Turning a new age is not a bad thing, it is a blessing and the older you get the wiser you become and the more the experiences you get to have and share. A new age means new memories, new days and even new allowances. New ages are a clean slate to finally redirect one’s life. Birthday messages are the best way of telling a special someone live long and remember that I will always be here to celebrate each moment with you.

Happy 23th birthday

Send one of these amazing birthday wishes to that amazing new 23 year old and see a smile form on their face. The more they smile the more their day will be memorable. Aging is beautiful when you have friends to age with, be an aging friend.

Happy 23rd Birthday Wishes

Whatever the reason, I will always be here for you. You are my child and I love you so much.

I may search but I will never find someone as great as you. You are my number one reason to live, happy 23rd birthday.

You are handsome you are intelligent and you are loved

Happy 23rd Birthday


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