Step dads are men who step up when our dads are away temporarily or permanently. They care, love and accept you even though you don’t realize them. They are our heroes. So what do heroes deserve on their birthdays? They deserve to be shown how much they mean to us. It is good to send them a little message on their birthdays.

Happy birthday stepdad

That shows how much you appreciate them.  So here are some messages you could send to them that will surely put the message across.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Step Dad

  • Happy Birthday Step dad, you have really been there for me. I don’t know what I could do without you. Have a blast today!
  • This is your birthday step dad, I will forever celebrate you. You mean so much to me. So have fun today, you surely deserve it.
  • If you are not with us, I wonder, how my life would be. Happy birthday my step dad.
  • Happy Birthday dear stepdad, thank you for being in my life and completing it. May you live longer than everyone and may your luck increase!
  • Taking this family to be your very own makes me have a different thought about you, happy birthday to a caring step-dad.
  • Everything about you makes me feel that you are the replica of my father; you do almost everything like him, happy birthday step-dad, thanks for being my father.
  • You treat me better than any other man. I have a reason to smile with you around. Have fun on your birthday step dad.

You are not just a step-dad to me you are a loving and caring father

  • Happy Birthday stepdad, you are a great man and great men deserve to be celebrated that is why I dedicate this day to you. Have fun!
  • You are not just a step-dad to me; you are a loving and caring father. Happy birthday sir, have a splendid celebration.
  • Thank you for being the father figure I have so longed. Thank you for all your love and support. I appreciate everything you have done for us. Have a beautiful birthday. It’s all about you step dad.
  • Happy birthday daddy, you are the father I know, and I will forever look up to. Have a blast step dad.
  • You have been a father to me, a friend to my mom and our protector. I could not feel safer. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Thank you for putting smile on my mother’s face once again after quite a while. Happy birthday step-dad. Keep being joyful.
  • You are my hero, my role model, and exemplary father, no matter you are not my real father but, you possess a special place in my heart. Happy Birthday stepdad.
  • This is a special day for you; I know it because I get a chance to share it with you. I hope you have fun today; you deserve the very best step dad. Happy birthday.
  • You’re coming into our lives has brought us direction and stability. Happy birthday step-father. Thank you for everything you have done for us.
  • You support us, help us and save us from frustrations of life, at that time when my real father had separated to my mum. You are more than a step dad.
  • I can never be ashamed to call you my dad; you have done more than any man could ever do. You stood up when everyone else looked down. Have fun step dad.
  • What a role model you have been to me, your way of life and simplicity is worthy of emulation, your kind of character should be embraced by all. Happy birthday step-father.

happy birthday step dad

  • You proof my doubt about you to be wrong by being a father indeed to me. Happy birthday step-dad, you are the best and I wish you long life.
  • You are the father I know and the father I love so dearly. I hope everything goes as planned. Have fun on your birthday.
  • I couldn’t be gladder; I have an opportunity to share in your birthday. I hope this day brings you joy and cheer. Have a blast!
  • A devoted, caring and gentle stepdad like you verifies that love is not dependent on the stereotypical theories and hypothesis of Biology. Happy Birthday my sweet stepfather.
  • You show your true love, friendliness, care and support like my real father and guide like a mentor. You proved that you are more than a real father. Happy Birthday my sweet father.
  • You have robbed on us a good life and through you our story have changed for good, happy birthday step-dad.

Happy Birthday dear stepfather, thank you for being in my life and completing it. May you live longer than everyone and may your luck increase!

