier than I have been. Happy Birthday father. May you be blessed with sound health.
  • While I was away to college, I missed you so much that you were my favorite reason for losing sleep. Happy Birthday dad. It’s so beautiful to see you again.
  • Happy Birthday father, you are my greatest hero, you have been there for me through thick and thin and I don’t even know the right way to tell you thank you. I love you dad!


  • I will always be your little girl no matter the age, distance or no how. I will always love you and be by your side. I love you dad, enjoy your birthday!
  • You say you see yourself in me, I hope I live to make you proud dad. I will always cherish our father daughter moments, I love you!
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Father
  • Of the few people that stood with us when things were really tough, you will always be the number one and we will always hold you in our hearts. Enjoy your special Birthday dad.
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  • Thanks for telling me about every of the funny things I did while I was little, even though I can’t remember them. We wish you the happiest Birthday dad. Keep adding up in age.
  • I’ve not seen a man who is so willing to spend so much of time with his daughter, staying around you became so comfortable that I don’t want to do without staying. Happy Birthday Dad.

Happy birthday daddy cards from daughter

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

  • You are the only man that stood by me when I felt the world go against me. I love you forever and always dad. Have a great birthday. You make me a very lucky girl!
  • May your birthday be filled with a lot of smiles and cheers dad, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a strong, caring, and admirable father like you!
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  • You choose to work so hard to make our lives easy, but you often make us understand the importance of hard work. You never handicapped us with sufficiency. Thanks dad. Happy Birthday.
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  • Anyone who lives with you will always love life, there’s never any reason to feel sad with you. Thanks for passing those values to us. Happy Birthday dad.
  • I actually now know that the job of parenting isn’t an easy one, but thanks to God and you for your efforts in bringing us up. Happy Birthday dad. Your daughter loves you.


  • Sometimes my behaviors are not good and you never cease to tell me about them even though you loved me. Thanks for not covering me up dad. That has helped me. Have a great day.
  • You make me sing with joy each time I think of you, you are my greatest hero, I love you no matter the season or reason. I hope you have a blast on your birthday dad. I am happy to be your little girl!
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  • May everything work out right for you as you turn this new age. Have a great birthday dad; you are always a great man. Proud to be you daughter.
  • Happy Birthday daddy, you are the only man I look forward to walking me down the aisle so age healthily. I love you papa!
  • I have always known you as my dad, but now I realize you are more to me than it, you are one of my best friends. I love you daddy, I will always be your little girl!
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Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

  • I’m so sure that the way you tutored us means you’ve tutored the coming generation from us because we will always pass on what you passed on to us. Happy Birthday dad.
  • How I wish I could remember the joyful look on your face when you held me for the first time, but I’m glad you’re a happy man when you had me. Have a glorious birthday.
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  • With what I’m presently experiencing, I now know how difficult and challenging it is to raise children. Thanks for sacrificing so much for us. Happy Birthday dad, from your loving daughter.
  • May everything today turn right for you daddy, I will make sure you have an unforgettable time dear dad. I love you so much!
  • I always feel safe when I think of you, I am the little girl you made everything okay for, I love you daddy, live longer than all the hills and mountains!

happy birthday dad from daughter messages

  • Have a great birthday dear dad, you are an amazing person in my life and I hope I forever make you proud. Have a hearty time dad!
  • At times, we often believe that parents overreact, but it’s barely for the good of the children. Thanks for always making sure we didn’t go wayward. Happy Birthday father.
  • Happy Birthday sweet dad, putting us first has always been your type of business and nothing seem to interest you more. I’m so grateful for your selflessness. Enjoy your special day.
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  • If I have the chance to become a parent someday, I’ll want to be parents like you; you never stopped giving your best to us even when we all got married. Thanks daddy. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday dad, I hope I make you a proud man. I love you forever dad, you are my only anchor, and I will forever be your little girl.

Funny Birthday Cards for Father from Daughter

Best Ways to Say Happy Birthday Father from Daughter

  • May our father daughter bond grow stronger as we grow older; I love you and appreciate all that you have done for me. Enjoy each moment of the day!
  • Happy Birthday dad, I love you so much, you make me the happiest daughter in the whole universe. Have a beautiful day!
  • I can never imagine a world without the man I call dad, you have saved your little princess more times than I can count. I hope you live long daddy, have a hearty birthday!
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  • One of the best things you’ve done for this family is ensuring that we live and stayed as one. It means everything to us. Happy Birthday dad. Thanks for doing so much.
  • Like they say, he who has a reason to live can do anything to survive in other to live for the thing. We are the reason for your living. Thank you everything. Have a lovely day.

