Ex-husbands can be a pain, exes in general, but there is never a need to hold grudges with them. Let the pain and hurt go by sending that ex-husband a heartfelt friendly birthday message that will let them enjoy the day in peace and maybe even regret why they left you in the first place. You would like to hurt your ex, but as they say, wish them well, so that they can see you are doing well and feel bad about it.

Happy Birthday Ex-Husband

There is never a reason to be bitter, think of it this way, they just opened doors for you, you thought they were closed and shut tightly. Here are some birthday messages you can send to your ex-husband to show you still care, you have forgiven them and that you truly and sincere wish them the very best as they celebrate another year of their life.

Birthday Messages for Ex-Husband

We were not made to be together but that doesn’t mean I can’t wish you a happy birthday. So enjoy this special day my ex-husband.

I know that things got very sour toward the end but I still remember the good moments we had.

Happy birthday

I may never be okay, but I will always wish you the very best. Happy birthday my ex-husband, I wish you all the best.


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