Top 100 Good Night Love Messages

Are you spending the night alone in the absence of your lover and thinking of ways to be closer to their heart till you are reunited? Do not rack your brain until it hurts because we have a lot of captivating Good Night Love Messages that will capture the center of your one true love and make them know that their love still burns high in your heart. Help yourself to one or more lovely messages from our archive.

Sweet Good Night Love Messages

  • May the angels keep you company and protect you through the night in my absence, I love you as always.
  • Sweet dreams, dear. Fantasize about a beautiful future with me in every bit of it. It is quite intriguing what the future holds for us.
  • Have a peaceful night rest, mesmerized in my ocean of love. I will be with you all through the night, so you do not have to feel alone. Good Night Love.
  • The stars are the kisses that the sun sends to the moon. Let me send you the most beautiful star tonight to wish you a sweet night. Good night my Love!
  • Everything is dark at night, and only you shine like a thousand stars when you sleep. I really love you and wish you a good night love.

good night honey i love you

  • I am thinking of beautiful things that we can do when I’m back in your arms, but for now, sleep, regain your strength, and wait for my small surprise.
  • Love kept us going for a long time. Therefore I hope it keep us safe through the nights like today that we are far apart.
  • I miss your presence tonight even though we spend ample time together, how did you successfully drowned me in your love?.
  • Goodnight to the most beautiful star the moon has ever seen, the only one that, falling from the sky, illuminates my life every day.
  • In reality you have to learn to live with everyone, but in dreams you bring whoever you want. Good night Love.
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good night love quotes

  • The distance between us changes nothing about my feelings for you; even a million lonely nights can only try but fail. Good Night love.
  • Good Night love. I am glad that we got each other; it is refreshing to think about you all night long than to have another person next to me for the night.
  • You deserve credit for the way you make me feel; I haven’t been these restless at night thinking of anyone before you.
  • The most beautiful goodnight there is only for you … my sweet love. I’m just asking you to let me participate in your dreams! Good Night love.
  • In this magical and enchanting night, may a rain of stars invade your sky and your every desire take shape. Good night love.

good night wishes for lover

  • The sun will shine on our love in the morning, but I trust the moon to keep us together at night. As long as they still shine, we will be together.
  • I sent hundreds of angels to your bedside to sing beautiful tunes of love till you wake up to another beautiful morning. Good Night love.
  • Let your mind be at rest, and do not bother about anything because I am right there beside you for the night and forever.
  • Remember the sweet times that we spent together before you go to bed because that is all I think of at night.
  • Goodnight sweet love, tonight I will enter your dreams to take you to heaven, my heart will light the way and my blue eyes will shine like stars. I love you!
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funny good night messages

  • Happy dreams my love; I hope that every star in the sky will keep you company and make every night serene and happy. I love you.
  • The joy of having you in my life is more than enough consolation for sleeping alone tonight. Nevertheless, I still miss you.
  • You are the reason why I haven’t slept; I knew I had to send a goodnight kiss before going to bed. I hope you got it. Good Night love.
  • I can cross a thousand oceans just to be with you, but wishes are not horses, so I cannot ride to you. Happy dreams my love.
  • All I could think of all day is you, now it’s dark, and I know my dreams will be all about you. Sleep like a peaceful baby.

good night love cards

  • Hey dear! I got home, took a sheet of paper and wrote “sweet night honey” then I printed a kiss on it, I opened the window and made it fly to you.
  • Good night love, my reason for living, my only love. I will hold on tight to the pillow thinking of you my love. Sweet dreams.
  • There are many things that we can do when we are together, for now, let’s thinking of them, so we do not miss each other too much. Sweet Dreams.
  • Before you go to bed, I want to reassure you of my everlasting fondness of you; it is like that of a baby to the mother.
  • Very few people have an angelic spirit, I am happy that you are one of them, and I have you all to myself forever. Sweet Dreams.
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good night my dear love

  • Goodnight my darling. I wish you to have beautiful dreams. I will think of you intensely before falling asleep with the hope of dreaming you.
  • Another day will begin in the morning, which is another chance to love you more sweetly, so I am excited to go to bed.
  • Try not to think ahead of yourself, did you think that I would go to sleep without wishing my one true love a good night rest?
  • A beautiful lover like you should not spend the night alone, so my spirit will creep into your sheets to keep you company when you are asleep.
  • May the evils of the night miss your doorstep, and every shadow cast away by the light of true love that we share.