That brave woman, the love of your life, the woman who finally made you settle down, the one who completes you, what can you possibly say to her to make her feel special during her birthday?

Happy birthday sweet fiancee

Well, you are in luck, we have messages that are guaranteed to wow your one and only, they will definitely make her feel the love in your heart. Messages are used to engrave the words you forever whisper in your recipient’s ear. Here are some of those messages.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Fiancee

  • I think you know this as it is evident on your finger. But I love you baby. And I want you for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday my love.
  • It’s my good luck that I got engaged with the most beautiful and ethical woman to whom I love you so much, you mean a lot to me. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart.
  • Happy Birthday my fiancée. Ever since I saw you the first time, I knew I had to make you mine. You were made for me and ever since that day, I had been proven right again and again.
  • To the woman with whom I will spend the rest of my life with, it’s your birthday and I cannot be more thankful to be sharing the day with you. I hope you enjoy the day as much as I will.
  • That is crazy. Ever since we met, our life has only gone up and up! Happy Birthday my fiancée.
  • One of the most beautiful feelings when I think about you, my heart feels so relaxed. You are my soul mate. Have a lovely birthday my dear fiancée.

Happy Birthday love

  • This marks the beginning of our life together, today we celebrate your birthday as my fiancée but I hope we grow toothless together, I love you.
  • I know. You love me. You can’t help yourself. I have that effect. You have that effect on me too. Now come here before I have to chase you down. Let’s make this birthday one where we enjoy it fully.
  • Happy Birthday my dear fiancée – we are intimate lovers and we have to be in the journey of love throughout the life as the destiny of love doesn’t have any end.
  • I wanted to experience the world and you wanted to feel it fully. We were made perfect for one another this way. Happy Birthday baby.
  • There’s not much to say other than what will be said on our wedding day. However, it doesn’t take that day for you to be mine. You are mine already and I couldn’t have it any other way my fiancée. Happy Birthday my love.
  • I have a small dream, I have to live my whole life with you and touch the heights with you. Have a great birthday my dear fiancée.
  • Happy Birthday my fiancée. Did you know this was the year you were going to get married? Probably not. But now that we are here, you should know that this is going to be the best year of all time.
  • There is no one adorable than you, listen to my heart beats, they say someone loves you a lot, and Happy Birthday my sweet love.

One of the most beautiful feelings when I think about you, my heart feels so relaxed. You are my soul mate. Have a lovely birthday my dear fiancée.

  • This is going to be one special day my fiancée. Since today is the day you were born and I have met my queen. Let us rule together baby. Happy birthday.
  • There is nothing more satisfying than being able to drive my woman crazy again and again and again. Whether it be from frustrating, satisfaction or overall lust and love. It’s like discovering a new way to explore you. Over and over. Happy birthday.
  • We will not be apart, how much my heart loves you, this is the promise of my love even my God is listening to my heart beats as well. Happy Birthday, honey.
  • You will forever and always be special to me, I hope you have a great bash my fiancée; you are one in a million. I love you.
  • I am so ready to celebrate with you baby. This is going to be one of the best days ever. My fiancée is only becoming more beautiful and loving and I couldn’t have it any other way.
  • Come here baby. I want you. More than I want air. You are just so intoxicating. Happy Birthday my fiancée. Expect some fireworks later tonight for the rest of the night for the rest of our lives.
  • Be mine, my love, I want to cross all my limits in your love, give my every asset to you and if I speak lie I should die this time. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Fiancee.
  • You are a blessing to me, calling you my fiancée is a wish come true, I hope all your wishes come true for you honey. I adore you.
  • I know what you love and what drives you crazy. And I love driving you crazy because you love it. If that wasn’t confusing, it’s because you love when I make you crazy. Happy Birthday Fiancee.
  • I don’t know what is the magic hidden in all your words which attract me towards you and I frequently keep on idealizing about you in my lonely nights. Have a wonderful birthday my life partner.
  • There’s only one thing to do for the rest of the day. It is time for you and me to get wild with love. Happy Birthday my Fiancee. It is going to be a joy to explore you over and over. I love you baby.
  • I still do not believe in my good fortune that it linked my life with you. Happy Birthday my fiancee.
  • I will forever be grateful that you came into my life, that you were brave enough to conquer my heart mind and every piece of me. I love you.
  • It’s you and me, and all of the people around admire who and what we are. Happy Birthday to the woman who claimed my heart and kept it free from harm, I can’t wait to make you my wife.

