Belated Wedding Wishes and Messages

They say better late than never, follow that and I bet you won’t ever feel as though you missed out on something important for someone special. Sending a late wedding wish is never a crime, the fact that you did it will mean a lot to the recipient. Missing someone’s wedding most times isn’t an intentional matter, if you send them the wish no matter how late it is received I am sure the recipient will appreciate it and will forever be thankful for the special words put down.

Sorry for being late. I wish you a happy married life.

Choose one of these messages to show the recipient even though you missed out on the day you remembered them and said a little wish on their behalf.

Belated Wedding Congratulation Messages

  • Happy married life to the best friend of my life, may your soul find sweetest rest as you tie the knot today. Be glad all through your stay together. Sorry it came late.
  • Happy belated married life buddy, may joy flow in you and through you as the new journey starts with the woman you love. Enjoy your home.
  • I only heard it through the grapevines but I bet it was spectacular. Sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding, congratulations dear!
  • May your union forever be blessed with the desires deepest in your hearts. Congrats on your wedding, sorry I could not attend it.
  • I am really sorry; I just missed your wedding party. I wish you guys have a wonderful life with long lasting love.
  • I am sorry for being so late to wish you both the happy wedding. May you both share unconditional love and happiness in the way of life.

I am really sorry; I just missed your wedding party. I wish you guys have a wonderful life with long lasting love.

  • You’ll be a marvelous wife; I’m so sure of that. Trust in your husband’s strength and contribute endlessly to the home. Happy belated married life friend.
  • I couldn’t be at your wedding, but it doesn’t take away any glamor from it. May your life be filled with lots of indescribable love. Happy belated wishes. Congratulations buddy.
  • Not wishing you on the day of your wedding makes me sad, but it’s better to do it now than never. May your home be fruitful and joyful. Happy married life friend.
  • I wish I could be there to see how beautiful you were but as fate would have had it I didn’t attend; I am sorry and hope you live happily ever after.
  • May you grow both physically emotionally and mentally as you venture into marriage hood. Sorry I could not attend, but my thoughts were with you throughout the day.
  • May God bless this couple with the elements of love, blessings, and understanding. Happy belated wedding!
  • You are my one of the best friends with whom I love to spend time. But it’s a bad luck for me that my friend forgot to invite me on her big day. Anyways when I came to know, I wish you Happy Married Life.
  • Wishing you a lot of happiness, joy, prosperity, and love come in the journey of your life. Happy belated wedding!
  • Joy is what I wished for you on your wedding day, even though I couldn’t put it into a text. May joy come down into your life and lighten up your marriage. Happy married life.
  • I couldn’t have send you a message on your wedding night; I know you’ll be really busy ?. Happy married life great friend. I hope your first children will be twins. Enjoy your home.
  • It’s coming late, but it’s with lots of appreciation to God on your behalf. May your life be fulfilled in this marriage. Be glad throughout the journey. Congratulations.

As fragrance is important for flowers, same as you are important for me but I don’t how could I even forget your biggest day of life. Sorry for my negligence

  • The Lord put you together so no man shall separate you. I wish I was there to see how beautiful the wedding was, I hope you last forever.
  • Thank you for the photos, I could see it was a beautiful ceremony, I feel bad I couldn’t attend, hope to be there when you celebrate your anniversary. Congrats on being wed.
  • I knew you’d last forever; you have something most of us wish we find. Deep regrets for not being able to attend. Happy marriage!
  • I keep chasing after money that I forgot my friend’s wedding day, happy belated wishes friend, you marked an Era in my life and I cannot but appreciate you for that. Enjoy your new home.
  • It’s a huge regret to miss your wedding and then miss wishing you on the day, I promise to make it up to you when next I’m in town. Happy belated wishes on your wedding.

Congratulations on your wedding

  • Who would have missed the marriage of this powerful couple, but the reason couldn’t be avoided. Happy married life to you great couple. May your lives be love filled. Enjoy your home.
  • Be nice to each other and stay blessed. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • It’s good to wish better. Sorry for the belated wedding wishes. May your marriage blooms like sweet flowers and buds.
  • May God bless both of you and bestow all his blessing to the cute couple. I am sorry I am late. Congratulations on your marriage.
  • May you always be blessed as you celebrate forever with each other, sorry I couldn’t attend, I heard I missed out on a lot, all in all, I know it was something worth it!
  • Many congratulations on your wedding, may your union be forever blessed, sorry I couldn’t attend. But I was with you at heart!

I am very sorry for not sending you a wedding wish on time, I feel so bad and terrible, so I decided to do something special for you later.

