Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes and Messages

Birthday wishes are sweet little messages you send to the person you love with lots of love. Happy 22nd Birthday messages go a long way in building a bond that will forever give the birthday person, at the particular time, nostalgic moments. Birthdays are ever so colorful and thoughtful, no matter the age or manner of celebration. A 22 year old newbie will want to have a spectacular time with their friends and all those they love around them.

Happy 22nd Birthday to you sweet daughter

Each age is a blessing and as a special person in that beautiful person’s life, it is important to remind them of how much you love and care for them. Pick one of these messages to give that special someone an unforgettable 22nd birthday.

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Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes

Here are the best ways to wish that special someone Happy 22nd Birthday.

  • Happy 22nd Birthday. You are a special and lovable person.
  • We have been friends since childhood, and today you are 22. How amazing! Happy Birthday 22 years.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday! It’s not just a year, it’s a new chapter of adventure, learning, and limitless possibilities.
  • At 22, every day is a blank canvas. Paint your life with bold colors and big dreams. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 22nd Birthday buddy. I hope today will be the most important to you.
  • You are so special to me and words cannot describe how much you mean to me in this world, nothing can take your place. Happy 22nd Birthday my first and only love. Stay blessed.
  • It’s your special day. Let’s celebrate, have some fun and party together. Happy Birthday, 22-year-old!
  • We live, we learn, we love, we smile, and sometimes, life hits us hard but still we try to survive, your life has been an exemplary one. Happy 22nd Birthday dear. Love you so much.
  • There is never a better time to be happy than today. It’s your favorite day. Have fun dear. Happy 22nd birthday!
  • Time flies, the sun rises and sets, people come and go but today is your day. Happy 22nd birthday to you!

Time flies, the sun rises and sets, people come and go but today is your day. Happy 22nd birthday to you!

  • Happy Birthday, to the celebrant of the day, living for 22 years on this complicated planet is not an easy feat.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday girl. As you have seen this day, I pray you grow old to celebrate more birthdays.
  • I felt there is no better way of expressing my true feelings on your 22nd birthday than to write it in a text; it feels like I just won a treasure hunt.
  • Knowing I have you as my friend makes me smile every day. Happy Birthday my dear friend.
  • Happy 22nd birthday to you. We are so glad for your latest achievement, and we wish you all the best in this world.
  • We have been through thick and thin together; here I am celebrating your 22nd birthday like it’s mine, I cherish moments such as today’s. I wish you the happiest birthday.
  • Cellphones can be irritating. You must pay phone bills, charge the battery, messages get delayed etc. the only reason I haven’t thrown mine away is because it connects us on your birthday. Happy 22nd Birthday.
  • You have been a great influence in my life. You are not just special, you are an angel. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Pal today, you are magnificent as a tree planted by the riverbed, with leaves evergreen and bark glowing, branches spread broad touching the river, and roots so firm and unmoved. Happy 22nd Birthday boy.
  • Make the best use of your 22nd birthday because you will never have the opportunity of celebrating another until your next life so has fun in its fullest.
  • We will surely have an exciting time today; it is your 22nd birthday, so we will have an overnight party, loud music and fun unlimited.
  • If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If all wishes come true, I wish to stay as a close friend to you forever.
  • I know you know they all love you, they all look up to you and they are all proud of you. Call them today and share your 22nd piece of cake with them. I love you.

Happy 22nd Birthday

  • As I checked my calendar today, I discovered that it is your birthday. There is no greater joy I could feel than seeing you become 22 years old.
  • I am blessed because I get to see you turn 22, I can’t believe how fast the years have passed, but I can believe you turned out to be one of the best people I know of. Cheers!
  • The sun is shining brighter, the weather is calm, and the birds are singing. Oops! It’s your birthday.
  • If I had a dollar for every time you made me smile, I would be a billionaire, I love you to the moon and back, Happy 22nd my love!
  • On your birthday today, I pray to God to give you more wisdom and guidance to become the person you desire to be.
  • You have come this far, and your life will not be short lived. Experience rapid increase, goodwill, kindness and love from life and everyone you come across.
  • You have not only been there for me, but you have proven to be the most royal friend I have. I cherish you a lot, may your 22nd birthday bring you good things!

Funny 22nd Birthday Wishes

  • Do you know why the Earth rotates from West to East? And why the sun is 6 000 oC at the surface and 150 000 000 oC within? I didn’t know too. Hehehe. Happy 22nd Birthday.
  • Nothing can stop me from congratulating you on your 22nd birthday; I hope that you would not be this dumb on your 23rd.
  • No one cares if you are 22 or 50 today, it is your life, and you have been a very terrible administrator; I hope you live long.
  • Before you were 22, you always love the spotlight and attention, so I wish on you the years of Methuselah; you will get all the attention and probably end up in a museum.
  • Good people mostly die young, and the bad Lives longer than expected, you are 22 years old today so choose wisely where to pitch your tent.
  • Please do not get ahead of yourself; birthdays are not special because everyone celebrates it; however, you would not listen because you are dumb. hehehe. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. 22 With stars.

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for Friend

  •  Life without you would have no meaning, so take a sit, let us bring out the cake and celebrate many more years with you. Happy 22nd birthday to you my friend!!
  • Hooray! Jump up! Shout! Laugh! It’s your special day. Happy Birthday, best friend. I wish you long life and prosperity.
  • The last time you celebrated your birthday, we did not only have fun, but we also had a personal connection together. You made me feel happy. On this special day of yours, I want to celebrate with you as well and replicate that love.
  • What do you want in life? As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray you get all your heart desires. Wishing you the best dear.
  • Happy Birthday to a friend who is good at who is very terrible at being bad, may your good nature pave more ways for you as you clock 22 today.
  • If I can predict the future, I will say you do become very successful, buy big houses, drive the best cars. I can say all these because you have shown great attitude towards success. I really wish you the best things of life. Happy 22nd Birthday friend!

