Valentine’s Day Messages for fiancée

When you finally get proposed to or propose to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, then it means that you want to wake up to, dream with, build with the one you call your fiancée. On Valentine’s Day sending a special message to that special someone can definitely put a smile on their face. It will set their minds at ease and it will show that you are thinking of them on that special day. Don’t be shy, after all, isn’t spending the rest of your life with someone you can send sweet messages to a dream come true? Send one of the messages below, they are here to help;

Romantic Valentine Messages for fiancée

  • Another valentine with you my love, but this time, as my fiancée, hope to give you a valentine worth telling our grand kids about. I love you always sweetheart.
  • You look more beautiful each time I set my eyes on you my lovely fiancée, wishing you a valentine worth a thousand words. I love you sweetheart!
  • Let’s celebrate this day together in style, our love for each other is something everyone ever dreamed of, and I hope it will forever last. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear Fiancée.
  • Some are fond of their money, some are fond of their parents, some are fond of their achievements, I’m also fond of all those things, but they are second to you. Happy Valentine’s Day Fiancée.
  • I still can’t believe I get to say I am taking my fiancée out for a valentine’s dinner; you make me feel like the luckiest person in the world!


  • Each day with you is a blessing and each moment I fall more in love with you my lovely fiancée, I thank God for you always!
  • We are lucky to have this kind of love; it’s so unique and pure. I don’t want to get out of this love. Happy Valentine’s Day my Fiancée. I love you with all my life.
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  • Whenever I think about you, I realize that you were a gift to me sent from heaven and I won’t forget easily the immense amount of joy we shared together. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are the star that lights up my life, I love you so much and wish you a day full of love and smiles, happy valentine’s fiancée, can’t wait to kiss you!
  • I will always be the one who will brighten up your days, the promises I made you when we met will always live on, happy valentines my fiancée.


  • The connection is just so divine; it must have been orchestrated from heaven. Seeing you for the first time was an experience I would never forget. Happy Valentine’s Day My heart, my Fiancée.
  • I’m glad we crossed paths in this life; my journey wouldn’t have been a perfect one if I didn’t get to know you. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear Fiancée. May we have a good marriage.
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  • I got on one knee and you said yes, you make me the happiest person on this earth and my world would be nothing without you in it. I love you my fiancée.
  • You are the most handsome man I know of and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, I miss you always and I wish you a valentine worth a broad smile my dear fiancée!
  • Some people find it difficult to profess their love to woman, if it’s true love, it’s not difficult. I’m glad of the love I have for you. It’s the love. Happy Valentine’s Day my Fiancée.


  • If life is difficult and when things are tough, I know where to get comfort, thanks for being someone I could rest on. Happy Valentine’s day sweetheart and Fiancée. Let our love continue.
  • I gave all my heart to the only person who can keep it properly, thanks for caring for me and for accepting all of my love. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear Fiancée.
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  • You are my home, and there is no where you’ll lead I won’t follow, wishing you a happy valentine my fiancée, you are the best in my eyes and no one can compete.
  • You are my everything and I will show you just what I mean by that this valentines, I wouldn’t have asked for a better fiancée, I love you always sweetheart!
  • The promise we both have for one another is beautiful, I would choose to repeat what I felt that day but that one time was perfect. Thanks for sharing with me. Happy Valentine’s Day.


  • At first, it was difficult to play the role of a lover well, but thanks for giving me the chance to adjust. You’re all I could ever think of. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.
  • May today be extra special for you my lovely fiancée, you are the one I want to be with forever and I hope to be your valentine this and every valentine.
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  • I would not exist if it weren’t for you, you are not only my fiancée, but the one I always want by my side, enjoy this and every valentine my love!
  • The key to a successful love life is to focus on both of your strength and neglect all that appears to be weakness. I’m glad you’ve helped my strength. Happy Valentine’s Day my Fiancée.
  • I’m happy that my conscious mind is always on you, it’s a beautiful thing to think of you when my mind is troubled. Thanks for sharing my life with me. Happy Valentine’s Day my Fiancée.


  • As we celebrate this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate growing old together my love, you are my fiancée and there is nothing that makes me happier. I love you!
  • You are truly one of a kind my fiancée, I must be the luckiest man in the world for I get to share this and every valentine with you. I love you so much!
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  • There’s only one woman I could think of as my wife to be, I really hope we will enjoy a great companionship when we finally tie the knot. Happy Valentine’s Day sweet Fiancée.
  • Some people fear to love so much in order to avoid hurt, but love is not meant to be feared, but to be taken wholeheartedly. I love you a lot. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Your love is like a scorpion sting to me, the moment it came to me, it has never left, it was a strong sting. I hope it’ll never leave. Happy Valentine’s Day my Fiancée.


  • I promise to always make your valentine special my fiancée; there is no one else I love more than you. Thank you for coming into my life!
  • You are special to me, never forget that, you are loved my fiancée, you are appreciated and you will always be my valentine. I love you now and always.
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  • Your love made me soft and changed everything I have always known myself to be, I am so grateful for having you in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day my Fiancée.


  • It is really great to see you happy; it shows you’re so glad to have me in your life just as I am happy to have you in mine. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day fiancée; I you’ll keep going and never stop moving toward greatness in life, I wish well for everyone I’ve loved. Enjoy this special day.
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  • It is a blessing to Share this day with those who love you and of course it is another blessing to remember those who have at once dwell in your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You’ll get there if you really want to, the land of love is for everyone and you must embrace that you are not the most special for you to love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day I will be sincere with you, since we were apart, things didn’t flow for me. I still love you and I hope you’ll find a place for me in your heart.


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