8th Birthday Wishes and Messages

Turning a new age is always such an exciting feeling, especially when it comes to the part where you open your gifts, do you remember that part as your 8 year old self? I am sure a birthday message may make you recall that amazing and fun filled time you had celebrating your 8th birthday. Birthday messages go a long way in reminding someone special about the special time you shared with them during their birthday, if you definitely remember your 8th birthday, then send a birthday message to that special 8 year old to wish them a grand and spectacular time as they turn that new special age. Use one of these messages here to make sure they will always have a piece of the day with them forever.

Birthday Messages for 8 Year Olds

  • My baby girl is like an angel, glorious more than a queen, Lovelier than a flower and pretty like a mermaid. I hope you will enjoy your childhood so much. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • You are such an indefatigable being, young but Intelligent like billion ants gathering food in spring, Brighter than the radiance of a thousand diamond rings. Happy 8th Birthday little princess. Have lots of fun.
  • Happy Birthday sweetie, enjoy today with the thought that I’ll always be here for you because you are my one in a million. Keep growing in total grace. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • Last night the sun told the universe it won’t shine today. The moon was afraid and the world was shocked. “Don’t worry,” said the sun, (Name) will illuminate the world today. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • Fortune favors the bold, opportunity favors the prepared, success favors the persistent and happiness favors the contented. These are the golden rules of life. Yours is the Earth and everything in it. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • To my little by mighty prince, though your choices may be many and confusing, I am always here with you every step of the way. Happy 8th birthday and I love you.


  • Not a thousand storms will be enough to take you away from Mama’s love, there’s no mama without you. Enjoy every bit of this day. Happy 8th Birthday sweet daughter.
  • The sun glitters upon our yard and the moon awes in its wake. But none of them dare compare to the glory you radiate today. I have and always will love you. Happy 8th birthday.
  • You are adorable my handsome baby boy! The world spreads itself endlessly before you today and I hope you will command it to bring you lots of joy. Happy 8th Birthday my love.
  • Fear is not real. It simply gives a big shadow to small things. And you know what? We’re always going to be here with a giant light to vanquish that. Never forget that. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • Baby, life can be cold and intimidating. But through it all always smile as bright as you’re doing today. Your smile will always attract positive people as your sun. Never lose it. Happy 8th Birthday.


  • Young and innocent. Dashing and glowing plus a boldness that make even kings to stutter from surprise. You make me want to be young again and I wish it were my Birthday. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • Life’s most valuable lesson is gratitude. You must appreciate that which you have. Don’t wait until you lose it before you realize its value. I appreciate your coming into my life. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • Who says art is meaningless? Or calls beauty vanity? Who says there are no angels? Or that Death is the end? Who dare call children problems? Surely, he hasn’t met you, Happy 8th Birthday daughter.
  • When I picture the kind of man that you’ll become, it makes me marvel. I see what glory lies ahead and how lucky I am to be your father. Happy 8th Birthday son.
  • What more can I wish you on this special day but a bright future with a lot of opportunities. Happy Birthday, 8-year-old!
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  • As you approach the end of your first decade on earth, and slowly approach independence, do see the world in a new light for she holds the best for you. Happy 8th Birthday honey.
  • I want no greater honor than to be your life comrade, to share in your joys, and guide you when astray, to love you every day and feel the love returned. Happy 8th Birthday Comrade.
  • The art of the tweeting birds and a singing mass, the whistling wind and bowing trees, a blooming flower and the daffodils, are beautiful. But baby, yours exceed them all. Happy 8th Birthday baby girl.
  • All your life I’ve always watched you closely. You laugh; you play, and always declare how happy you are, I hope you will stay like that forever. Happy 8th Birthday cute son.
  • As I look at you today my worries melt, my heart skipped like a growing kid that you are, just because you are my most precious being, I’ll do anything for you. Happy 8th Birthday.


  • Today, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of joy heartfelt, when I had you; I knew I’ve found my missing link.  Happy 8th Birthday my wonderful child.
  • You are just 8 but you show excellent attitude like an adult. If this is what childhood is all about, then because of you I want to become a child again. Happy 8th Birthday.
  • Happy 8th Birthday. Having you as my child is the best gift I have ever received from God in my life. I celebrate you this special day.
  • 8 marks Infinity and everything good, so you shall experience good things as you grow up. Happy 8th birthday!
  • There is no greater love than seeing one’s child grow up; I wish you many prosperous years ahead. Have a beautiful birthday.


  • Chocolate, sweets, and pizza are no matches to the sweet love you show me as your father. You are indeed a great child. Happy 8th birthday my daughter.
  • Watching you play in the fields daily gives me so much joy, and I want to give you the best in the world. Happy 8th birthday.
  • True leaders are born, not made. Your display of true leadership even at a tender age shows you have great potentials for the future. Grow up and excel. Happy 8th birthday!
  • You are a star, and great things loom in your future! Happy birthday my child.
  • I came across an angel, and he told me he was bringing you all the things you desire, I wondered why but then I discovered that it was your birthday. Have a great birthday!