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22nd Birthday Wishes for Son

Special ways to say Happy 22nd Birthday to your son.

  • The best years of your life are about to come. More party, and much fun will be included in them too. Happy 22nd birthday my son!
  • There are special times and days in our lives. Today is a special day for you because it is your birthday. Have a lovely day son.
  • You are gradually taking the toll deeper into adulthood. I pray as you grow older, you gain more experience and become more pragmatic in the actions you take.

Happy 22nd Birthday to you Son

  • As you celebrate your 22nd birthday, I wish you joy, long life and above all everything you wish yourself. Have a great birthday!
  • From the first day that I met you, I knew you would change my life, you have made each day worth living, may you grow older than your grandpa, happy 22nd dear son!

22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Here are some sentiments for your sweet daughter on her 22nd birthday.

  • You are my biggest blessing, my biggest achievement and in my eyes you will always be my little child, forever with love, Happy 22nd Birthday my daughter!
  • You have made me who I am and for that, I love you so much, Happy 22nd Birthday daughter, you are more than what they see.
  • There is nothing entirely new, but turning 22 years old today is new for you. I wish you the best.  Happy Birthday, 22-year-old!

Last night the sun told the universe it won’t shine today

  • May your never wrinkle, but have white hair, may you see your grandchildren and all their heirs, I love you. Happy 22nd Birthday sweet daughter! Daddy loves you.
  • May this day make you see what you have, let you appreciate it all and most of all take a new step into the new age. Happy 22nd daughter, I love you!

Happy 22nd Birthday Brother

Celebrate with your brother on his special day by one of these Happy 22nd Birthday wishes.

  • I can never let you go, for you are the only one I hold dearest, you have given me a second chance at life, a new breathe that I hope to share with you as you venture into 22!
  • May the stars shine bright for you, may you never lack and may you always have lady luck. I love you my 22 year old brother!
  • I hope to share forever with you, for without you there is no forever, you are all I look up to and someday, I hope to be like you, if not better than you! Happy Birthday Bro.
  • You are my ultimate person, the one who pushes me to be the best version of myself and as you turn 22 I promise to be the best in your eyes, for you matter! Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Fill the day with fulfilled promises, with new hope and with a bright future, have fun and remember you are only 22 once for 355 days!

You are so special to me and words cannot describe how much you mean to me

Happy 22nd Birthday Sister

  • May this day bring you so much happiness that fills the whole year, you are a blessing and I love the fact that I get to celebrate your 22nd with you, to many more my love!
  • Life is beautiful. It’s a blessing to keep up with all that wonderful things in life. May your new age bring you amazing memories. Happy 22nd Birthday sister, Stay calm and enjoy your day.
  • My happiest thoughts, dreams, and best memories are your portion. You have come a long way to 22nd. May God keep blessing you and may he give you all you desire. Happy Birthday sis, 22-year-old!
  • Just at 22, you are already the best in all you do. What a blessing for life. I am thankful for your existence. Happy 22nd Birthday sister. Enjoy your day.
  • From zero years old, you grew to 18, and now you are 22. Good things have trailed you right from inception, and you shall experience more fortune in the coming years.

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Birthday Messages for 22-Year-Olds

Here are some Happy 22nd birthday messages you can share with anyone.

  • At 22, you may be confused because a part of you will want to be young and relive those childhood years, but don’t be deceived by that feeling. Keep moving forward.
  • We’ve got ourselves through much and less that no one would ever know what we’ve been through. I would prefer nobody else to spend my life with but you. Happy 22nd Birthday my love.
  • Twenty to twenty-five are the best years in the life of humans, in it lies youthfulness at its peak. Never forget to live optimally. Happy 22nd Birthday wonderful friend. Enjoy your special day.
  • It is normal for youths to get scared as they age; it’s called fear of the unknown. Don’t admit it when it comes and keep working hard, then you’ll conquer the unknown.

There is never a better time to be happy than today. It’s your special day. Happy 22nd birthday!

  • Survival instinct and little luck are the ingredients for long life; you may be 22 today nevertheless let us see how tough you are.
  • Life with its transient beauty have its flaws. It leaves us nothing but memories. Some good, some bad, and we must seize every chance we must celebrate. Therefore pal, enjoy today.
  • You’re 22 now and you are grinning at the prospect of complete independence, I hope you won’t forget the responsibilities attached. Don’t worry; I’ll always be here to remind you.
  • When you’re scaling the heights of vigor and wits, the only allegiance you owe is to yourself, always remember this and you will always be at your best in all you do.
  • 22 is a delicate age, a part of you want to go wild and do things you haven’t done in twenty years of your life, be a polite person always. Happy 22nd Birthday, enjoy yourself.
  • The vintage that binds human race is so unique and we will always remember it. I pray you always beam with smiles each time you remember yours.
  • At this age, you will only succeed if you hold on to an extreme faith that is beyond yourself. I hope you will never be afraid as you journey on.
  • I hope that you’ll find happiness to your heart’s content in whatever you do and wherever you are as you clocked this beautiful age. Happy 22nd Birthday son. Enjoy your special day.
  • Preparation, they say, can only take one far. One must still take a leap of faith. Through your earlier years, you have prepared. Now is the time to exercise Faith. Happy 22nd Birthday.
  • If it were up to me, your birthdays will be done once every leap year, heheheh. Your cake’s horrible and you always put me through the arduous task of composing a message. Okay…again…Happy 22nd Birthday.

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