Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes and Messages

Kids are a blessing to everyone around them; they fill the empty void that once was a dull life and make you look forward to new and exciting experiences. A three-year-old is filled with joy and happiness and curiosity that never ends. Happy 3rd Birthday. Birthdays are exciting times for them where they get to share and have fun with their friends and also make new friends. Such days are supposed to be memorable, moments that will make a child happy for a very long time.

Happy 3rd Birthday with balloon.

Moments that they will sit down and remember one day. Writing birthday messages to them may be the sweetest thing you can do to serve them as a reminder of how much they mean to you and that you were there celebrating with them during that special time. Here are some messages you can send to your lovely three year old reminding them that they are special to you.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

Here are some sweet and heartfelt 3rd birthday wishes and messages for kids.

  • Happy 3rd Birthday to the little shining star of our family.
  • How much longer do you want to stay an angel? Happy 3rd Birthday!
  • One, two, three! And on and on and on. Happy Birthday to you young and pretty one, you look so cute that I wish you remain like this forever, but I hope you’ll look cuter as you grow old.
  • You are my little prince, to the world you are just a little child but for me, you are my world.
  • You make me smile, you make me happy, you make me glad, and you make me better than I was yesterday. Happy 3rd birthday my dear, you will always make me happy.
  • There are so many reasons to live a happy life but you are the top most reason for my happiness.
  • Your 3rd Birthday celebration bring to us an extreme joy, you are the beauty and glow added to our lives. Daddy and mommy love you so much. Happy 3rd Birthday to our wonderful son.
  • May you become one of the greatest human beings to have ever graced the face of the earth. And may your pursuit of excellence make that achievable.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday dear. I hope your party is full of good things and expensive gifts!

How much longer do you want to stay an angel? Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Always do what you love sweetie, as you turn three may all those things that make you smile fill your day. Happy Birthday dear!
  • You have completed three years of your life my dear child. May God give you health, wealth, success, prosperity and the entire world’s happiness. Happy 3 years old, honey.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday dear, you are an amazing child and I love that I get to share another birthday with you. May you grow to be wise, strong and proud of whom you are. I love you baby.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday my dear son, mom will always work hard to put food in your stomach as long as you keep putting smile on your face. I love you so much.
  • The day I spend with you may become my favorite day. You are such a cute and adorable little man. Happy Birthday.
  • A big cake, so many colorful balloons, 3 candles dig on the cake and several little children all are here to wish you a very Happy 3rd Birthday.
  • Life is a beautiful journey, enjoy every kilometer. But in all, do enjoy a happy 3rd birthday dear.
  • Many happy moments are what a three-year-old boy needs to be lively and to develop into a great and happy person. May you never know sorrow as you grow up boy. Have fun.
  • Before you become old, enjoy the feeling of being young for a day. Happy 3rd Birthday honey!
  • How fast you grow dear, I know one day you will be big enough to change the world and make it a better place. I love you and I hope you get to enjoy your third birthday.

You are like a candle that illuminates my life.

  • You are the best reminder that life is beautiful my 3 year old, I hope you enjoy your birthday with all its treats and surprises.
  • May the beautiful sunshine make room in your life and you will shine forever, your brightness could even feel by the senseless people. Happy 3 years old.
  • The pleasure of living is made of small and big things like being able to wish a special child like you a Happy 3rd Birthday!
  • My world is residing somewhere in your entity. Have a nice day.
  • Congratulations my precious jewel, you are now 3 years more beautiful and elegant. Cheers!

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Funny 3rd Birthday Wishes

Here are some funny birthday wishes for a kid turning 3.

  • Happy third birthday, in your honor I name today “world cake and chocolate day” therefore you have the freedom to eat whatever till you fill up the water closet.
  • You are three years old already; it feels like it was yesterday you came to life. Growing older means less fun so do not be too happy.

Happy 3rd Birthday with cake and stars.

  • Never forget that I told you on your third birthday, always blow every candle on your cake while you can because it will be impossible at old age.
  • There is nothing so special about birthdays; people just come to eat your free food and drinks, so your 3rd birthday mission is to ensure that no one eats more than you do.
  • Being older means fewer candies and gifts, so birthdays should be the celebration of our younger years and not being older. You are lucky to be just three years old.
  • I decided to buy you a gift about your age; luckily, you are just three years old today so that I would not be spending many cash on a gift.

