Anyone who has celebrated valentines with that special someone will tell you it is one of the most romantic times to ever come around especially with the feeling of love that spreads throughout. Seeing other people celebrating the same day is common but what if you added a little twist to your valentine surprise for that special someone.

Happy Valentine's Day

Sending a funny valentines messages is rarely unheard of, that is why doing it might be a really good idea, do what they never thought you’d do. Surprise your special someone with a funny message and see the day grow with laughter as light humor prevails. Don’t be shy about it, send one of these only if your loved one has the same sense of humor you do.

Best Funny Valentine’s Day Messages

Money can not buy love but it can buy lots of love

they say love is blind but to me it is not

Happy Valentines Day. Be my valentine

Funny Valentines Day love cards

Funny Valentine Day Cards


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