  • May the fairy of love and devotion hit you and may every dream for your future be achieve. Sorry I couldn’t attend the wedding, congratulations always.
  • Couldn’t stop thinking about what I could have missed with lots of friends around at your wedding. But I want to wish you a glorious wedding full of love. Congratulations dear friend.
  • I missed an important day of your life, but I know I retain the important spot in your heart. Happy married life dear friend. May your love never go dry.
  • With all of my heart, I want to wish you the best of every little thing that makes a marriage beautiful. Happy married life friend. I’m sorry it came late.
  • I wish I would have in your wedding day to celebrate with you guys. But I am so far from you. I wish you a blissful belated happy wedding.
  • How fool I am that I couldn’t attend your wedding day. I know it might be the best day. Congratulations.
  • It’s awful to miss the most important day of your life. I feel very sorry for this mishap. I wish you have a happy married life.
  • I hope someday I may be as lucky as you, I hope the day was splendid, congrats on your wedding, may your love nest be filled with wonderful gifts! Sorry I didn’t attend.
  • I hope you the happiness experienced on that day will last a lifetime, congrats on getting hitched, sorry I couldn’t attend but I promise to be there every anniversary.
  • I missed your wedding but I won’t miss your coming birthday. May your love for your wife never get tired of growing day by day. Happy married life friend. God bless your home.
  • For missing your wedding, I will send you a message for the next seven days. I’m excited you made it through the rough process of courtship. May your life be forever good together.
  • May you both enjoy an unfailing love every time and every day. I am delighted that you finally tied the knot, but I’m sad not to have been there. Enjoy your home.
  • As fragrance is important for flowers, same as you are important for me but I don’t how could I even forget your biggest day of life. Sorry for my negligence. Happy belated wedding.
  • Sending you the belated warm wedding wishes, gifts and lots of love. May you have a happy, healthy and wealthy married life.
  • All my prayers and wishes are for this happy and sweet couple. May God save them from the evil eyes. Congratulations on your marriage
  • May the understanding that came to you from the moment you met rain over each and every day of your married life. Sorry I couldn’t attend!
  • May my wishes be received warmly; you were in my heart as you both said your vows. I hope the happiness is experienced throughout your married life.
  • How I wish to see your naughty face when you are making the marriage vows on the alter ?. I hope you’ll fulfill those vows naughty friend. Happy belated wishes on your wedding.
  • A long lasting marriage is one of my wishes for you, but it must be saddled with a lasting love, so it won’t be hell. Congratulations dear friend. Sorry it came late.
  • I couldn’t feel worse for not making it to your wedding, but I want to wish you a purposeful life as you both begin this journey. Enjoy your home.
  • You are so lucky to get this beautiful girl as your life partner but you would be unlucky if you couldn’t keep her happy. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • How could I even do this? I forgot to wish you on your important day. I feel very sorry. Good luck in marriage!
  • Be happy forever. You guys are made for each other. Happy belated wedding. Looking forward to your wedding pictures.
  • You are both lucky to have each other; my wish is that you never forget the value you place on the other. Sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding!
  • I heard it was beautiful, I wish I was there to see it, but I know you will be forever together, expect me whenever to personally bring my wishes.
  • I couldn’t make it to the wedding yesterday, but I want you to know that my prayers are with you, not just for yesterday but for the whole journey. Accept my belated wishes.
  • Congratulation for the togetherness. It would be the great pleasure for me if I attend your wedding day but sorry I couldn’t come. Wishing you both a happy married life.
  • It’s a pity I couldn’t come to grace the day you’ve dreamt about for a long time. But I want to wish you the very best of everything in the journey. Congratulations.
  • Bonding of wedding is made with the pearls of sacrifice, love, tolerance, compromise, and respect. May you both have the power to redeem your married life happily. Happy belated wedding!
  • May your wedding prove to be the ideal one for all the bachelors and married people and your love multiplies day by day. Have a wonderful married life. Sorry for the late.
  • The beauty and the beast tied the note and they lived happily ever after. I heard it was like a true fairy tale, may your love never fade. Cograts and sorry I couldn’t attend!
  • This is coming a little late, but I can’t wait to congratulate you on your special day. May you feel loved and may you love this man endlessly. Congratulations friend.
  • In the glow of your wedding do not forget me but how bad I am, I forgot to wish you on your important day. Wishing you a very happy togetherness.
  • Wishing you a very happy married life. May you have many more. Oops sorry! May you have only one that brings you a lot of happiness, pleasure, joy, fun, prosperity and sweet kids.
  • Good times may come in the journey of love. May God bless the period of union of two bodies. Sorry for being late. Good luck in marriage!
  • Beauty is got on such days, may everything you ever hoped for your future be fulfilled. Sorry I couldn’t attend the wedding.
  • No amount of sorry can make up for me missing the beautiful ceremony you had. Please accept my belated wedding wishes of happiness as you venture into marriage hood.
  • The show had to go on with or without me, I hope you had a lovely wedding with every desire you had being fulfilled.  Belated wedding wishes.
  • Each union is a blessing and I am really sorry I had to miss yours, please accept my belated wedding wishes as my deepest and warmest thoughts were with you.
  • I bet you looked really good and I can tell you guys really wowed everyone, have a great and blessed union. Accept my belated wishes with my deepest apologies.
  • I am very sorry for not sending you a wedding wish on time, I feel so bad and terrible, so I decided to do something special for you later.
  • I apologize for committing a terrible offense for missing your wedding and not sending wishes. The truth is that I’m far away and Wi-Fi is awful.
  • I have no excuse for committing the blunder of the year. I feel so sad that I wasn’t available to witness your wedding.