Top 50+ Funny Wedding Wishes and Messages

Weddings is always occasions to spread and share laughter, cheer, love and joy and that is why sending a funny wedding wish to a person close to you on this very amazing day can relax them more than you think. Fun can be gotten from anywhere, especially where two or more people are gathered. Share and spread some laughter by sending a unique funny wedding wish or message to that special someone on their very special day. Here are some funny wedding messages you can choose from for that lucky man or woman getting hitched to the girl or boy of his dreams.

Funny Wedding Wishes

  • Congratulations for the new life of slavery. Happy Married Life.
  • It takes two people who want to be together to get married, but the opposite is the case with you two. Because you’re always brawling. Happy married life lovers and brawlers. Have fun filled marriage.
  • Just get ready to annoy yourself by the single person till the whole life. Wishing you a very happy married life.
  • If you are not blind then try to act like it and if you are not deaf then try to pretend it. If you want to spend a good life. Happy wedding to both of you.
  • The stage of keeping your mouth shut has started. Don’t worry. Everyone is doing this job very well who are in this relation. Good luck in marriage!
  • Marriage is a great shock with a forceful attempt, so you are the victim of it. Enjoy your rest of life under its impression. Congratulations.
  • Just remember this slogan ‘my wife is always right’. You will spend a very happy life, no doubt. Hope you have lifetime happiness and joy.
  • I have known you as a frog all my life how did you become the king you are today? Congrats on your wedding!

Congratulations for the new life of slavery.

  • Many congratulations on your wedding. You are going to lose your all senses.
  • Only brave people engaged in marital relations. Congratulation brother, for the biggest union of your life.
  • My life is hidden in your pretty face. So please do not wash your face otherwise your makeup will spoil my life. Have a great wedding day.
  • You look beautiful on your wedding gown, love you and congrats on your wedding love! You definitely wore it better!
  • Happy married life friend, I wish you’ll legalize our friendship like you’re doing to that woman today. Anyway. Enjoy your home a lot.
  • Marriages are like the cream in the coffee cup. At first, it tastes good, but later it tastes bitter. May you both have the lifetime of happiness and pleasure. Happy Married Life.
  • I hate to miss you, but now I’m going to miss loving you because another miss has taken you away. I wish you both happiness. Happy married life naughty friend.
  • Congratulations for the joy forever like two peanuts attach in a shell. Wishing you a very Happy Married Life.
  • Wishing you both a very happy wrestling match. Now let’s see who will win. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • Congratulations on sleeping with the same person for the rest of your life, I hope you enjoy each other. Love you guys!
  • Seeing you here bring tears to my eyes, I was tired of being the third wheel anyway, have fun guys. Congrats on tying the knot!
  • Happy married life brother; now that you’re married I hope you’ll help in finding the secret to a happy marriage because it remains a secret to everyone especially me. Lol.

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Just remember this slogan ‘my wife is always right’. You will spend a very happy life.

  • Happy married life to a controversial friend; I hope your wife won’t find out that you married her to win a bet. Do enjoy your home.
  • Now you have entered into the world’s biggest zoo where humans are animals, fighting for their basic needs. Have a great season of the wedding.
  • This day will never be forgotten, two of the most beautiful people in the world witnessed a lovely and holy matrimony, and I mean me and your beautiful bride, congrats bro!
  • Marriage often starts with love and ends on the wrestling ring; I hope your story will be different, by wrestling not on the ring but on bed. Happy married life brother.
  • Congratulations friend, your wife is really a gentle woman, our uncle once said; nothing terrorizes him more than his gentle wife. I hope your situation is different.
  • What you wish the one you get. Never laugh on your priorities and choices, might your husband is one of them. Happy Married Life, dear sister.
  • Congratulations on your wedding brother, don’t forget to hold on to your woman as you often hold on to your credit card even when there’s nothing in your account. Enjoy your home.
  • Relationships are like boxing competition, while marriage is like the final, if you survived the other stages, you’ll definitely be knocked out in the finals. All the luck in the ring friend.
  • I’m glad our friend found the only woman that will annoy him for the rest of his life; I’m not ready to find mine because I don’t want to die soon. Happy married life buddy.
  • Congratulation and good luck for the journey of life. May you always see the funny episode of this season.
  • The beauty of a relationship is to bear each other whether you love or not. Wishing you a very Happy Married Life.
  • One plus one in your case makes one, may you be a big beautiful oneness full of love and unbreakable respect. Love you guys! Congrats!

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If you are not blind then try to act like it and if you are not deaf then try to pretend it.

  • I hope your marriage will make you happy and not make you to be a philosopher; philosophers in marriages are clearly missing as they barely enjoy freedom. Enjoy your union buddy.
  • This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, the prince and the pauper joining in holy goodness #just kidding. Love you guys!
  • May this day forever be engraved in your memory as the day you both made an eternal promise to each other. Congrats on your wedding!
  • He is a good man, but even a better husband, unfortunately my best friend, and I am never letting go… congrats beauties!
  • I cannot begin to imagine how I got myself into this open buffet, thank you for inviting me to your wedding bro; she finally turned you into a prince.
  • May everything work out for you in this new profound prison you got yourself in, only kidding; I wish you every bit of happiness on your wedding.
  • May you experience happiness in your marriage life; you’ll need it to survive the storms, only kidding. Congrats on your wedding.
  • Welcome to the league of the married where you have to make others happy at the expense of yourself. I cannot wait to see you have kids.
  • Most people think they are genuinely in love until they make the mistake of marriage and reality manifests. Why did you decide to follow their path?
  • I love it that you are finally married, so you will understand why your parents wake up grumpy. That’s what marriage does to you.

Last Updated on January 12, 2024