We age every day, but we are given a special day to celebrate our growing old and acknowledging that we are a year older. Birthdays are important in anyone’s life; they are the days where we make it all about us. Birthdays should be spent with the people you love the best way you know how.

Happy 28th birthday

As a person with a friend turning 28, make them feel young, make them enjoy their last years as a 20 year olds and most importantly, send them a card that will help them remember that they are blessed and that on their 28th birthday, they had the most fun they’ve ever had. Here are some birthday wishes you can send a new 28 year old to remind them to always smile.

Happy 28th Birthday Messages

Happy birthday. may it be good, may it be good, bring you wealth and keep you in good health.

Thank you for being so caring and supportive to me. I have never met any kind-hearted person like you. Happy 28th Birthday.


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