New Baby Congratulation Wishes and Messages

Having a baby is a significant accomplishment and a lifetime experience for a family, so it is highly essential to send the right congratulations message that contains goodwill, flair, and endless support towards the new wonder and the lucky parents.

Congratulation on your New Baby

You should never be short of the right message that will pass across your intentions; therefore, we offer you a bailout by compiling important words to recognize the effort of the family and welcome the latest kid on the block. It will surprise you how far a little gesture such as a simple text message will make a positive difference.

Newborn Baby Messages

  • The infant baby brought a happy buzz to your family, may such excitement never end in your daily lives.
  • Congratulations on the addition of a little bundle of joy to your family cabinet, children, are like trophies, we are to cherish them for life.
  • You have the latest baby in town, and I am more than happy for you, it is so much fun when they start growing older.
  • I say a million congratulations to the newborn baby and the family, I am thrilled the mother had a smooth delivery and the baby is safe.
  • Congratulations to you people since it is all over, you survived one of the most nervous moments of life (delivery). Both the mother and baby are heroes.

Congratulation. Welcome

For New Baby Boy 

  • You made yourself a handsome baby boy, which makes me jealous because he looks so cute. Everyone is going to fall in love with him.
  • I saw a glimpse of greatness when I met your newborn baby boy so do everything within your power to make him stain his full potential.
  • I envy your luck, it is always great to have a male child, and you will experience a high and positive vibe daily.
  • One cannot have enough of male offspring’s, sometimes you will think they are too good to be true, but they are. Please, what is your formula?
  • A baby boy is a blessing from above because all good things come from God; he placed the responsibility on you as his parents so do your best.

For New Baby Girl 

  • All the great women that ever lived were once a baby girl like you, so I see a bright star shining in you, as you grow much older.
  • You people are my favorite patent of the year, I always wanted the baby to be a female, and you made it happen. I owe you one.
  • I can trade the world for a chance to have a baby girl, but you did it effortlessly. The best things in life are free.
  • Therefore, I have another baby girl to play with her hair and ridiculously makeup. Thanks for being the brain and the principal executor of the excitement.
  • I just heard the best news of the year, so you have a baby girl, and she is the brightest baby in the whole hospital. That is quick progress.

All the great women that ever lived were once a baby girl like you.

Funny Messages

  • I predicted your looks, and I was not too far off, the way you mother frequently complained of kicks, I knew you would have a dented face.
  • I know many babies, but you are very peculiar, I cannot wait to see you when you are much older because even as a newborn you look like a clown.
  • Congratulations to the latest problem dropped on planet earth for us to handle. I am glad that I am not the parents who change the diapers.
  • I cannot wait to see your impact on your parent’s daily life because your birth was like world war two happening all over again.
  • I hope you grow up fast to realize that all the love and affection that you get as a newborn is just a hoax. They are all lying to you.

Congratulations Cards on your New Baby

Short Messages

  • My warmest wishes to you and the family for your safe addition, it is worth a celebration.
  • Now that you are here, we can all celebrate that we have you amongst our loving family.
  • Your birth is a source of joy to your parents and us, well-wishers. May you live a happy life.
  • I hope you grow up to become an excellent example of your generation. Welcome onboard.
  • Hello my little one, it is good news that you flawed your father and mother in looks.

You made yourself a handsome baby boy, which makes me jealous because he looks so cute.

Wishes to Father

  • I want you to prove people by being the sweetest dad to your new baby; show them that men can exhibit a high level of emotional connection.
  • The daddy’s league has a new representative, as a member, you have to comply with our modus operandi, which is to be a responsible father.
  • You have the most difficult and coolest job in the world as a father; you can only be successful when you guide and lead by example.
  • Finally, you are a father; do not be afraid of the challenges that lie ahead. Pray and stay committed to your family and everything will be all right.
  • I pray that you have the best experience of fatherhood as you welcome addition to your household, I wish you much happiness.

Wishes to Mother

  • The joy and happiness that they bring is a dividend of the labor room pain. The pain will later make way for a lifetime of accomplishment.
  • There is nothing stronger than the bond of a mother and a newborn; it is pure, right, and absolute just as the one you have for your baby.
  • The baby is equally beautiful as the mother; we patiently wait to see how many features and outstanding qualities they share.
  • I always appreciate a woman after labor because the discomfort of nine months coupled with the labor room experience is not fun.
  • Huge congratulations to you for the successful delivery of a bouncing baby. Some women who were also pregnant had a very terrible experience.

Money cannot buy everything such as life and babies.

Wishes from Parents

  • As your parent, I see a bit of myself written all over you. You bring me unimaginable joy that I cannot explain despite being a newborn.
  • I consider myself the luckiest person on earth because I just had a beautiful baby like you. I promise to be a good parent to you.
  • Hello, my newborn angel, my happiness is deep and absolute, I was not expecting my level of excitement, but here we are.
  • You will remain a big deal to me for the rest of my life because I am your parent. I welcome you to the world of men.
  • I got the coolest gift of a lifetime by being you are a lucky parent. Today is one of my most significant, and I am happy that your birth was not stressful.

Wishes from Mom

  • All through the process of conceiving and delivering you, I always knew that you would make the very happy and my guess was correct.
  • The stress of pregnancy finally paid off; I now have the opportunity to show you the tender loving of a happy and grateful mother.
  • As you arrived into a world of uncertainty, I want you to know that my connection to you is beyond birthing you. I will always be here for you.
  • Nothing compares to a mother’s love for her newborn baby; I can feel a river of gladness flowing through all my veins and body parts.
  • It is such an exciting time for me; I am a proud mother of a bouncing and healthy baby. I will make sure that you live a good life.

Wishes from Dad

  • It is such a great pleasure to meet you, person my manners, let me introduce myself. I am a loving and caring father.
  • I would win a Happiest Daddy’s Challenge if there were anything like that. I loved you dearly before your birth, but I am happier that I can see you.
  • One needs to have a child to be a dad. Thank you for making my lifelong dream comes true. You will always be precious to me.
  • I cannot wait for you to smile at me and call me daddy, but as of today, I will stare at your little face all day long.
  • I am a proud member of the Daddies Club, and you are the latest member of the Babies Club. We are a match made in heaven.

More Newborn Baby Messages

  • May you have a remarkable lifelong experience with your new baby; this may be the most significant decision that you ever made to be positive.
  • Money cannot buy everything such as life and babies, so always cherish your newborn because they are priceless and can be rare.
  • Congratulations on attaining the height of parenthood, I pray that the child will be a significant source of happiness and a responsible citizen.
  • May your newborn baby live long in an extraordinary life just as the parents. Enjoy every bit of happiness attached to parenthood.
  • I would instead congratulate you than call you fortunate for the birth of your newborn because not everyone will be lucky to have children.


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