Male Friends are rare and when found they stick so close that life becomes difficult any moment without them around. At times males don’t like toying with words because their emotions don’t just fly around, males love to hold the emotions inside and express it in their own little and unique way. That’s males and their friends for you. But this doesn’t reduce the measure of care they hold at heart for one another.

Happy birthday my dearest friend

In case you feel this way also, then you have nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered with the perfect set of wishes that you can send to your male friends near and far away which will make them feel really special on their birthday. The messages are tailored in such a way that they express wonderful thoughts of friendship. Go through our birthday wishes for male friends below and feel free to send any of them to your male Friend.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Guy Friend

  • To my very good friend, the path that we both walked on till we get old is the path that defines loyalty. Thanks for being a loyal friend all through. Happy Birthday to you.
  • It’s a newness of age, a newness of hope and a newness of expectation. My wish for you is that your age will bring you new hope to achieve your expectations. Happy Birthday friend.
  • A little gesture such a birthday message might be the best gift your male friend receives on his birthday so ensure to select a lovely note from the list to show him you truly care about his progress and happiness.
  • Wow, it is another exciting day in your life, happy birthday dude; I wish I were you now, but I will also get my chance.
  • Congratulations to you my brother, may your birthday elevate you to the pinnacle of your profession. Live in the moment until the day ends.
  • Happy Birthday to a man of utmost competence and integrity, I bless the day we first met because you have been amazing and I never regret knowing you.

Happy birthday to you

  • Congratulations to you male friend. We once were complete strangers but your patience and endless love won me over. May you be blessed in all that you do. Have a beautiful Birthday.
  • The reality of your friendship is revealed in how I’ve developed so much financially. I’m so proud that you are my friend always. Happy Birthday to you Brother.
  • I wish I can take you to a place where you and I would enjoy some great time, but money making has taken all of your attention. Happy Birthday to you my money making male friend.
  • My birthday wishes go to an angel in a man’s form; I cannot thank you enough for being there for me in good and turbulent times; you are a friend indeed.
  • I waited so long to acknowledge you on your birthday for being a kind male friend to me. May your new age be a period of unimaginable elevation.
  • Today is your birthday, and it should be one of the happiest moments of your life, a handsome friend, as you should have maximum fun and attention on their special day.

Today is extraordinary because it is your birthday; you are my best male friend. Therefore, I will say so everything within my power to make your day as perfect as possible.

  • Young man, celebrations end, but its memories linger in the heart, may your birthday be a happy one, and you have remarkable memories of the day.
  • Thank you for leaving the comfort of your life to rescue me in my Obscurity. You are indeed a true and rare friend. I wish you happiness and a prosperous journey in this New Year.
  • Happy Birthday to my all knowing buddy. Is there anything you don’t know something about? I envy you for that. Keep adding knowledge in this New Year. Enjoy your special day.
  • Situations don’t last forever; going through this moment with you is my pride and fulfillment. Thanks for being strong with me. Happy Birthday male friend. You’re the best.
  • May you live a fulfilled life and avoid the obstacles that make the doom of some prominent men have a happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to a friend who is like a brother to me, thank you for being a brother from another mother, I will drop by to crash your party.
  • My deepest gratitude goes to the heavens for letting us witness the birthday of an outstanding male friend; you are sure to exhibit signs and wonders.
  • Today is extraordinary because it is your birthday; you are my best male friend. Therefore, I will say so everything within my power to make your day as perfect as possible.
  • Male friends have something special; they talk less but understand each other even without a sign. I’m so proud to have that with you.
  • The blessings that follow a loyal friend is enormous, you have been a loyal friend turn brother to me. I’m sure your blessings are on the way. Happy Birthday to you friend.
  • Rather than to focus on one thing that I don’t have, I’d rather appreciate the Almighty God for blessing me with a friend like you. Happy Birthday to you male friend.
  • Congratulations to a male friend that means the world to me may the smile on your face never fade but become wider through the course of your new age.
  • Thank you for being such a kind and nice person, most people would not sacrifice such amount of time and commitment towards my course.
  • You dare not think of being sad today; we are all happy for the birth of a fantastic man so your joy should supersede everyone else’s.
  • The day permits to live like the king of the universe for the next 24 hours because today is your birthday, and after that, you are back to your regular boring daily life.
  • The best thing that I have working which makes other things to effortlessly work is the friendship that I have with you. Happy birthday to you male friend. Enjoy your special day.
  • Even though we’re not rich, it’s a big privilege to be able to do things together with you. Some rich guys can’t find such at any price. Happy Birthday to you my friend.
  • I’ve been faced with so many impossible situations, but my great joy is that I am able to have a friend who stood by me. I am so blessed to have you.
  • Happy Birthday handsome, you look more attractive as you grow older, I hope you will be elegant enough to win Mr. Universe when you are 90.
  • Celebrate your birthday in people way; I am sure you have funny and mysterious surprises for your party; anyways we are stuck together for the day.
  • My annoying and troublesome male friend is a year older today; you are a perfect description of someone that we all need in our lives.  Have maximum fun.
  • The only thing I have for you is respect and admiration for all the achievements that you have wrapped under your fingertips. Happy Birthday to you male friend. Stay blessed.
  • Happy Birthday to you male friend. Losing you is worse than losing a very fine cute babe. Heheheh. I’d choose you any day. Enjoy your special day.
  • Lovely male friends deserve lovely birthdays; I am committed to making that happen, consider it as a token for your consistent, selfless actions.
  • Happy Birthday to a great person and a blessing to the world of men, there are very few guys that share your remarkable and extraordinary personality. Remain happy.
  • Many of your male peers are dead while many others are alive but in a terrible state, so you should at least thank God for good health and life on your birthday.
  • Congratulations on this glorious day of yours, you’re such a great and irresistible fellow. I always want to hear you speak at every time. You’re great.
  • Your joy graduates beyond just joy, you find a way to bring about excellence in all that you do even with happiness. You’re an awesome friend.
  • Like a dove you’re gentle and like a dolphin you’re calm, but I’m more in love with your wolf nature when there’s need to accomplish a task. You’re so adorable in all ways.
  • May all your prayers receive a quick answer as you blow your birthday cake; I wish good tidings of the day on my beloved male buddy.
  • Happiness and good luck will accustom you throughout the cause of your new age, may you have no reason for tears and failures.
  • The world is filled with many people but no one is better than you. Today is as special as the first day the world welcomed you. Hearty wishes to you on your birthday!
  • It is time to left your bed and started preparing for your birthday. We are all coming around. Have a beautiful day.


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