Birthday Wishes for 3-Year-Old Son

Here are some cute happy 3rd birthday wishes and messages for son from parent.

  • You are like a candle that illuminates my life by removing all the darkness. I wish you a very happy Birthday my son.
  • Happy Birthday my 3 year old little man, though you’re small but you’re still a man, so we’re going to share mom’s love equally. Hehehe. Have a fantastic day son.

Happy 3rd Birthday. I hope your party is full of good things and expensive gifts!

  • You are the cute credential of your parents love. You made us completed and we love you so much. Wishing you a very Happy 3rd Birthday, son!
  • Baby blessing directly from heaven. Thank you, Lord, for bestowing me such a nice and adorable baby. Happy 3rd Birthday, my son.

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Birthday Wishes for 3-Year-Old Daughter

Here are some sweet happy 3rd birthday wishes for daughter from parent.

  • Daughter you turn three today, just remember this, all your dreams come true if you have the courage to pursue them. Never be afraid to go after what you want.
  • I still feel those moments when I hold you the first time. You are the best reward of my long waiting. Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet daughter.
  • I thank God that I get to share this day with you daughter, you are the most important thing to me and I hope you get to enjoy your third birthday. Smile that makes me glad.

Happy 3rd birthday to the best daughter

  • May your 3rd birthday be as cute as you my little baby, you are a blessing to me and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you my sweetheart. Enjoy your day.
  • Happy third birthday daughter, you are an amazing kid and I am glad to be here with you, live like there is no tomorrow. Cheers darling.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for Boy

Here are some birthday wishes for a 3-year-old boy. For more, check out our list of 70+ birthday wishes for boys.

  • It’s good to be alive today to see you are already three. Long life and good health is what you deserve young boy. Happy 3rd Birthday. 
  • Today is a day to appreciate the goodness of the lord over this wonderful kid of yours. A young boy that does the unexpected, he is really going to be great. May his greatness be a historic one.

Congratulations my precious jewel, you are now 3 years more beautiful and elegant.

  • It’s your day to play, your day to enjoy, and your day to do all you want to do and open up presents as you blow out your candles.
  • Great man in a small child’s skin. Your looks are just too amazing; your gesture shows that you have the trait of a great leader. Happy 3rd Birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for Girl

Here are some sweet birthday messages for a girl turning 3. For more ideas, See 80+ birthday wishes for girls.

  • Your cuteness is the most killer weapon. Have a lovely day, my sweet girl.
  • You are a complete package of naughtiness, sweetness, and cuteness. You are the most brightening star of my life’s sky. Wishing you the very Happy 3rd Birthday my little girl.
  • I have been captured all the beautiful memories of your third birthday and when will you turn into 10, I will show you all these moments. Happy Birthday.

One, Two, Three! And on and on and on. Happy 3rd birthday to you.

  • One! Two! And three! Already. That’s great sister, now you look more like me because you’re cuter, smarter and funnier. Don’t tell your mom. Cheers! Keep growing boy.
  • Not all that glitters is gold, but you already passed every criterion for a priceless jewel. You are more valuable than the riches of the earth. Have a cute day.

3rd Birthday Messages for Grandson

This list of birthday wishes are written for a grandson celebrating his 3rd birthday.

  • I hope you enjoy this day and all that it has to offer. Happy third birthday grandson, may all your wishes come true as you blow out your candles.
  • I get to spend another year with you, an amazingly strong little man turning three today. Have a hearty third birthday grandson, you deserve all the candy you get.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday. May you be fortunate enough in life to have everything that life could offer you in the best possible way.

Happy birthday to my favorite 3 year old

  • Aww! Thank God you’re 3 today, you’re gradually growing up, I can’t wait to see you clock 33 so I can stop changing diapers. Hehehe. Happy 3rd Birthday grandson. Love you a lot.
  • You have taken the whole place in my heart. You are my sweet baby and I love you a lot. Happy 3rd birthday, grandson.

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3rd Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

Have a granddaughter turning 3? Here are sweet birthday wishes you can send to her.

