A crush is someone you secretly admire, someone you really like without them knowing, or in some cases, in them knowing. She/he is the one you call a friend but deep down inside you hope there will be more to it than just the friendship they see. So what do you when their birthdays come around? You could send them a sweet birthday message to appreciate them.

to the cutest person in the world. happy birthday.

show them you care and maybe you’d be surprised that they end up feeling the same way you do. Take a chance on one of these birthday messages to your crush and make sure their lovely smiles never leave their faces on their special day they turn a new age.

Happy Birthday Messages for Crush

you are handsome you are awesome you are amazing

Happy Birthday. I hope you know how special you are to me.

Birthday Wishes for A Girl Crush

The more times I see you I get feel a burning sensation that we should be together

Birthday Wishes for A Boy Crush

you are a perfect proof to justify perfection despite your new age you still look as beautiful as ever.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Crush

Short Birthday Wishes for Crush

Happy birthday to the cutest person in the world.

Birthday Wishes for a Secret Crush

Romantic Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday. to the most beautiful girl that I have ever set my eyes upon

Many More Wishes and Messages


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