  • Your presence in our life has made us to move up the ladder of happiness and fulfilment. Happy birthday step-dad, you are a rare gem.
  • Happy birthday step dad, you are an amazing man. Amazing men deserve the very best. Enjoy this day dad.
  • This is a special day for a special man, this is his birthday and he deserves nothing but the best. I hope you enjoy this day.
  • Though you are not my biological father, we do not share genetics between us, but my every cell of body clutches extreme respect and love for you. Happy Birthday my dearest stepdad, May you have many more.
  • You never differentiate me and your own children, though you are not my real father, but I can proudly say the world, I have the one who really cares me and that is you, my dear father. Happy Birthday.
  • Life gave unto me another opportunity to respect and share my sincere love with the one who plays the role of a father in my life. Happy birthday step-dad. You’re loved.
  • It is true that life doesn’t provide us with everything but life with you has given us more than we asked for. Happy birthday step-dad. Thanks for making your success contagious.
  • Have a blast today, may all your wishes come true as you blow off those candles step dad. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday dear step dad, you deserve the very best for your birthday. I hope you enjoy it. Happy birthday dad!
  • You show the real picture of life when we had lost everything. Thank you for being with us. Happy Birthday stepdad.
  • If God has taken something from us, He surely gives something better than the previous one. And you are the true blessing of God. Happy Birthday dear stepdad.
  • The piece of your words of wisdom has added spice to my life, happy birthday step-dad. I love you.
  • I celebrate you and your bravery for giving us a try, you can be rest assured that we will make this family work. Happy birthday step-dad.
  • Good morning dad, I hope you had a lovely night. You turn a new age. As you grow older may you grow wiser and happier. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Having a step-father is no big deal, but making it work is the real deal, thank God we are blending really well. Happy birthday step-dad.
  • Becoming your friend has been a very great surprise to me, but thanks to you for your patience and perseverance. Happy birthday step-dad. Thanks for always believing in me.
  • I find it difficult to believe mom when she said you were different, because I believe you will only care for mom but not my siblings and I, but your act gave me a second thought. Happy birthday step-dad
  • Have a fun step dad; you deserve the very best of everything. Happy birthday you deserve the very best, may it all come to you.
  • This day is all about you. I hope you have fun and enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday step dad you are the best.
  • You have completely eliminated the word step between us. For me now, you are my like a real father. I respect you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday dad
  • You are a very fun loving person and everyday becomes Sunday with your companionship. You never made me realized that you are my stepdad. Happy Birthday.
  • You make me proud; I can never take you for granted. You fill in the places where nobody else can. Have a blast daddy.
  • Fulfilling the duty of a father to a child who isn’t yours could be difficult but you have always been there for me at all times. Happy birthday step-father, remain blessed.
  • I never thought I could have words like this from a fatherly person ever again but your words have always been like water in my desert, I appreciate you so much. Happy birthday step-dad.
  • Growing up has been a challenge since our father passed on, but coming into our life and being who you have been to us means the world to mom and I. happy birthday step-dad.
  • This is your day, as you grow older may you grow healthier, wealthier and happier. I love you so much step dad. Happy birthday to you.
  • I know it isn’t easy to take up a new family. But you did it and you are amazing at it. Happy birthday step dad, may all your wishes come true.
  • You are the pillar of my strength, support and family discipline. Besides everything you are good human being who believe the principle of giving respect and take respect in return. Happy Birthday dear stepdad.
  • If love is responsible for connected two persons, then yes, I can proudly say, my stepdad is the one who joins our entire family in the bond of love.
  • Though I never expressed that how much I love you but, I always have feelings and respect for you. And this time, I kept aside my ego and want to say happy birthday dear step dad.
  • Have a blast today, you are growing older. I hope this day turns out as you wanted. You are amazing and I hope you have an awesome birthday step dad.
  • You did what most men couldn’t; I hope you enjoy this day and everything good that comes out of it. Thank you for letting us share on the day step dad. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • It’s been long I’ve seen this desire to live again in my mother, you have brought to her reasons to live life to the fullest, happy birthday step-father, I wish you good health.
  • You won me over by bringing joy and happiness to my mom’s life. Her happiness is a determinant of my happiness. Happy birthday step-dad. Stay blessed.
  • You always seek to make my mom and I happy like we are your very own; it gives me joy to know that someone can do that for us. Happy birthday step-dad, keep being you.
  • Stepfather is considered to be the opposite of father at some places, but for me these two nouns are parallel. Happy Birthday, dear stepfather.
  • The luckiest child in the world who has father’s love, nevertheless, I considered myself unlucky when my real father has passed away. But I again blessed a dad and you complete the space of my life. Happy Birthday, step dad.
  • Dad, you taught me to keep on strong, whatever the circumstances are, never lose your courage and give your 100 percent and see the world is yours. Happy Birthday step dad.
  • Have an awesome birthday step dad, may all your wishes come true. It’s your day and there is nothing more spectacular than a celebration.
  • Your sacrifice for us makes us feel loved again, it gives us a sense of being alive, and it gives us the strength to chase our dreams. Happy birthday step-father, don’t ever change.
  • Your countenance is always welcoming which is a great thing to have in a step-father. Happy birthday step-dad. I admire you so much.
  • Today is your day of joy. Peace and long life have I prayed for you to have, but much more shall you have because you deserve more of every good thing. Happy birthday awesome step-dad.
  • Arguments, lack of trust, jealousy, rebellion and upheavals are existed in stepfamilies, but you my dear stepfather, you do not possess a single word of these factors. You are a complete figure of love, blessings and companion. Happy Birthday, ever dear father.
  • Sometimes it is very difficult to accept the reality; you are my stepdad and the second husband of my mother. I respect you, but I cannot replace you with my first dad. Anyways, have a lovely Birthday.
  • May this birthday be better than the last may you have more fun and may you always know you are not my stepdad; you are my real dad, the only dad I know.
  • Happy Birthday stepdad, another year in your amazing life, may we get to share and enjoy the laughter and good times the day will definitely bring!
  • Special stepdads deserve special presents on their birthday, have an awesome one stepdad, you are irreplaceable.
  • Another year older stepdad, we all love and appreciate you for the man you are. Have the most unforgettable birthday yet stepdad, you deserve it!
  • In the family’s desert, you gave us pool of water. You’re a wonderful rare man step dad. I hope to love a man like you in the future. Happy Birthday step-dad.
  • You have predominantly won all of our hearts in the family, even though you didn’t birth us. You are a father in a step-dad’s position. We love you. Happy Birthday.


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