Happy Birthday Dad Quotes from daughter

  • You are the only kind of man that will sacrifice his today so his children can have a better tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • Nothing in this world means more to me than you dad, I will forever be your little girl and you will forever be my main man. Have a hearty birthday!
  • It’s time to move, it’s time to grove, and it’s time to share a piece of cake with your daughter! Happy Birthday papa, you are the greatest man that walks this earth.
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  • May my dad live the longest, may he be the bravest, may he have the heartiest smile and may he always know that his daughter loves him the most. Have a great birthday dad.
  • Dads are the men who set the pace for our husbands; I would never marry someone who isn’t like you. May you live long so you can walk me down the aisle dad. I love you.
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  • I love you dad and hope you have a splendid birthday. May everything work in your favor; I hope you have a jolly good time as you celebrate this birthday with your loving daughter!
  • The older you get the more fun you become. I always have a grand time with you dad, have a great birthday and may all your wishes come true! Sincerely, your daughter.
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  • May this birthday remind you of our unforgettable father – daughter moments, May it also give you the strength to make more memories. Hearty birthday papa, I love you!
  • Have a grand birthday papa; you are loved, appreciated by all your daughters. We just want you to have a good birthday!
  • There are lots of time that we didn’t give you credit for giving us everything, but you never stopped doing that for us endlessly. Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks for trying so much. You’re loved.

birthday cards for dad from daughter

Funny Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

  • Hello dad, it is a fact that too many birthdays kills so you should not be too happy for today. Your favorite daughter does not want to lose you yet.
  • I pray that you grow so old that we will be the one to help you blow your birthday candle, thank you for being a fantastic father to an annoying daughter as myself.
  • May you live to be so old that you will not be able to read your birthday messages, do not worry daddy, your caring daughter is up to the task.
  • I pray that you grow so old that we will be the one to help you blow your birthday candle, thank you for being a fantastic father to an annoying daughter as myself.
  • A message from your daughter. Dad, it has all right to fake a smile on your birthdays, while others are happy for the free food, you are a year closer to the grave.
  • Let us have a father and daughter moment after your birthday party because I understand how hard it is to be old and bald.


Cute Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

  • The blessedness that overshadows your life brings so much of delight to every member of this family, you’re the great image we always love to have. Enjoy this Birthday Dad, crack!
  • Posterity will always bless you Dad because you’ve done so much for everyone in the family. May your days never be cut short. Happy Birthday. Have all the fun in the world.
  • Happy Birthday Dad, you have climbed the highest mountain in time past and now is the time to look back and enjoy all that you have done. Remain blessed on your beautiful day.
  • I am happy that you brought me into this world, with you, it’s a special world for me and I know we’ll enjoy many more years together. Happy Birthday Dad. Enjoy your day.
  • Birthday celebrations in the family are glorious especially if there is the special bond that no one can see. Life is beautiful with you Dad. I wish you longevity of life.
  • Happy Birthday pop man, you have held us fast together like a silken thread, you are the kind of Dad every family member would love to have. Enjoy good health sir.

Beautiful birthday cards for my daddy

Special Birthday Messages from Daughter to Her Dad

  • In a world where families no longer make people of the societies, you have given all your best to bind us closer and to keep us strong. You helped this family so much. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • Could not forget the time when I had to lie to you to save myself from your lashing, but I regretted ever doing that to a very sincere father. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • My dad is a year older; no other person can take your place in my life, the thought of you is sufficient to turn a bad mood over.
  • We have all anticipated your birthday and it is finally the D-day, dads should be as special to any girl as food. I celebrate with you.
  • I have tried to be the best daughter, but I can only work harder. Dads of your type deserve nothing but the best from their off springs. Happy Birthday, daddy.
  • The love of my life is today’s celebrant; my ever-present dad is a year older. I love you so much because your life challenges me to be better.
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birthday wishes for deceased father from daughter

  • Rumor has it that you are the closest to me in the family and others are quite jealous. Hehehe. Dad loves his daughter and the daughter loves her Dad so much.
  • Thank you for always being by my side, thank you for loving me and thank you for making me the daughter you are proud of. Have a hearty birthday dad, I love you!
  • From your little daughter to you dad, may your Birthday bring you all that you’ve longed for in your life, you’ve given everything to make us have a good life. Enjoy your Special day.
  • I hope you live longest because I will always need you in my life. Happy Birthday dad, I am glad that I am your daughter.
  • It’s a pleasure and a delightful thing to hear my colleagues speak about the good deeds of my dad to them. I’m really honored to be your daughter sir. May you keep increasing in age.

happy birthday dad from daughter letter

Many More Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

  • Of all the creation of the almighty God, the first of them happens to be the protector and the provider for the family. He is just like my Dad. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You were there when I really needed someone to talk to, you listened and you shared, I couldn’t thank you enough. Have a beautiful birthday, I miss you!
  • Thank you for being a role model, a father figure and a man worth being proud of. Have a great birthday, may all your wishes come to pass.
  • Happy Birthday to my special dad, I love you just as much as myself. I will not have been this proud if I have someone else as a father.
  • Have fun and enjoy your birthday with mom, I consider myself a lucky girl to have you as a father. Enjoy the day.
  • Congratulations to the best dad on the planet, continue to grow in prosperity and good health just as the angels, always remember that your daughter loves you.


  • Today is your birthday and a reminder that although life may be short, whether I’m near or far, every moment with you is undeniable cherished.
  • Another new day is here to spend with you. Another new year is here to share with you. Happy Birthday, Daddy. May all your wishes come true!
  • You’ve always been a beacon of hope in every storm I’ve seen. Wishing you more life, uplifted musings and immeasurable gifts.
  • Thank you for the all-round love, father. I wouldn’t have gone far in life as a naive little girl, but you thought me how to change it all.
  • I can’t stand the feeling of not congratulating my sweet father on his birthday. You are terrific to my mum and me, your lovely daughter.
  • If all girls have a father like you, the world will be a happier place. My friends envy me for having your blood run through my veins. Happy Birthday.

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