Getting heartbroken can be the worst feeling in the world, when you have so many plans for your future together then it all turns into a missing part of your life that you can’t quite fill up. But that isn’t something that should hang over your head for a long time. Holding grudges only makes you bitter.

Happy Birthday to you Ex Boyfriend

Accepting it and moving on is the only way you can truly be happy. Send birthday messages to the ex-boyfriend who stole your heart and crushed it in the palm of his hands, you will feel better. Here are some birthday messages you can send to your ex-boyfriend to wish them the very best as they move on with their lives.

Birthday Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

  • You are still the one I would call if I ever needed anything, Happy Birthday my ex-boyfriend, I will always be here for you.
  • I don’t regret anything we did, but the only thing I do regret is that I couldn’t make you stay longer. Have a hearty birthday dear.
  • Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend, we had so much together and I know it was time to let go. This is to wish you the very best as you turn a new age.
  • I wish you good health, a great time and happiness that lasts a lifetime, Happy Birthday my ex-boyfriend, be amazing.
  • Your memories still made me alive and it is the big source of my strength. Stay blessed wherever you live.Have a beautiful celebration.
  • Happy Birthday dear, it’s your day and I wish you all the best, May this birthday bring you love from all around; you are an ex-boyfriend I am proud to be close to.
  • Thank you for always being there for me, even after the break up, have a Happy Birthday dear, you are a great person to be around.

You are still the one I would call if I ever needed anything

  • Wishing you nothing but the cheerfulness and joy come into your life. Happy birthday, dear ex-boyfriend.
  • No one can take your place in my heart whether you love me or not, live with me or not. Thank you for all the beautiful memories. Wish you a happy birthday, dear ex-boyfriend.
  • Thank you for making me feel special in the while that we were together, I deeply wish you happiness my ex-boyfriend, be blessed as you celebrate your birthday.
  • You made me feel so great, but it’s so strange how all of the feeling has disappeared. But I hope you do have a wonderful birthday celebration.
  • The lessons of life are continuous and it never ends, I have had mine with you and I will never forget it.
  • Dear ex-boyfriend, although you took my heart and broke it into a million pieces, you were the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope someone else gets to enjoy the same love, even better.
  • I might be bitter but my bitterness never comes from you, have a hearty birthday dear, you are amazing and I am glad to be by your side.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for EX-Boyfriend

  • I wish I can do better than just wish you, because my love for you still stands. But I am restricted. Happy Birthday ex-boyfriend, enjoy your glorious day.
  • Now I realize that it is not you but me that caused our separation, I have really learnt my lessons but I guess it is too late. Please give me another chance.
  • Lost all the dreams, pain of loneliness won from the heart and you didn’t come back once you were gone what I have turned out to be now from what. Miss you! Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday. I always Wished the best for you.

  • Your thoughts keep rising in my mind; don’t know some wishes are still left. Despite getting so far away from me, you live within me and now I’ve become habitual of living like this.
  • Meeting of two hearts is by luck, not everybody acquires love in life, the only fortune people get this spring season and we are in the ill-fated circle.

Messages for Ex-Boyfriend from Broken Heart

  • One day you will badly miss me when you come to know that you missed the precious diamond while picking the stones.
  • A true lover will never let her beloved love go no matter how tough the state of matter is, but your love was just the necessity of time and there is no space left in my heart for the selfish person.
  • The words you have spoken with me tease me in my painful nights. Now no more complaints, no sorrows, and no wetness in eyes, just forget the crap and move on.
  • What goes around comes around. Just remember one day you will also become a toy for someone’s game. Happy Birthday. Just wait and watch.
  • How much I loved you, cared for you, left my all surroundings just for you but you didn’t go any opportunity in vain to make my life ridiculous. Thank you so much for your pseudo love.

Cute Birthday Greetings for Ex-Boy

  • I stood by you every time you needed me, but you wouldn’t do the same no matter how hard I was hit, I hope you have changed now.
  • The best part of your birthday is seeing you happy my dear ex-boyfriend, I have no hard feeling, just wishing that you are happy always. Have fun!
  • I did appreciate you and all you did in my life when we were together, never forget that and as bitter as you may be right now, I wish you a great and awesome day.