8th Birthday Wishes for Friends

  • Because it is your birthday, I am sending you a pack of chocolates and goodies just to express how much I love you. Happy 8th birthday to you my friend!
  • How amazing you are, you were born after the number of perfection seven (7) meaning you are destined for greater heights. Happy 8th birthday friend.
  • Neither the sun, the moon, nor the stars can shine a brighter light than you have shined in my world. You are not just a child, but an epitome of illumination in my life.
  • Great things happen, but there is no greater thing than seeing you turn 8 on this special day. With lots of love, I say Happy Birthday.
  • Love fades, things change, humans fail, but as you age, may you find grace to achieve your life’s aims. Happy 8th birthday to you my friend!
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Short 8th Birthday Wishes  

  • If childhood is all about being you, then I want to go over the cycle again and again. Happy 8th birthday to you!
  • Even if I lose everything today, having you alone is enough to secure my future, happy 8th birthday son.
  • Happy 8th birthday to you! You make me a complete adult. You are special. Have fun.
  • For all the times you have looked out for me, I say thank you. Happy 8th birthday.
  • I am taking the day off to spend some time with you on this your special day. Have a very Happy 8th birthday!
  • It’s your special day, have fun, enjoy every moment and expect the best from life. Have a very Happy Birthday.
  • Just like yesterday, seeing how far you have grown gives me joy and fulfillment. Happy birthday to you!


 8th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • You are my biggest blessing and I am happy to be sharing your 8th birthday with you. I count each and every day as a blessing, I love you son!
  • You have lived exactly 2,922 days since you were born, 417 weeks, but who’s counting, but simply, this is your 8th birthday, happy birthday son, I love you!
  • May your 8th birthday be filled with lots of joy and laughter, you are amazing and I hope you live longer than all of us.
  • I will never go a day without telling you how beautiful, intelligent and amazing you are. Happy 8th birthday baby, I love you so much!
  • I am sending you cookies and your favorite chocolate to celebrate your special day. Happy Birthday son, 8-year-old!

 8th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • Happy 8th birthday sweet princess, I can’t believe how fast you grow each day. I love you endlessly and hope you have fun on this day darling!
  • I thought a child of your age could only do little for the parents, but you have proved me wrong and have served as a great motivation for me to work harder. Happy Birthday daughter, 8-year-old!
  • May your 8th birthday be filled with cake, presents and a whole lot of friends, may it be forever engraved in your beautiful mind. I love you child.
  • Happy 8th birthday daughter, another lucky year with you, I hope it be filled with lots of fun and shared memories, may you never cry and always smile!
  • The celebration of 8 year with you, sharing lots of laughter, love and cheer. May you live longer than all the stars in the sky, I love you sweetie.

8th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • You are my pride and joy, I can’t imagine life without you, you have made me who I am and I cannot thank God enough for another year with you, happy 8th birthday bro!
  • They say for everything there is a time, it’s time for you to turn 8 and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Happy 8th Birthday brother, you are amazing!
  • May the stars always shine bright for you, may you live large and may all your wishes come true, I love you my 8 year old best brother!
  • It’s a new age with new things ahead, have fun, be you but mostly, love each day for it’s a gift. Happy birthday my darling 8 year old!
  • Age is just a number, but life will always treat you the way you want, live smart, have fun and most of all, don’t act older than you are. Happy 8th birthday to you brother!
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8th Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Just remember this: no matter the age, no matter the distance, I will always be here when you call, but for now, cut some cake and let’s enjoy the fine times together. I love you my 8 year old sweetie!
  • You are a gift, not only to your mum and dad, but to all of us here on your 8th birthday sis; we love you and want to see you grow into a fine person. Have a beautiful birthday!
  • May this birthday be better, brighter, happier than the last, may you receive more gifts and eat more candy, happy 8th birthday my dear sister!
  • My little princess just turned 8. She is growing into a beautiful and lovely woman. May your sweet smile keep paving way for wonderful things in life. Happy 8th Birthday my sister.
  • Our life is complete and our heart is filled with endless happiness for having a special kid like you. You bring us much honor. On this day I wish you a Happy 8th Birthday, Darling.

8th Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • Congratulations! Life is running so fast. I’m proud to have you smart, intelligent, and fun-loving nephew. May you feel the touch of love everywhere you go. Happy 8th Birthday. Have a lovely day.
  • Our life is complete and our heart is filled with endless happiness for having a special kid like you. You bring us much honor. On this day I wish you a Happy 8th Birthday, Darling nephew.
  • Great things have little beginnings. Watching you grow over the years have given me great joy and fulfillment. You are a precious jewel. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • As you have seen this day, my prayer for you is that you grow up to fulfill all of your dreams. Happy 8th birthday to you nephew!

8th Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • Congratulations! Life is running so fast. I’m proud to have you smart, intelligent, and fun-loving kid. May you feel the touch of love everywhere you go. Happy 8th Birthday dear niece. Have a lovely day.
  • You must be one of the most amazing people I have ever met; I am glad that I get to be part of your birthday. Enjoy each second of it.
  • You are beautiful just the way you are and today as you are growing older, you grow more and more beautiful, have a beautiful birthday niece.
  • My little princess just turned 8. She is growing into a beautiful and lovely woman. May your sweet smile keep paving way for wonderful things in life. Happy 8th Birthday my niece.


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