A neighbor is not only a person in need, as is quoted by everyone, a neighbor may be a friend you are close to, a colleague you work next to or simply the person who lives next to you apartment or otherwise. Birthday wishes are important in making a person’s day special, it makes turning older seem awesomely awesome in the best way yet.

Happy Birthday to the best Neighbour

Wishing someone a happy birthday should come from the heart with the cleanest and most heartfelt intensions yet. Here are some birthday wishes you can send to your neighbor to ensure that they have a fantastic birthday as they blow out those candles and make a wish.

Happy Birthday Messages for Neighbor

You are not only my neighbor but my best friend too. i love to be in your company it gives a sense of gladness.

Happy birthday to you

May your day be special like you, sparkle like your smile and magical like your words. Wish you a fabulous birthday.

Happy birthday to the best neighbor. i wish you all the best in the world


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