Top 50+ Wedding Wishes and Messages for Aunt

An aunty can be the extra sister you get to have, the role model you look up to or the woman you wouldn’t imagine life without, whoever your aunty is to you, I bet you wish her the best no matter how mean, happy or amazing she may be. on the day of their weddings, sending her a message showing you are thinking of her is one of the most amazing gestures you can send to show her how much you love and appreciate her. Here are some wedding wishes for your aunt that will definitely widen the smile on their special day after all someday you will be an aunt or uncle too.

Wedding Wishes for Aunt

  • Congratulations to both of you. May God give you long life and good health.
  • Congratulations on your wedding aunt! I hope you will forever be happy with the man you’ve chosen as your husband.
  • May the Lord bless your union and may you always make each other happy. Congratulations.
  • I have a feeling you will be the most beautiful bride anyone has ever seen, wishing you the best as you walk down the aisle and into your new life.
  • You are so beautiful aunt. May God bless your union. May He bring all the best of everything into your home. Happy marriage life.
  • Congratulations to the world’s most amazing aunt, for taking this bold step to a new life. May you enjoy your marriage life.
  • My heartfelt best wishes on your wedding dear aunt. May this wedding bells usher a joyous time of your life and May all the memories remain forever. Congratulations pretty Queen.
  • I hope the smile and joy you feel never fade away. Congrats on your wedding, you’re the reason I still believe in love.

Happy Married Life aunt.

  • Finally, two beautiful souls have come together to Tie the Knot. I’m wishing you good health with love that will keep growing forever. Have a happy Marriage aunt.
  • May marriage and all the fruits that come from it make you happier, wiser and a million times blessed. Congrats on your wedding aunt, I wish you the best.
  • Congratulations aunt. Be blessed in everything you do in your home.
  • You’re the luckiest woman in the world and I hope I get to be as lucky as you someday, wishing you happiness, love and joy in your marriage. I love you!
  • May your marriage be the beginning of forever success and prosperity. May the years ahead be filled with endless love and lasting joy. Congratulations!
  • You are the most amazing woman I know of, aside my mom and I consider you as a sister, may your wedding be as jovial as you, congrats dear aunty.
  • Happy married life, aunt. May you two be just perfect together in all that you decide and do.
  • I can never replace you, never run away from you nor forget you on such a special occasion, may love always light your way. Congrats on your wedding aunt!
  • Aunts are like second mothers and they often overdo the duties of mothers because of their love. That’s how you are aunty. And I want to wish you a successful marriage, second mother of mine.
  • I had to go to the mountaintop to look for the best wish for you but I realize the best simple wish for you is that you enjoy your marriage. Happy married life aunt.
  • You are my greatest inspiration aunty and I just love the way that dress looks on you. Maybe I’ll come borrow it on my wedding. Congrats on today!
  • I look up to you because you are who I want to be when I get older, thank you for being such an amazing aunt and confident, I hope your marriage gives you a million reasons to smile.
  • You should win the award for best aunty ever, thank you for making my gloomy days shiny; I hope marriage gives you lots of happy days.

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Congratulations. May God give you long life and good health.

  • Happy married life to you dear aunty, I never knew we would be so close. You are just the special kind of being that I’m happy to be close to you. Enjoy your home aunt.
  • Happy married life to you aunt, you are simply WBA – World Best Aunty. Your shine gives hope to us all to have the kind of life that we want. Enjoy your beautiful marriage aunt.
  • You deserve the very best of all wishes on your wedding day aunt; I really have one special wish. I want you to have triplet as your first children. Enjoy your marriage aunt.
  • There is no one like you and never shall there be. May every good thing befall you as you tie the knot today. I wish you all the best in your marriage life dear aunty.
  • Thank you for the years, the time and all the good advice, I wish you the best as you enjoy your wedding day.
  • My partner in crime is getting married today, whatever shall I do without you aunty, thank you for the unforgettable times. Wishing you a blessing wedding day!
  • Happy married life to an aunt who acts justly and acts freely in love. It is so awesome to have an aunt like you. I hope you’ll enjoy your new home with perfect love.
  • Seeing you as happy as you look today was all I ever wanted, thank you for being such an amazing aunt to me, you truly do deserve the best on your wedding day.
  • Hurray!! The deed is done, you are finally married. It is now time to live happily ever after and build up your dreams to greater heights.
  • When love is concerned, difficult things becomes very easy to carry out. My wish for you aunt is that your love for each other be stronger than steel. Happy married life aunt.
  • May your marriage be the best decision you have ever made in your life, may you love each other so much that you won’t do without each other. Happy married life aunt.
  • Everything I am, everything I have I owe it to you aunt, I wish you the best on your wedding, may everything you ever hoped and dreamed of come to pass.

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Congratulations. May the Lord bless your union and may you always make each other happy.

  • Life is pretty easy to live when it’s with you. You’re such a being with perfect arrangement for every need. I just love living with you but now I’ll miss you. Congratulations on your wedding aunt!
  • Amazing people such as yourself deserve the finest, you truly did find a man who loves you so much, enjoy your wedding and all the fruits it will bear.
  • A family that prays together conquers together; don’t ever leave the place of prayer away from your family building. Pray together and on everything. Happy married life aunt.
  • Enjoy for you are the main focus, you are blessed loved and adored and there is nothing that makes us happier than seeing you settle down. Congrats on your wedding!
  • When love is available nothing becomes too much to do for the love of your life. May you both never cease to be lovers as you get married today. Congratulations aunt.
  • Congratulations aunt! I hope that as you get married today, you will never suffer a broken heart. Enjoy all the love in the world aunt. Wish a lot of happy years together!
  • I really pray that you will get the best out of your marriage and may your marriage be very far from mediocrity and trouble. Enjoy your home with lots of happiness aunt.
  • May every good thing come your way as you celebrate and solidify your union to my new uncle. Wishing you a day as blessed as you aunty.
  • Have an unforgettable wedding my dear aunt, I will always wish you the best in any and all ventures you undertake.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2024