  • My little special granddaughter, I am happy for your third birthday celebration. I would love to keep you as a unique fan, so I plan to spoil you silly with numerous gifts and chocolates.
  • You are only three today; I pray that you receive protection from the situations of life and you spend every day in happiness. Happy Birthday granddaughter.
  • Happy, fantastic day to the three years old celebrant, your fairy godmother asked me to organize a befitting birthday party in your honor.
  • Countless opportunity is waiting for you in this world; it is funny that you are making the best use of resources at your disposal at just three years old.
  • The young are the future of tomorrow, may your name be among those who made a positive impact on the advancement of humanity.

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Have a nephew turning 3? Here are some happy 3rd birthday wishes for nephew.

  • My wish for you today is to throw you all sort of good compliments, but I’m sure you won’t understand a bit of it, so I’m just going to hug you instead. Happy 3rd Birthday my nephew.
  • No kid is unsmart; every kid is a genius at something. I believe you will find your passion and that you will make it gold. As for today, enjoy your 3rd birthday and make the most out of it.

Happy 3rd birthday to the little shining star

  • Dreams are important to thrive in this world because the need to fulfill them is a great drive and inspiration. May your dreams be a great one little nephew.
  • Seeing you already this big melts my heart. I remembered the day you were given birth to, you look so tiny but now you are so chubby. I love you forever nephew, just watch your weight. Heheheh. Happy 3rd Birthday.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Messages for Niece

Here are some sweet birthday messages specifically for a niece turning 3.

  • When you hold my finger by your little palm, I feel your love and I enjoy the moment. Happy 3rd birthday my beautiful niece.
  • You are cute, sweet, adorable baby girl of mine. I wish you have the best fortune and get everything whether you make desire it or not. Have a stunning and Joyous birthday my niece.
  • I do not have such a fantastic bond with another kid; I have a natural love for you. Your 3rd birthday makes me feel like it is ours.
  • girls like you are rare and with all you can do at your age, you are a great blessing from God. Hopefully you will be decisively crucial in finding solution to all of the world’s problem.

Happy 3rd Birthday Messages

Many more heartfelt happy 3rd birthday wishes and messages.

  • You are the reason every breathe I take feels brand new my beautiful 3 year old, you are the light of my life and I wish you the best in your new age.
  • Ever since you came into your parent’s life, I can tell that a lot of things about them changed. I no longer hear shouts of arguments from my apartment anymore. May God grant you wisdom to live life to the fullest.

Happy 3rd birthday

  • As a couple our lives were great but when you came around, our journey took another momentum and as parents we are enjoying every bit of it. You are Gods sent to us. Happy 3rd Birthday.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday boy. Can’t wait for the day when you’ll be grown enough to kick a ball, so that we can play together. Hopefully that will happen next year. Enjoy every moment as you grow up.
  • The best ever time in my life when I gave birth a twin child. Now you both turned into three years. On this special day, I pray to God, you both receive all the happiness and pleasure in your life.
  • I will always be here for you, to protect you, guide you, love you and listen to you through each and every situation. Enjoy your birthday.
  • You are my soul, you are my love but you are a crazy cute child. I love all your silly acts; it makes me laugh since hours. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • It’s your birthday little man; you make each and every one glad to be around you. Enjoy your third birthday dear.
  • We are all here because you are special to each one of us. You make us into better people and without you we have no direction. So may you live many more years dear.
  • A cute smile of my daughter is even sweeter than the honey and the sleeping fragrance of my child is even delightful than flowers. I love you, my daughter.
  • You are nothing but the biggest reason of smile. You reduce our all tensions and turned into relaxation. Have a wonderful day sweetest baby.
  • Happy 3rd birthday. May your day be as fun and exciting as a treasure hunt in your favorite playground.
  • Today you’re three and what fun it is to see how you’ve grown! Have a very happy birthday.
  • Three years old and already so charming! Wishing you have an amazing birthday.
  • On your 3rd birthday, I wish you a sky filled with balloons, a house filled with toys, and a heart filled with joy. Happy birthday!
  • You’re three years old today! Wishing you a day filled with sweet surprises and a year filled with great discoveries. Happy birthday!

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