I understand it didn't work between us but I don’t want a hostile

  • You took the away the biggest part of my heart, but in its place I found something more amazing. I hope you enjoy your birthday ex-boyfriend, you deserve the very best.
  • As heartless and as cold as you may think I am right now, I still hope you enjoy your birthday ex-boyfriend. Have fun on your special day.
  • Feelings are always strange and they don’t remain the same, but that doesn’t mean we’ve never been together before. And I want to wish you a blessed birthday celebration, enjoy it.
  • You are a great guy for someone else, I am sorry things didn’t work out, as you turn a new age, may all your plans succeed and may you try find happiness. All the best as you celebrate your day.
  • We have made it through each and every test life has thrown at us, I hope you do get to enjoy your birthday my ex-boyfriend, may everything be well with you.
  • It’s been a long time for our breakup but there is no time when I didn’t miss you. My love for you is unconditional whether you respect it or not.
  • Distances have come in our paths, in our eyes, in our lives, and our companionship. I wish these distances could have an ending. I still love you. Have a wonderful birthday, my sweet ex-boyfriend.
  • May every day bring something dreadful and monotonous for you, hope everything goes bad in your life and May this birthday turn out to be the worst one for you. I will feel great if all these happen to you.
  • A day will come when you will look back and say to yourself I made a mistake letting her go. But till then, I do hope you have a fulfilling year ahead.
  • False are all the vows of love, don’t let your heart get tempted for anyone. The one I loved most broke my heart but I pray for you, stay blessed.
  • Our destiny is different and so is our path in life, and that’s the main reason we were unable to put it together.
  • It’s really killing how relationships this day are going, no one wants to fight for what they have shared and I never knew, I’ll fall victim to this.
  • From the rising of the sun right until it’s going down, I will not stop talking about what we shared, it really shouldn’t end where it ended. But I must move on.
  • The kind of love I had for you was a very rare one, because in spite of all of your short-comings I really cherish and love you. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend. Enjoy your special day.
  • You were to me a special man, and being apart from you will never affect my judgment about you, you are really special and I will go back with you if chanced.
  • Life is like this, people come, people go but the heart remains the same even though it’s bruised and battered. I hope you do enjoy your birthday the best way you can.
  • You are so creative in thinking that everyone runs to you for advice, I was always proud to be called yours amongst the people, it’s all gone now, but I hope you do enjoy your day.
  • I really thought we will end up together, but I have learnt that nothing is achieved until it is achieved. I really do hope you are happy.
  • I understand it didn’t work between us, but I don’t want a hostile and a tense atmosphere around us, I hope we can still be friends.
  • It’s a special day for you, you turn a new age and I couldn’t be gladder to be here to witness it. May this wonderful day bring you wonderful gifts.
  • May the light of candles that shines on your birthday cake today shine on your life too. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, to this and many more to come, cheers.
  • I hope you find sweet memories that you will cherish forever, you are a great person and I am glad I was part of your life.
  • I will never forget your contribution to my life, you stood by me when nobody else would, and you gave me what no one would. I really cherished all you did.
  • It’s undeniable that our love was strong, but I doubt if it was really strong enough, because if it was, it should scale through the hurdle that brought us apart.
  • To this birthday and many more to come, happy birthday dear, you are sweet honest and amazing and I am glad you were born. Enjoy my ex-boyfriend.
  • You are awesome and I wish you the best birthday you have ever had, enjoy the day with those who mean the world to you.
  • It’s really surprising how two people that once loved one another so dearly and lived in the same world could now live in a different world. But life must continue.
  • I thought everything about me will be perfected by you, I thought all my needs that I can’t supply will come from you, but now it’s vague.
  • No hate can make anything that was wrong right, that’s why I have enlarged my heart to love even if I’m not loved back. Happy birthday to you my good ex-boyfriend. Enjoy your special day.
  • There is no life without you, what I had thought and what dreams had I dreamt. All are smashed by the flock of misconception breeze. I still miss you.
  • Neither you nor I were disloyal but there were so many complaints and objections were aroused and with the time, these complaints became the reason of distances between us. Anyways. Live a happy life.
  • All the promises you did are made up of glass I think, on getting a little jerk they broke and dispersed. Possibly what happens is for our goodness.
  • A day has not passed when I don’t think about you since our departure, life seems empty without you by my side, but what can I do than to embrace it.
  • Happy Birthday my dear ex-boyfriend, you are still my sweetest nightmare. I hope you have fun on your birthday. I still hold you in high regards.
  • May this day be full of good times and unforgettable cheer my ex-boyfriend, may the new me give you lots of happiness and cheer as you add another one to your age.
  • I hope this birthday brings you unforgettable cheer my dear ex-boyfriend. Have fun and be blessed, you are precious to me.


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