Getting heartbroken can be the worst feeling in the world, when you have so many plans for your future together then it all turns into a missing part of your life that you can’t quite fill up. But that isn’t something that should hang over your head for a long time. Holding grudges only makes you bitter.

Happy Birthday to you Ex Boyfriend

Accepting it and moving on is the only way you can truly be happy. Send birthday messages to the ex-boyfriend who stole your heart and crushed it in the palm of his hands, you will feel better. Here are some birthday messages you can send to your ex-boyfriend to wish them the very best as they move on with their lives.

Birthday Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

You are still the one I would call if I ever needed anything

Romantic Birthday Wishes for EX-Boyfriend

Happy Birthday. I always Wished the best for you.

Messages for Ex-Boyfriend from Broken Heart

Cute Birthday Greetings for Ex-Boy

I understand it didn't work between us but I don’t want a hostile


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