Happy birthday with cute heart

  • I am happy to have you by my side an=s my fiancée, I get to enjoy each and every moment with you. I love you and promise to always make you happy.
  • I have forgotten the world in such a way I have fallen in love with you, whether call it’s my desolateness or madness, I have chosen you as my life. Hope these distances eliminate soon between us. Happy Birthday my sweetheart.
  • Just ask me what is happening inside my heart, it’s just a celebration of your birthday, I can feel you and I can see everywhere, my heart goes crazy for you. Have a lovely birthday my sweet fiancée.
  • You have me, every piece of me is yours, I hope you have a great time as you celebrate your birthday, I will forever and always be here honey.
  • You think that I would forget you? I have your every curve burned in my memory. Your scent is recognizable by my nostrils so fast that I could track you. I love you dearly my fiancée. Time to celebrate this special day.
  • When I saw you the first time I considered that I have received the address of my destination. Now we have to walk with each other throughout life as all my ways are connected with yours. Happy Birthday my dear fiancée.
  • You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen, you have a huge heart and great wits and I cannot be happier to have you by my side. I love you to the moon and back, my fiancée.
  • So you blow out your candles, think of that very special birthday my fiancée, and guarantee, if it hasn’t already come true, it will soon enough baby.
  • I can’t believe I get to share your birthday my fiancée, I can’t help but be thankful for the moment we have been blessed to share, you know I love you.

come here baby i want you more than i want air. happy birthday my beautiful fiancee.

  • Winds and clouds are saying what a beautiful implication it is, only your heart will know and think as it is the call of my heart. I love you so much and Happy Birthday my queen.
  • I waited for long after searching for long, but the way you came to me is not explainable, because you’re so priceless to be found just anywhere. I’m really lucky. Happy Birthday.
  • I can scream on the top of my lungs how much you mean to me, I don’t care how you look at it, just seeing that smile on my fiancée’s face is enough for me on her birthday.
  • A beautiful bouquet of red flowers and chocolates for the lady who is my would be wife. Have a stunning birthday my sweet fiancee
  • Happy Birthday to the woman that has turned me into what I am today, I love you to bits; I hope you have a blast as you blow off those candles, I love you.
  • You are amazing piece of me, I will never be ungrateful for you, I hope you have a great birthday my fiancée; I will always be here for you.
  • Today we are engaged but this day I take an oath that I want to find you in my life and afterlife. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • May we live a happy life ahead and never get separated from each other, hold you in my arms and make you feel the eternal peace. Missing you a lot. Happy Birthday, darling.
  • Your memories, moments of meetings, and the flash of showering of love, I can never forget these. I am crazy for you. May the distances between us reduce and we tie a knot as soon. Happy Birthday, love.
  • They said we weren’t compatible just like a snail isn’t compatible with a cheetah. But I’m glad we could finally make it work. Happy Birthday Fiancee.
  • Roads, waterfalls, oceans may alter their route, glow of lantern may change, life may commence a new jingle, raindrop may bustle a unique note, flavor of seasons will amend their fashion, but I will remain same and forever with you each second of each moment. Happy Birthday.
  • With lots of sweetness of love, and delight from the heart, I want to wish the woman of my dream and the one I’ll share my life with a Happy Birthday. May it be a special year.
  • Every time I see you, you always take my spirit higher to an extremely excited state. I don’t know how long it will last but I hope it lasts forever. Happy Birthday my love.
  • I can never take back any moment we shared, each memory we made and each birthday I get to celebrate with you. Happy Birthday my Fiancee.
  • You are the apple of my eye, cliché I know but I love you so much it hurts each and every part of me. Have the greatest birthday my fiancée you amaze me more each day.
  • May this birthday be as amazing as you my Fiancee, each day I love you more for you are the reason I now believe in love and I enjoy the benefits of it too. Enjoy my love!
  • I can never forget the magical moments we’ve shared my Fiancee, I believe your birthday will create a moment we will never forget.
  • You are the most prized possession, the one who keeps my heart, I promise to always be here for you. I love you a lot and wish nothing but the best for you. I love you Fiancee of mine.


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